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UFORQ Public Meeting 30 October, 2015


Flying saucer UFO v.II two generation - search and destroy 8K and 4K Unidentified Flying Object Ultra HD 7680x4320 3840x2160

Speaker: Colin Phillips

The UFO phenomenon has implications for all the nations of Earth and is a pointer for our future. The enigma of the phenomenon is more about our bad response to this event as much as the arrival of visitors from outer space. This is an illustrated presentation covering 60 years of evidence, official cover-up and disinformation. Presented by Colin Horace Phillips, past President of UFO Research Queensland and UFO researcher since 1959, the presentation also includes recent findings from our space programs and planned proposals for the future.

Also reports on recent local UFO events, news and more…..

Venue: Kenmore Library, Meeting Room 3, Kenmore Village Shopping Centre, 9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore, Brisbane. Entry via lift from the undercover carpark adjacent to the main shopping complex.

Entry: UFORQ Members: $7    Non-Members $10  Tickets at the door.
Enquiries: 07 3376 1780 or info@uforq.asn.au

*Information and opinions presented at these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of UFO Research Queensland Inc and are presented for research purposes only.

 To report your sighting or close encounter please visit www.uforq.asn.au or call our office on the enquiries number listed above.


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