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UFORQ Timeline


UFORQ was established amid a flurry of UFO groups that popped up all over the globe some 50 plus years ago. It was a busy time for many concerned citizens and thinking people alike, no doubt spurred on by the rising level of worldwide UFO sighting reports, contactee accounts, and the knee-jerk response by the military and governments to bury the subject as best they could.

Below we’ve listed various organisations that burst onto the scene from the 1950s to 1970s, along with some of their founders where they were listed. This is only a short but growing list to date, and for language reasons does not include non-english speaking countries. As you can see the 1950s was clearly the decade when the ‘UFO movement’ was born. As far as we’ve been able to ascertain, UFO Research Qld Inc [Australia] and the Cleveland Ufology Project [USA] are the two remaining groups that have been operating continuously since they were established. Again, this is only what we’ve discovered so far and if you know of others we’d like to know about them so we can add them to the list.

1951 Grand Rapids Flying Saucer Club – U.S.A
1952 AFSB Australian Flying Saucer Bureau – Edgar Jarrold
1952 Australian International UFO Flying Saucer Research Inc. – Colin Norris
1952 Civilian Saucer Investigations New Zealand – Sgt Harold Fulton
1952 International Flying Saucer Bureau – USA, Albert Bender
1952 Civilian Saucer Intelligence of Los Angeles – USA
1952 APRO Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation – USA founders Jim and Coral Lorenzen
1953 AFSIC Australian Flying Saucer Investigation Committee Donald Thomson (journalist)
1953 AFSC Australian Flying Saucer Club – Fred Stone
1953 BFSB British Flying Saucer Bureau UK
1953 International Flying Saucer Bureau – USA
1953 Civilian Saucer Intelligence of New York – USA
1954 Adamski Correspondence Group (Timaru) – New Zealand, Fred Dickeson – name changed to New Zealand Scientific Space Research Group then to Scientific Approach to Cosmic Understanding in 1961
1954 North Jersey UFO Group – U.S.A.
1956 National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena – USA, T. Townsend Brown Came under the directorship of Donald Keyhoe in 1957
1956 QFSRB Queensland Flying Saucer Research Bureau (Aus) Now UFO Research Queensland Inc.
1956 Cleveland Ufology Project – U.S.A. Founded by Jerry and Arlene Bowers
1957 Adamski Correspondence Group (Tauranga) – New Zealand, Harvey Cooke Name changed to Tauranga UFO Investigation Group in 1970
1957 Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society – Australia, Peter Norris (now called the Victorian UFO Research Society)
1959 Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America – Gabriel Green
1962 BUFOA British UFO Association – UK Changed to BUFORA in 1964
1969 MUFON Mutual UFO Network – USA, Walt Andrus
1973 CUFOS Center for UFO Studies – USA, Dr. J. Allen Hynek
1973 FUFORA Finnish UFO Research Association
1974 Australian Centre For UFO Studies
1974 NUFORC National UFO Reporting Centre – USA, Peter Davenport