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UFOs and Politics


During the early 1990’s a “Position Statement” was produced by the writer and published in the ACUFOS (Australian Centre for UFO Studies) Bulletin in several parts. These parts were also published by ACUFOS as a booklet. The essence of the Position Statement was – What do we know? What might it mean? and What should we do? It had a mixed response, and many researchers seemed to think it was too “way out”. Today it would probably be seen as fairly close to the mark. The lesson is that in the UFO field we need to act when the pattern emerges, not ten years later, if we want to influence the course of events for the better.

Today, we are in much the same situation we were in almost a decade ago, in that while the facts we had in our possession, particularly those relating to the official cover-up and the abduction phenomenon, gave us ample cause for concern, we did not know exactly what was going on, or why. In such an environment it is not easy to find consensus or even to formulate a course of effective action. This is precisely what the Position Statement tried to achieve then, and what I am striving for now, before it is too late.

As we approach the new millennium, it seems altogether appropriate to explore these questions again, and perhaps this time achieve a consensus for action. I propose to publish a new version to the Position Statement in parts and not necessarily in the order in which the complete document might present them. I hope this will help any ensuing discussion to deal with each of the main issues on their own merits, and defer the question of how they might all fit together to a later time. This part will address “UFOs and Politics”.

The following propositions are presented as reasonable in the context of the facts we have, although this claim may not be supported by any argument here:


No democratically elected government has or has ever had any kind of mandate from the people that elected it, in respect of the UFO phenomenon. Also, no such government has acted in such a manner that it can claim to have openly released information in its possession regarding the UFO phenomenon. This proposition would then have the consequence that such decisions or actions by any such government in respect of UFO’s may not be constitutional or lawful, or binding upon the peoples so governed.


Every democratically elected government for the past half century at least has made decisions and taken actions in respect of UFOs. This includes the establishment of systems of secrecy for hiding facts from the governed peoples, the retrieval of crashed or downed UFOs and their occupants, secret research of UFO technology and probably, dealings and negotiations with ET aliens.


There is an “abduction” program which involves about 3% of the planetary population or about 200 million people, and possibly several times that figure. The abductors in this program are overwhelmingly of the “ET alien” type, and UFOs are routinely associated with the abduction process.


During the abduction both the minds and bodies of the abductees are invaded and the subconscious faculties of the abductees are manipulated in such a way as to achieve the abductors’ purposes and create amnesia in the abductee. A fundamental premise underlying our rights as free and responsible citizens is that our bodies and our subconscious are not to be manipulated except in ways that we consent to consciously and where appropriate safeguards and assurances are given. This is blatantly violated in the abduction process and raises grave concerns about the propriety of whatever is being done to abductees.


All the decisions that governments have made in respect of UFOs have been made in secret and by a relatively small group of individuals. There is the possibility at a level of significantly high probability, that all these decisions serve an ET agenda, and may be contrary to humanity’s welfare and best interest. It is not implied here that the participants were consciously acting counter to humanity’s best interest, merely that this was the effect of their actions. Since there is no reasonable doubt that the abducting aliens invade the minds and bodies of abductees with impunity, it is altogether likely that they would do the same with government and military officials if it served their purpose.


Despite official secrecy, the main features of the UFO phenomenon as we know it today have been apparent almost from the beginning of public awareness of UFOs, and the citizens of democracies could have demanded open disclosures from their governments. They have not yet done this and are not likely to do so in the near future. The mindboggling aspects of the UFO phenomenon can only be a partial explanation of this peculiar state of affairs. It is possible, and indeed likely, that not just abductees, but the human population as a whole is being manipulated in order to maintain this degree of public “disinterest”.


Those students of the UFO phenomenon who can discern a pattern of the above kind, can not just be inactive, and await developments. They need to take effective action to “awaken” the general public and to counter any danger that might be threatening. I say this because the “manipulators'” control of secret government groups is probably far tighter than of the general population, and it is the general public to which we have ready access.

The rest of this article will be devoted to a discussion of premise #7. UFO conferences and discussions rarely get this far, and without effective action, all the research and all the facts in the world will achieve nothing. One of the questions which immediately comes to mind is: If we are so helpless with respect to the aliens, why do they bother to cover their tracks? The answer has to be that we are only helpless as long as we are kept ignorant and prevented from taking effective action. Historically humanity could not have prevented a military style takeover of the planet, but there have always been plenty of ET’s visiting Earth who could. That is still true today and is likely to remain so into the indefinite future. We do not have to view humanity as helpless and at the mercy of unfriendly aliens, although many individuals might find themselves in just this predicament – one that I believe we can prevent.

I propose that effective action should be pursued on three levels simultaneously. These are:


Reaching the daily consciousness of people with the UFO facts and their possible meanings. We can not wait until we know all, because it may be too late then. We just have to be very careful to distinguish between our facts and what we think they mean. This is what many students of the subject have always been doing, but clearly it has not been enough. We need to continue with our efforts to educate the public, but couple this effort with other actions as well.


– the place where they are being manipulated – with the thing that frees them, not another manipulation. Advertisers are well aware of peoples’ subconscious, and target it in their campaigns. The behavioural sciences recognise the subconscious as a vital part of our individual and collective constitution. If we do not have access to the mass media and do not wish to manipulate people, how do we reach their subconscious? I think the answer lies in certain discoveries that have yet to become widely accepted. Experiments by Cleve Baxter during the late 1960s and others have demonstrated that a “telepathic” link exists between all living things, that we can utilise. Baxter connected his polygraph equipment to his pet plant and discovered that it responded to his intentions and feelings, the death of shrimp in its vicinity, and other human subjects. Its response to Baxter and his experiments was particularly strong because he had loved and nurtured this plant. The reader is encouraged to make a detailed study of this research, since it can not be discussed in detail here.

The inference which I think can be fairly drawn is that If any one of us focuses his or her attention on an individual or group, or the whole of humanity with an attitude of genuine goodwill and love coupled with an intense feeling about the urgency of this matter, and asks that individual or group to seek the truth regarding the UFO phenomenon and any associated issue or danger requiring action by them, this will reach the subconscious of those to whom it is directed, and produce results. If a group of individuals does this in unison, the effect is probably much stronger. Likewise, a single such action will achieve far less than continuing regular activity of this kind.

If any researcher thinks that the above is “unscientific”, please note the following. The findings of Baxter and others are based on hard laboratory data. The telepathic link between living things exists beyond any reasonable doubt. It is the person who rejects or ignores the facts of this field of research who is unscientific, because that rejection will have been based on some kind of prejudice, belief or theory which is now contrary to experimental facts. We do not have to create any telepathic link. It is and always has been there. We just have to accept it and utilise it in the right way.


We are up against what seem to be powerful adversaries that are using our fellow humans and our institutions against us. Clearly we need powerful friends who know what is really going on, and are able as well as willing to do what we might not be able to know or do for ourselves. Such friends do exist. Scores of independent contactee accounts that have been carefully investigated and are often supported by independent evidence or witnesses, testify to this.

Unfortunately, we are not in the position where we can select and ask the right “friends” to help us. In effect they have to select themselves. There are three different ways in which we can go about getting the help we might need. Firstly, we can turn our attention to those ET visitors who are well disposed towards us and are able to help, and send our thoughts and feeling to them in the same way that we do to the humans we tried to reach via their subconscious. There is ample indication from contactee accounts, that they have no trouble in getting such a message.

Secondly, those of us who believe that some kind of Divine Presence oversees this universe can and should direct requests for help to this Presence. It is sure to be passed on to just the right individuals or groups who can do whatever needs to be done at that level.

Thirdly, those who have no particular belief in a Divine Presence, might well believe in “Goodness” as a principle to live by. If they send their request to those who might help, who also live by Goodness, the right helpers are bound to select themselves.

The reader might wonder why it is necessary to invoke the help of powerful friends at all. Would such help not be automatic? To a degree it no doubt is, but not beyond the point of our own free will to act and choose. In invoking the help of powerful friends, we take our stand, exercise our free will, and hence open the way for much more help to be given us. We will also be doing everything in our power do deal with the issues involved.

In summary then, there are ETs visiting our planet, living amongst us and going about their business, who respect our rights and privacy, whom we have no cause to fear or suspect. However there are also others who invade our lives, bodies and minds and manipulate our institutions, whose intentions are not necessarily benign. The official cover-up has to be dismantled at least to the extent that the democratic process can take control of our relationship with the abducting ET’s, and they have to be compelled to disclose what they are doing and why, or desist and make appropriate restitution. This is a tall order, and the biggest challenge is to bring the general population to the point where they do their bit and will not be bought or frightened off. Nothing less, however, is going to be good enough.

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