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UFORQ Public Meeting 29 January 2016

Ben Hurle

Ben will be skyping in to our meeting from Victoria to discuss the strange case of a UFO seen at Burkes Flat, central Victoria in 1966. This case involves a man named Ron Sullivan who was driving near Burkes Flat when he observed a UFO off to his right near the ground emitting an unusual light. Meanwhile the headlights of his vehicle “bent” to point towards the UFO causing him to have a near accident. A few days later Ron read in the newspaper that there had been a fatal car crash at the same location only two nights after Ron’s experience and came forward to police to report his experience.

Police then discovered, about 70 yards directly opposite where the incident had occurred, a shallow depression in the earth a little over 3feet in diameter and a few inches in depth. The depression was cleanly scooped out of the soil with no apparent debris near it.

About Ben Hurle
Ben has had a strong interest in the UFO phenomenon since he was a child and the first books he purchased from the school book clubs were about UFOs. At age 42 he decided it was time to “get involved” so he joined MUFON and sketched UFO cartoons for their journal for a while. However he felt that being a MUFON member in Australia was not enough so he sought out what was going on locally in Victoria and contacted UFO investigator, George Simpson, who was running UFO meetings at the time. Ben arranged to attend one of these meetings and traveled 3 hours to meet George and attend the meeting. Here he met another man, Andrew Arnold, who had formed the fledgling group VUFOA, and Ben then became the Eastern Victorian investigator for VUFOA. Twelve months later Andrew appointed Ben as Director and he’s been performing that role ever since.

In recent times Ben was contacted by researchers from the Invasion Earth series on the National Geographic Channel looking for information about the Burkes Flat case. At that stage VUFOA were the leaders on this particular UFO incident and had already done a lot of background work, interviewed Ron Sullivan, rediscovered the exact location of the event, and found records and other witnesses around the events, especially the death of the young man Gary Taylor. Ben provided newspaper images and other documents for the production as a researcher, and participated in an “on screen” role to discuss the case.

Ben has also had his own UFO experiences that have served as “affirmations” for him as to the “reality ” of the phenomenon. He considers there is no greater subject and thinks about it constantly.

ALSO AT THIS MEETING (depending on time)……UFO footage, Queensland UFO reports from Project Newsprint, how to build a UFO detector, and more of the UFO “WHY questions”.

Start: 7pm to 10pm

Venue: Meeting Room 1, Kenmore Library, 9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore, Brisbane.

Entry: UFORQ members $7 Non-Members $10

Enquiries: Sheryl Gottschall 07 3376 1780

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