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UFOs and the New Age

Author : Sheryl Gottschall ©

The new millennium is fast approaching and many of us feel its pull. Somehow we feel time is running out and life is speeding up. What most of us feel is this new energy being born (birth pangs) becoming immediate, demanding, urgent and final in all our lives. We feel a major “shift” in “something” about to happen but we are not sure what it really is. To add fuel to the fire we have the prophecies of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Mother Shipton, Mary, Gordon Michael-Scallion, and the Hopi Indians just to name a few, spurring us on with our feelings of urgency as their words burn like branding irons in our minds.

In the UFO field we have had an increase in sighting reports over the last five years, timed well with the increase in media attention which has served dramatically in aiding the increase of people’s awareness of the fact that we are not alone in the universe. Of course this is no coincidence, for it is time for many things to come together in a joint effort to raise mankind’s consciousness. But raise it to what and for what purpose?

To answer this perplexing question, in part anyway, let’s look at the UFO phenomenon. Ask yourself what it was that drew you into this strange and perplexing field to begin with. Was it an experience, a step in your path along the way or were you just born with an unexplainable urge to know more about UFOs? What purpose has your interest played in your life? Has it served you well?

If you are still asking questions about this subject but not getting any answers then I would say that it is serving you very well, for that is what I feel we are here to do. To learn, then share what we learn with each other to increase the energy level of the collective conscious or call it evolution if you like. As we grow in our understanding of the way the world works, why we are here and what it’s all about, whatever “it” is to each of us, we are constantly shedding old ideas for new, much like a snake sheds it’s skin. We outgrow our old way of thinking, acting, speaking and feeling and we no longer feel as comfortable in our bodies “being” the way we used to be. And this doesn’t just happen all by itself. It takes something to initiate and keep stimulating this process.

For many of us the catalyst has been our interest in UFOs. Something about this subject keeps us interested, especially when we don’t get any answers. Why? Because that is what it is meant to do. To keep us asking questions. I don’t think this was the motive of the aliens who have come into our planetary environment, but it has been the result. I find most people I meet in UFO circles are well informed, are working on their personal development and are searching for the truth in life. (One downfall though, they can’t walk past a book shop) These are people who want to get to the bottom of things.

However, maybe there just is no bottom to things, or no top for that matter. Maybe that’s the whole point. Maybe it is time for us to realize our own infinite well of Self. If we are ever going to leave this planet or for that matter remain on it, as we take up our Cosmic Citizenship we will need new ways of “being” and these new ways will consist of using faculties that have been laying dormant within us for centuries. So how do we stimulate these faculties? Well our intuition has been pointing us in the right direction for years but we have denied it’s voice. So if we won’t listen to our inner Guru, then it must project itself onto an outside source and guess what that is. UFOs! Once we are taking notice of the message, which can be deciphered by the questions we ask, then the outer Guru will turn us inwards towards our inner Guru once again where it belongs. But for many of us we are still focused on the outer.

This begs the questions, “why UFOs, why now, why me?” All good questions!! In answer to why UFOs and not bumble bees, I would say that UFOs are one of the archetypes of the New Age. They represent man’s search for the holy grail, for immortality and God. When we enter the field of UFO research we start with questions like “what are they and why are they here”, but we eventually move on to “who am I and why am I here”. This causes us to dig deep within ourselves and hopefully in the process turn ourselves “inside out: so to speak manifesting our inner nature onto our outside world.

As for the question “why now”, there is a reaffirmation of spirituality taking place in waves on the planet right now that is inspiring mankind to build a new culture, but this culture is not based on earthly citizenship but rather cosmic citizenship. Each of us has a part to play in this new venture and many of us are already bringing this in by becoming attuned to this new thought. As we fine tune this new conscious awareness we also attract the same in the universe, like attracts like, and beings who either think the same way we do or will, come to visit our planet and start taking an interest in it and us.

Now to the last and most important question, “why me”. My first response to this is “why not me?” We are living in a time and place that now allows us to respond to our personal vision of a better world and each of us must act according to our own inspiration. We are free to dream, express and create this new world that serves a better purpose in our lives and who else better to fulfill our dreams and aspirations than ourselves.

The opportunity has arisen for many but how many will take up the challenge. Many are called but few respond. When people don’t respond voluntarily they are eventually driven to change and end up like a donkey who was so blind it couldn’t see the carrot in front of it so now it is driven with a stick behind it. And that is what UFOs are doing to many on the planet at the moment. Their very existence in our planetary environment is challenging all of our old, worn-out belief systems and driving each of us on into the new millenium and yet further into the New Age.

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