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UFORQ Public Meeting 27 November, 2015

Damien Nott Facebook event

Damien John Nott has been a witness to UFOs and paranormal phenomena since he was 9 years old. His very first sighting spawned a lifelong quest to find the truth about what he was seeing. For the next 26 years Damien continued to see UFOs, however it wasn’t until he moved to Dunedoo in the central west tablelands of New South Wales, Australia in August 2012, that his UFO sightings increased dramatically. It was here, the day after he arrived in Dunedoo, that he witnessed a large glowing white spherical light gliding slowly over his neighbour’s roof. Since that time his sightings have continued and Damien has collected over 2000 photos and video clips of UFOs, some of which he will show at themeeting.

About Damien John Nott
Damien has worked as a building rectification and modification specialist and in the entertainment industry. He’s given various presentations to interest groups throughout Australia showing his photos and footage. Damien has collaborated with Jaime Maussan and Jose Escamilla, and more recently Australian filmmaker Don Meers, who completed a documentary featuring Damien’s UFO experiences entitled “Australien Skies”.

Entry: Members $10 Non-members $15  Enquiries: 07 3376 1780 or info@uforq.asn.au
Venue: Kenmore Library, 9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore, Brisbane. Entry to library via lift in undercover carpark adjacent to shopping centre.

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