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Author : Rita Copeland ©

The WingMakers story is a very intriguing story. It may be the most important story since the publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls. If it is genuine you need to know about it. It is important information. It is new material. And it is world shattering. For that reason I will be giving you an overview of its background and a discussion about some of the many issues it raises.

When I read it I was at first intrigued as the story unfolded. I was riveted by details of the technology and captivated at much of its beauty. But after a while there was a nagging at the back of my mind that something was not quite right. I read it through again scrutinising the text more critically. And this time I found many disturbing references and underlying ploys that made me very wary. The absolute beauty of the writing – the poetry and philosophy particularly – made the story very seductive and, if not genuine, then very insidious.

The story first came to light in December 1997 when a man calling himself “Dr Anderson” (a pseudonym) sought out a journalist to whom he related this story. He said he had been working on a project with a secret organisation within the National Security Agency (NSA), had become deeply involved with it and felt that it should be made public. The National Security Agency was wanting to sit on it – like the Dead Sea Scrolls had been sat on – so had recommended he take a leave of absence from the project. “Dr Anderson” told the journalist he feared his memories would be tampered with or destroyed altogether if he stayed, so he defected – the first person to ever defect from that secret group. He said wanted to tell his story, and then go into hiding. The journalist, who signs her name “Anne” (another pseudonym), also goes into hiding once she has put out the story on the Internet. The story that emerges is revealed through transcripts of interviews between “Dr Anderson” and “Anne”, through some memos that had passed among key people in the group, and through poetry, philosophy and music that “Dr Anderson” had brought with him when he defected.


Here is the story “Dr Anderson” tells:

In 1972 in a remote section of northern New Mexico some hikers found an unusual artifact and some pictographs. These were subsequently dated to 840 AD. They came under the jurisdiction of the NSA whose scientists, unable to make any headway with the items, filed then away under the code name of “Ancient Arrow”.

Twenty-one years later (1994) a rock slide opened a previously well hidden entrance in the canyon wall. The next time a small team of scientists were in the vicinity doing some follow-up work they discovered the entrance. It led to a system of tunnels and chambers carved out of solid rock. Artifacts discovered in the chambers were brought back to laboratories in Virginia. They were placed with a secret section of NSA called Advanced Contact Intelligence Organisation (ACIO) which researches alien technologies. After three years of mainly unsuccessful study funds dried up and the project was shelved again. Two of the scientists undertook to continue in their own time and one – whom we know in this scenario as “Dr Anderson” – at last made a breakthrough.


Now I will go into more detail about this tunnel system and what it contained. According to “Dr Anderson’s” account, the tunnels led in a spiral fashion round a central corridor – like a spiral staircase arrangement. Every 30 meters it branched into a chamber about the size of 4 cubic meters (12 X 12 X 12 ft?). There were a total of 23 chambers. Each chamber contained a large wall painting filling the wall opposite the door. In the 23rd chamber they had found an optical disc which they considered might be the key (in the same way the Rosetta Stone was a key to interpretation of languages) if they could only read the key itself. “Dr Anderson”, a linguistics expert, had an insight into how to unlock the optical disc by reducing the glyphs of the wall paintings to their closest Sumerian alphabet. (There are three other different, extinct languages that could relate to some of the glyphs – Chakobsan, Anasazi and Mayan. Might future study along these lines produce other insights or interpretations?) Using this key they were able to transpose all the text on an optical disk then further translate that Sumerian text, producing over 8,000 pages of data which had then to be translated into English. The data seemed to be segmented into 23 units, each corresponding to one of the 23 chambers. Each unit contained philosophical and scientific papers, poetry, music and an introduction to the culture and identity of its creators.


“Dr Anderson” discussed the artifacts with “Anne”. He said that they were more advanced than any other alien technology, in that all previous technology was capable of being reverse engineered. He said that the artifact which had been found by the hikers outside the cave system had been deemed by the Labyrinth Group to be extraterrestrial because it showed no response to carbon dating; it was made of pure grade titanium-beryllium (rare); there was no obvious way to activate the artifact or access its inner controls. Its interior was impervious to various spectrum analyses – even simple X-rays were unable to penetrate the object. “It did not activate in the laboratory but, when returned to the site, acted as a “compass” by holographic means” – showed mental pictures to its holder which led him to the stone slab opening. According to “Dr Anderson”, some of the technological artifacts were apparently crystalline but, seen through various molecular and atomic analyses, they were obviously man-made objects – synthetic. Some possessed trace amounts of human DNA within their structures. The document has this interesting quotation: “molecular-based computer systems that activated by a specific human touch” and this more intriguing one, “… we believe that their time-travel technology may be a synthesis of human consciousness and a bio-computer”. (I have not yet worked out whether ‘specific human touch’ means specific human, a specific type of human, or a human in a specific state of mind or emotion; and the reference to such a bio-computer chip being further linked to human consciousness takes the technology even higher.)


The story that came out of this data was that an advanced race, a future aspect of humanity 750 years into our future, had time-travelled back into the year AD 840. They had held open a gateway into our time for three months and, using sound resonator technology, had carved out of the solid rock this series of 23 chambers. They had furnishing the chambers with the artifacts, so leaving a time capsule for us to find. This advanced race, which called itself the WingMakers, had built seven such time capsules around the Earth, and they would be discovered at different times between 1972 and 2020. “When all seven of the time capsules had been found they would serve as communication bridges between humans of today and our future selves.”

The WingMakers claimed to have seeded life on earth. They claimed to be culture bearers bringing seeds of language, art, philosophy, scientific reasoning and spiritual understanding, and to have facilitated evolutionary leaps and biological transformations. These time capsules were apparently another of their methods for instigating changes in the human race.

“Dr Anderson” tells “Anne” that he became deeply involved in the project when he found that, by visiting the canyon chambers and standing before the wall paintings, he began to become aware that at times there were subtle changes in the paintings. Parts of them would seem to move. He theorised that the paintings were portals through which the WingMakers entered our time zone. He claimed to be in communication with them and that they were giving him the breakthroughs from time to time.


“Dr Anderson” claims there are twelve alien races involved in our past, present and future. He says one of them is hostile. He says there were agreements between the NSA to co-operate with one of the ET species commonly called the Greys. He also mentions a species called the Corteum. NSA set up The Advanced Contact Intelligence Organisation (ACIO) in 1950 to handle alien technology and reverse engineer it – within their own specialties (“Dr Anderson’s” specialty is linguistics). The present leader of ACIO, a former child genius now in his sixties, goes by the code name, “Fifteen”. He has a security level within ACIO of 15.


When he was still quite young Fifteen became obsessed with the idea of discovering a form of time travel which could allow you to interact with the environment once you got there. He called this Blank State Technology (BST). His professors tried to steer him back to conventional technology without success. Bell Laboratories, with whom he came to work, mentioned him to NSA who took him into their own organisation where he became the leader of ACIO. “Dr Anderson” tells us that the Corteum infiltrated ACIO in 1958 to seed technologies to enhance human intelligence in exchange for use of ACIO information systems, laboratories, land and brain power. This provided Corteum with insight into world government, where the power centres were, who the real leaders were and how critical decisions were made. Fifteen used Corteum’s intelligence accelerator technologies on himself increasing his brain power by 500% and became infused with a massive vision of how to create Blank State Technology (more about BST later).

With Fifteen’s increase in intelligence and ethical consciousness he began to feel that NSA was too immature in its leadership to be allowed to handle the technologies. He accelerated some of the ACIO scientists and created a secret group of about 200 ACIO men and women, all of security level 12 or above, which he called the Labyrinth Group. Labyrinth seized the “Ancient Arrow” project from ACIO and began a misinformation campaign back to the NSA. Labyrinth now takes Corteum technologies and dilutes them to the point where they can be sold to private industry and government agencies including the military.


ACIO has access to ancient texts which prophesy that in the 21st century (2018?) a predatory alien race would enter our galaxy to colonise Earth for genetic purposes. The resulting human/androids would invade our United Nations organisation and establish a world government. If ACIO can determine the intervention point they can impose a new memory on their leadership and divert them to a different galaxy. This is where BST comes in. BST is a specification of time travel. Other life forms (Greys, Corteum, remote viewers) can see past and future but not interact with it nor change any event there.) Fifteen believes that with BST he can go to that intervention point prophesied and convince the aliens that they should be looking at some galaxy other than ours. Fifteen believes that the WingMakers have BST.



“Anne” releases to the Internet and lets the media take it from there and publicise it for her. She calls for people to spread the word along their own websites and notify their politicians. Is this the “distribution route” rather than via a best- selling sci-fi novel or a block-buster movie?


The memos constitute a viable means of bringing forth a synopsis of the translated data. A good writer’s technique. I might say in passing that several writers – Carl Sagan, Ingo Swann, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury, all have the ability to write convincing science fiction, plan ideal societies in their ideal future universes, and have a deep knowledge of advanced scientific technology. The first three at least have been in the pay of the secret NSA organisations and could well have been co-opted to plot this whole fiasco.

Two ploys: The ACIO may not be known even to most of the NSA staff; “Anne” and “Dr Anderson” have both gone into hiding. These ploys fit well with science fiction thriller stories.


The carefully laid trail of “security” in holding back damaging documents to be released “if anything should happen to me”. That is an old theme in spy stories.


“Dr Anderson” gives out the information that “contingency plans for misinformation campaigns targeting public, media, government, intelligence, and foreign relations, as well as personnel risks, have all been developed and are ready to deploy should scenario triggers require their deployment.” That is the kind of plotting we have become used to in the best spy thriller fiction, and in the conspiracy cults. And the Labyrinth are using it against us, and “Dr Anderson” (ex- Labyrinth), is telling us they are. Not so clever, yet they are supposed to be so clever. Something doesn’t ring true.


The memos are pushing the idea that Internet is important for global communication and a gateway to a connected intra-galactic, digital nervous system. Is this playing into the hands of the Global Elite who want the masses microchipped?


The story entertains us with psychic or technical details to avert our attention from the One World Order direction in which the writers seem to be leading us.


“Humankind deeply desires such a culture; a global culture that recognises and appreciates its constituent parts. This is one of the primary reasons that communication technologies have evolved so quickly upon earth in the 20th century. Through these technologies, the global culture can be more rapidly developed and experienced. And through this global culture, humankind will become increasingly sensitive to the spiritual inclinations of oneness. Not only oneness within the human species, but within the whole of life that embraces and envelopes the human species.” Sounds good. Is this the good selling technique of linking religion and spiritual good-intention with the goods to make a sale? They want us to accept the One World Government and they tell us that that is the way to go for spiritual advancement. Not only that, but they tell us that “Humankind deeply desires such a culture” (we are not asked whether we really do). This is equivalent to using the next salesmanship trick of ignoring negative arguments and proceeding as if we have already accepted their viewpoint and only have to make a choice of “whose pen to use to sign the contract”.


The above has outlined for you the information coming from the WingMakers on Internet. It is a story that has no continuous theme, the main path quickly branches off into side paths and those into further side paths. It has covered NSA, ACIO and Labyrinth; Fifteen and Corteum; Fifteen’s BST; prophecy; WingMakers and BST. The side chapters include: a tale of discovery; technology; wall paintings; “Dr Anderson’s impressions that the paintings are a gateway or portal to the WingMakers. The underlying message is: our need for a global language; Internet; a global culture; a One World Government. The methods used to get this message across are: Cloak/dagger – to get interest; Interview – for narration; memos – for authenticity a la Stanton Friedman and Timothy Good; Serialisation – only some of it has been published, we are promised more down the line; Secrecy – to explain why you haven’t heard of this organisation before. The topics covered: technology – what you’re used to and some more a la Charles Berlitz and Al Bielek; codebreaking – an ongoing saga; philosophy, art, poetry, culture. Those who will be hooked are: philosophers; technical enthusiasts; the religious; poets; artists; the compassionate; do-gooders; peace-lovers; ufologists. (Have I missed anyone?)

Warnings: keep your wits about you; read critically; look carefully to see just what is being said.

Four paradigms come to my mind. The first paradigm is of the carrot and the donkey. If you ride a donkey while holding out a long stick with a carrot tied to the end of it, the donkey will trot along forever trying to reach the carrot. I get the feeling that this story is offering many juicy carrots in the way of a better future life, universal friendship here on earth and hereafter, the chance to expand our minds. Provided, that is, that we all get onto Internet, use a common language and accept a One World Government.

The next paradigm is of the board game Othello. In this game the pieces are black one side and white the other. They cover the board on alternate squares, all black side up on one player’s side of the board and all white side up for his opponent. In turns, like playing Checkers, black jumps over adjoining white pieces turning them into black, and white jumps black turning them into white. This give and take goes on producing various proportions through the game until it becomes very suddenly one-sided – the losing side has no way out and is completely swamped by the opposite colour. We are going on believing we live in a democratic system, that we can dabble in religion, politics, philosophy, education, (read New Age, Conspiracy, WingMakers, Subliminal mind- expansion technology), and still pull back when we want to. What if we suddenly find one day that all the chips are no longer our “colour” and it is too late to pull out of the game?

Another paradigm is of the classical Ulysses and the Sirens story. Knowing the reputation of the Sirens to lure sailors to their death by their seductive singing, Ulysses had the sailors tie him to the mast, then plug their own ears, while they sailed past the Sirens. In that way he could enjoy their singing while the sailors could neither hear the singing and be tempted, nor hear his orders to alter course. Like Ulysses I find myself incredibly drawn toward the beauty of this whole document. Alternately, I sense an incredible, insidious danger. I want to explore further. But how do I ensure I am secured to the mast?

And the last is the story of “My Cousin Rachel” by Daphne du Maurier. The young hero’s cousin sent deathbed letters warning him of Rachel’s murderous administrations. Yet when he meets Rachel he is completely disarmed by her genuineness, her innocence, and throws his whole inheritance at her feet expecting marriage in return. She accepts his fortune but denies any responsibility of marriage being a condition of its offer. The hero starts to detect signs of murderous intentions from her and becomes paranoid. Not until he has seen her heading towards a dangerous rotting bridge over a chasm does he find a letter that seems to exonerate her of all blame. Too late, she falls to her death and the reader is left, like the hero, forever wondering – was she guilty or not? And I am left wondering. Is the WingMakers story genuine or not? Were the WingMakers originally genuine in their attempt to introduce this material to lead mankind to the next level? It is beautiful. It is intriguing. It is seductive. But has it been hijacked by, say, the Corteum? And, if so, is it dangerous?

At the risk of mixing all the metaphors, let me round off with saying: If you are enticed by the carrot and ready to give Rachel a fair hearing, the web address is www.wingmakers.com. But make sure first you are tied to the mast or you may wake one day to find all the chips are the opponent’s colour and not yours any longer.


-1950 NSA sets up ACIO to reverse engineer alien technology.
-1958 Corteum infiltrates ACIO (“Fifteen” age 22). -Corteum has vested interest, exploits Earth’s assets.
-“Fifteen” accelerates his brain with Corteum technology.
-“Fifteen” accelerates other scientists.
-1963 “Fifteen” (age 27) starts Labyrinth.
-1972 Ancient Arrow Discovered in remote section of New Mexico.
-1993 (21 years later) rock slide.
-“Fifteen” and Labyrinth take over Ancient Arrow.
-1995 Funds expire.
-1996 Two scientists work in their own time. “Anderson” connects it to Sumerian language and gets a breakthrough.
-Glyphs programmed into computer to print in Sumerian – has to be translated into English.
-1997 “Anderson” communicating with WingMakers, they avoid Corteum’s pawn, Fifteen.
-1997 “Anderson” becoming involved, fears being reprogrammed, defects.
-27 Dec 1997 “Anderson” goes public but still extols Fifteen and Corteum instead of just WingMakers.
-23 Oct 1998 “Anne” goes public on Internet.

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