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UFO Quest


The UFO phenomenon links us with with all of space all time and all life. Its potential is so all-inclusive that it can not but have a large impact on the thinking and consciousness of all who study it. So far-reaching is this impact that we can speak of researchers embarking on a “UFO Quest”.

During the middle ages, the noblest of Europe embarked upon a quest for the “Holy Grail” when they went upon their Crusades into the “Holy Land”. Not all the participants of these crusades shared the same high ideal of a spiritual quest for a power that would transform the physical world, and UFO researchers may even be surprised to be told that they are on a quest. They may be only dimly aware of what has drawn and held them to this peculiar pursuit. To release themselves from it’s hold they must abandon the quest or reduce the UFO phenomenon to something purely mundane.

Those who have taken a serious interest in UFOs have withstood scepticism, ridicule and a total lack of support from the institutions of our society. They have stood against these pressures, and come to realize how wrong our society is on this subject. Having stood against prevailing “wisdom” once, it is easier to do it again and again. Step by step, an entire complex of errors reveals itself to those who dare to question, and what started out as a desire for answers to some questions, become a quest. A search for a true understanding of life in the Cosmos, and a search for the truth about ourselves.


When UFOs first entered the public domain in the 1940s and ’50’s, and we considered the possibility of cosmic visitation, it was natural enough to view other planets in our solar system as possible points of origin for these visitations. As the scale and complexity of the phenomenon dawned on us, it became apparent that our solar system could only be part of the answer.

Briefly, the observed behaviour of UFOs implies that their propulsion is achieved by the manipulation of space, time and gravity. It is suggested here that space can be “compressed” and dilated on a massive scale, in much the same way that the atmosphere is compressed by supersonic aircraft, but by factors of millions or billions, allowing modest speeds to appear to be many times faster, even exceeding the speed of light.

It is also suggested that time can be manipulated, not only as to the rate of events which may be speeded or slowed in a controlled space/time environment, but in the ability of a UFO to enter or leave any point in time as we experience it. What we ordinarily call time travel.

Time travel implies a multiplicity of physical dimensions. By our accepted thinking, the use of space travel allows us to visit the moon as it exists in “our” time. With the aid of space and time travel, we could visit the moon not only in our time, but at any time of its past existence of billions of years, and also in any time of its future existence. In short, we can visit not just one moon, but an unlimited number of them. The logical paradoxes created by time travel can be resolved by an extension of the principle of relativity, that time is not universal but local, giving each particle in the universe its own unique space and time stream.


The first humans to enter upon the UFO Quest were the contactees, men like George Adamski, Daniel Fry, Howard Menger, and many others. They were the first to encounter members of ET civilizations, and to learn about them. As the contactees publicised their meetings, others, like John and Helen Reeves (1) joined in. Right at the very beginning there was a division. Donald Keyhoe did much to bring military UFO information into the public domain, but at that time, he could not believe that any humans would have met the occupants of UFOs. That approach, which seemed to ignore the beings flying the UFOs, became today’s “mainstream” UFOlogy, which still largely ignores or rejects contactees.

The contactees described the ETs as beautiful, friendly, spiritual and generous beings. Human nature being what it is, people were soon trying to dump our problems on these “heroes”, and a variety of cults arose. When, with the passing of the decades, we learnt of ETs that seemed to fall well below that image, many rejected the existence of these earlier ETs altogether. However, warnings about the ETs we later came to know as “greys” etc. were given by the contactees. For example Adamski was told during his very first visit to a mothership “… there are worlds (beyond our solar system) where development has gone far in the field of science and has remained low in the field of personal and social understanding, even though space has been conquered.”

This statement may not have meant too much in the 1950’s, but with four more decades of science and technology, one can see us well on the way to becoming like the greys. More on this later. Someone was trying to warn us, but we could or would not hear.


Hypnosis is central to our understanding and study of the “Abduction Phenomenon”, in that the amnesia displayed by abductees seems to be hypnotically induced, and that hypnotic regression can sometimes penetrate this amnesia. However, hypnotic influences are far more pervasive in the experience of every one of us, than we might realise. They are present in our close relationships like family and friendships, where we easily respond to the suggestions of others because of trust and/or constant repetition. They are also present in our social, educational, work and recreational activities, in all of which a lowered guard and constant repetition can lead to us internalising suggestions without first examining them. One antidote to this kind of conditioning is to deliberately and periodically examine what we think, feel and do, and why, coupled with a willingness to “renovate” our subconscious in effective ways.

The hypnosis with which I am particularly concerned here, is what I call “Intellectual Hypnosis”, the subliminal suggestions and conditioning which affects our thinking, and which tends to be perpetuated through the processes of learning and education.

One example of intellectual hypnosis that is central to the theme of this paper is the question: “Did the universe create life or did life create the universe?”. It is a question which we must all confront either directly or indirectly. The honest answer, I think, is to acknowledge that we can not as yet decide on this question, and may perhaps never be able to do so. With this stance we accept each or both answers as potentially meaningful, and remain open to facts which seem to support one or other or both options.

If, instead, we choose one or other of the three options, we have closed our minds to any clues that support the rejected options. We are now under intellectual hypnosis. Intellectual hypnosis by its very nature tends to be very pervasive. It is dispensed to trainee scientists with their basic training, and influences all of them.

One example of intellectual hypnosis in action is the response of scientists to the work of Cleve Backster (2) in the 1960’s. Backster demonstrated with instrumental proof that plants could respond to the thoughts, feelings and intentions of people. The information link between the plant and human could not be blocked by any kind of physical barrier. His results implied that life processes transcended physical processes. Scientists had been conditioned to the view that life is a product of physical processes, and must therefore be limited by physical laws. Baxter’s results seemed to support the option which scientists had rejected. The rejection of experimental facts in preference for a belief is hypnotic behaviour, and demonstrates a trance or hypnotised state.

Another example of intellectual hypnosis is the rejection of the UFO phenomenon by scientists. Here there is a double barrelled reason for rejection. Firstly, UFOs perform “impossible” physics, so they must be a nonsense, and in addition, it seems to challenge their belief that biological life is an evolutionary accident and might be exceedingly rare.

One could go on with examples of mass hypnosis created through literature, the media, social conventions and so on. It is really only necessary to be aware that we are and can be suggestible, and to be more on guard in the future while actively neutralizing unhelpful suggestions which we have accepted in the past. This is a work of a lifetime, and needs to be undertaken under the motto “Vigilance is the price of liberty”. It is one aspect of the UFO Quest.

In so far as UFO research is concerned, it becomes us to entertain and be aware of the implications of all three options:

1. Life preceded the physical universe;

2. The physical universe preceded life;

3. Both views may be valid in particular fields of study.

Science chose the second option many decades ago. It has become virtually a doctrine with scientists, and because of this, their opinions have been dangerously wrong in the things that really matter, and they will continue to be wrong until they open their minds. If we adopt their viewpoint, our efforts to understand the UFO phenomenon is also doomed to fail.

In entertaining all three options we are implying that our base of facts does not at present allow us to make an unequivocal choice, and that we do not wish to risk being unreceptive to facts because of our preconceptions.


In recent centuries it has not been fashionable amongst scientists to entertain the first option, and its implications may not be immediately obvious to us. The scientific position is that some time after the physical universe came into existence, organic life appeared by a process of “natural” evolution, meaning by processes governed by natural laws as we know them. However, if Life created the physical universe, then there exists a “reason” for this creation, and we may possibly be able to understand it, being ourselves a part of “Life”. One such reason is that “Life” may inhabit the universe. We can understand this because it relates directly to our own experience of a consciousness inhabiting a physical body.

Traditionally this habitation has been taught as existing on a number of levels. First we have elemental life. Earth, water, air and fire are seen as media in each of which a particular form of life can reside. This view means that what we ordinarily regard as the “non-living” world contains both intelligence and consciousness (attributes of life), and may be acted upon directly by a life form such as man. Such notions are the basis of magic, alchemy and various forms of divining.

In the traditional view the plant kingdom while comprised of living things, is also inhabited by “nature beings”. When the Findhorn community (3) was first established in Scotland in the 1960s, they performed agricultural miracles and claimed these were achieved with the cooperation of Nature Beings. The work of Backster has already been mentioned. When we realize that man and plants both possess elemental life, while possessing “organic” life through which the elemental intelligence can act, Backster’s results are no longer so “way out”.

Going on up the scale of “life” we come to the traditional view on animals and sentient beings such as man. Traditional teaching gives to man the same attributes as are possessed by animals, but with one addition: That the Life which created all, indwells mankind at least to the degree that they can recognize and experience this Life. This endowment, not intelligence or consciousness or emotions puts sentient beings on a higher spiral of evolution.

This viewpoint is not contrary to evolutionary notions. Firstly, we have individuals evolving in consciousness, and secondly, physical life forms can evolve to a point where a higher form of “life” indwells them. Whether the human body is a direct creation by Life, or evolved to a point where sentience was possible, is not really an issue so much as a matter of historical record. Either way we are a product of life processes, and both may be occurring in cooperation or isolation.

It will be apparent from the above, that the traditional view that “Life” could exist independently of physical life forms, display a great variety, and indwell physical life forms which possessed their own innate life as well, is far from the simplistic notions of present day science. In particular, this view can explain miracles and paranormal phenomena as the action of laws that can transcend the laws of nature as we know them. Science has put all such notions on “hold” pending it’s study of the physical aspects of living things, in which it is greatly hampered by this very preconception. If we want to understand the UFO phenomenon, which is to say life in the wider universe we can not afford to adopt a posture which is not even capable of understanding life processes on this planet.


Reference has already been made to the work of Backster and the accomplishments of the Findhorn community, both of which challenge the prevailing scientific notions about life. Some other developments which are relevant to our subject will also be described briefly.

Near Death Experiences (NDE), like UFOs have become common knowledge. An authoritative study by Ring (4) shows that the subjects of this experience continue to function as an individual consciousness outside their physical bodies, and the faculties of their “other” bodies may function when the physical ones do not. For example people blind from birth can see. They experience themselves (their life) leave and then return to their bodies. NDE experiencers typically displayed deep seated personality changes for the better, following their experience.

Reincarnation is an ancient belief basic to many Eastern religions. Weiss (5) discovered accidentally that when the patient’s subconscious was asked to locate the first cause of a physical or emotional trauma, this cause was sometimes found in another lifetime. Surprisingly, the problems typically disappeared or improved when its cause was recognized in this way, lending authenticity to an otherwise unusual idea.

Newton (6) found that the subconscious of his clients could also remember episodes between lives in which the consciousness existed as a “soul”. A significant aspect of soul existence is that it seems to be outside physical time, and any historical period seemed to be equally accessible for incarnation. Souls seem to be natural time travellers. As with NDE’s and past life recall, unrelated individuals gave self consistent descriptions of the soul world or dimension.

During the last few years scientists have begun to make sense of things that have puzzled them for some decades, Colborn et al (7). There exist both natural and synthetic chemicals which can mimic or block the action of hormones in man and animals. Over 50 such synthetic chemicals have already been discovered. These chemicals can persist in the environment for decades or more, have been dispersed over the entire planet, and can damage animals and man at concentrations of as little as one in a million million. The sexual, immune, brain and behavioural development of embryos and children after birth is interfered with by these substances. The toxins are stored in fatty tissue and are passed from mother to child in the womb and in mother’s milk, becoming more concentrated in the infant than the mother. There are no uncontaminated mothers. In animals the same condition is associated with to species extinction.

A likely technological fix for this problem would be to gestate babies in vitro, in a clean environment. A likely consequence of this practice would be a reduction in the emotional capacity of such children. This is the very kind of thing which certain ETs seem to be doing, and we may be a generation or less away from embarking on this very road ourselves.

Genetic engineering has reached a point of development where things of practical consequence are possible in the manipulation of plant and animal DNA. With an incorrect concept of the true nature of life that scientists now have, it is inevitable that serious and dangerous mistakes will be made as they experiment with the very foundation of physical life.


UFOs are seen in our skies, but they do not tell us why they are here or what they are doing. The encounters of humans with the occupants of UFOs which we call abductions are equally unexplained. Only in the case of “contacts” do the visitors give detailed explanations. Since these explanations may apply only to those particular visitors, we must still interpret other sightings and abductions. If that were not enough, our own governments are just as unwilling to disclose whatever they may know or have, pertaining to the phenomenon, and our learned authorities are unwilling to become involved in any significant way. Where information is offered, we need to give it an accuracy rating, because it has become apparent that much disinformation is also confusing the subject.

We are left to work out our own understanding as best we can and we need, amongst other things, a comprehensive framework of reality or possible realities. Some examples will illustrate this. When people are abducted they recall various tests and procedures that are performed on them. However they do not necessarily recognize or remember all of them. In hypnotic trance and other states of consciousness people can perform paranormal feats that defy physics, as for example firewalkers. Abductees frequently report a heightened level of paranormal activity such as precognition or telepathy.

It is conceivable that during abductions these faculties are activated in abductees, and that their subsequent paranormal acuity is a residue of this activation. For all we know this could be the main reason for the abductions, but if paranormal abilities, despite all the evidence for them, are not admitted in our thinking, then we would not recognize the clues in the abduction accounts that point to them.

Another example is the taking of biopsies from abductees. Abductees display “scoop” marks which are interpreted as the removal of tissue samples. In general, if similar samples were taken from internal organs and other internal parts of the body, as well as body fluids, we would not discover this so readily. Some reasons that the visitors might have for taking such samples immediately suggest themselves from medical and scientific practice, but this may only be part of the picture.

Research following on from the work of Backster and others has shown that living cells remains linked to their source body, and continue to mirror the emotional pattern of the source. This work raises important questions about how life is passed on from parents to children, how life is distributed through the biological material that constitutes an “individual”, and how life evolves collectively in a community.

Suppose for example that a muscle tissue sample taken from an abductee was cultured to grow into a substantial bulk of tissue. Since it remains linked to the life of its source, might it not be a mirror of what is happening in the life of that person? Also, since the life of that person is somehow “split” could the existence of this tissue body be some kind of drain on that one’s vitality? Further, might the abductee also mirror the tissue body, or perhaps be subject to manipulation via that sample?

One of the rumours associated with the UFO crashes of the 1940’s is that human body parts were discovered on board at least some of the crashed craft. The natural assumption of the authorities would no doubt have been that people had been killed and their bodies dissected, or at least that people dying from independent causes such as wars or accidents were used as sources of body parts. While not rejecting these explanations, we can add another; that these body parts might have been grown from tissue samples for the purpose of maintaining a link with living humans. This last possibility implies a much more intimate intrusion into the lives of humans, one that is consistent with the abduction phenomenon.

Yet another example is the amnesia of abductees regarding their experiences. It has been demonstrated with many regressions that some subconscious part of the abductee remembers much, if not all of these experiences. Carl Yung spoke of a collective unconscious of mankind, and the work of many, including Backster demonstrates that all living things are linked together, and in particular, that all humans are mentally and emotionally linked together. We suspect that about 3% of the human population are abductees, and their subconscious is charged with emotion-laden memories of their abduction experiences. How is this going to affect the remaining 97% of humanity, and how will this influence manifest in time?

These are a few of the possible questions with potentially significant answers, which would not even be entertained as long as the facts which we already have, that make such questions meaningful, are ignored. Precisely because scientific opinion chooses to ignore these kinds of facts, scientists are of very little use to us in understanding the UFO phenomenon. Having said this, I want to emphasize that all the tools that scientists have developed need to be used liberally, but with a much more open minded approach, in our efforts to understand.


If our civilization were to enter into relationships with other cosmic civilizations that included the free exchange of knowledge and information, this would allow us to make tremendous progress in many or all fields of human endeavour.

We have already learnt how our own headlong rush into technology, fuelled by two great wars and many smaller ones, has come to threaten our very existence, and that of our ecosystem in a number of ways: Firstly through the development of weapons of destruction, then through the pollution of the environment with toxic substances, and now through the dispersion of hormone like substances which interfere with the natural development of both man and animals. These substances attack the immune and reproductive integrity of a wide range of species, and are potent in environmental concentrations of as little as one in a million million.

With these lessons in mind it is apparent that an uncontrolled rush into even more technology is the last thing we need, and might only hasten our demise and that of our ecosystem. Until we are able to learn wisdom and concern for all life together with mere knowledge, we are not ready for this new chapter in human destiny. The recognition that humanity must first undergo far reaching changes in the way it conducts its affairs on this planet before it is ready for open contact with other cosmic civilizations, is the first priority for those on the UFO Quest. Until this is achieved, ET contact is best limited to its present level. The UFO Quest requires us to become involved in a process of changing humanity so that they will take the advice of an elder civilization as seriously as their technology, and so avoid the potential pitfalls.

This willingness to learn from the experiences of others has not been very visible in our society. Have we learnt the lessons of our own history for example? It may even be that the vehemence with which contactees have been rejected in the past had a lot to do with the fact that they had a “message”. This message was generally plausible and well intentioned, like “you must end war” or “stop experimenting with nuclear bombs” or stop polluting your world” etc. What made the messages unacceptable was that compliance was a prerequisite to open contact.

Perhaps we have become a little wiser, humbler and more willing to listen. At any rate it becomes those on the UFO Quest to reread and study the old contactee accounts. Many may never have done this, and relied on hearsay about the honesty and sincerity of these contactees. The first thing that will strike those who do, is how well these accounts have stood the test of time, and how our own technical developments since the ’50s makes statements and descriptions much clearer to us now. The contactee accounts contain much useful instruction for those on the UFO Quest. In effect they are the Quester’s bible.

The contactee whom I wish to commend to you especially is Frank Howard (8) who lived and worked for a time in Brisbane. During about 1975 to 1980 he published four books. Frank was known to me personally, and many others still in Brisbane. Although he did not claim that the events he described were factual (and never claimed this in conversation with me), evidence has emerged since his passing, that his home was a safe house for visiting ETs, and that he would not have wanted to attract undue interest. His books present a cosmic perspective, and I regard them as the Quester’s handbook.

Every once in a while, a movement arises in the “UFO community” which in effect tries to short circuit the process of human change and preparation for contact with ETs. In some cases the ETs are going to use their wonderful technology to fix up the mess we have made. In others the bulk of humanity is abandoned to it’s destruction and a selected few are taken off the planet, and in a more recent such case, both these processes are combined in that those taken off planet are later returned to rebuild a new “Earth”. This kind of external intervention has not happened in our historical past, and should be regarded with much caution. When such movements eventually discredit themselves, as they have done so far, many become disillusioned with their UFO Quest.

We need to be aware of the “Judas manoeuvre”. Judas, one of the disciples of Jesus, having observed his many demonstrations of great power, and noting that he was reluctant to seize the crown of kingship, decided to force him into asserting his power by betraying him to his enemies, who had determined to kill him. The plan failed. In a similar way, certain individuals have made promises on behalf of the ETs, apparently hoping to force them into a certain line of action. Such schemes are bound to fail, and we need to be able to recognize them.

Our problems can seem overwhelming, and a quick fix can seem tempting. However, if we stick to our commitment, solutions will come, as they have in the past.

UFO research leads us to the “UFO Quest”. As we study this phenomenon, we first realize that we are unable to understand the technology involved. As the various facets of the phenomenon emerge, we realize that we also do not understand why or how the visitors are doing whatever it is they are doing, but they are definitely doing something. We don’t know, and no one is telling us. Not the visitors, not our authorities and not our learned people. We seem to be very much on our own.

Frank’s books go to great pains to help us realize that we are not alone or abandoned. Someone or something has seen to it that there are enough signposts in our literature, art, science, history, folklore, culture, religion, etc., and even our subconscious, that we can find our way to a greater or “Cosmic Understanding”. In addition to these, the information from contactees not only fills the gaps, but gives us the keys for understanding these signposts.

When we decide to follow these signposts, come what may, we are on the UFO Quest. It is nice to have the company of others on this journey, but we are willing to go it alone, rather than wait on anyone. To a degree we are always on our own, because we are making ourselves over, and like pain, this is a private matter.

One message common to all contactees is that humanity is being helped by a higher consciousness (but on its terms, not ours), even as we are building a new collective consciousness. This faith in a guiding higher consciousness, and a new emerging human consciousness becomes the “Gospel” of the UFO Quest. It expresses itself as a concern for all life on this planet, for which we ought to be a guiding higher consciousness and not thoughtless exploiters and desecrators, and recognizes that ETs will not jump in and do the things which we are supposed to be doing on and for this planet.

You may have noticed that I have said almost nothing about the usual activities of UFO research – investigating sightings and encounters, archiving and publishing the data so produced together with any insights gained. One can do these things without being on the UFO Quest, and many researchers seem to be content to focus on the “search” only. Many of those whose main concern is the Quest, and not nuts and bolts issues, may feel divorced from “research”. My hope is that the “quest” and “search” will come and remain together in the minds of all on the UFO path. Without a solid grounding, questers can fall prey to delusions, as experience has repeatedly shown, and without the quest, the search can become sterile and stall, which surely is the story of the past half century of “UFO Research”. If you recognize in what has been said your own insights into the UFO phenomenon, you may also agree that you have embarked on a UFO Quest. Here are some guidelines that may be useful to you on this journey:

1. The ideas about reality of even our most highly regarded philosophers are so far removed from that reality that we need to put all of our preconceptions on hold, at least when considering new facts and discoveries.

2. We are all suggestible, and probably much more so than we might like to think. In particular, powerful paranormal faculties can be activated through suggestion and faith. Instead of letting others and our environment operate these faculties and thereby manipulate us, we need to take conscious control of our beliefs and suggestibility, and use the powers which they activate to shape our own destiny.

3. Ancient or traditional knowledge is not necessarily primitive or ignorant. At least some of it is a remnant of past golden ages of great knowledge and understanding. By learning to recognize and prove those nuggets, we can accelerate our progress.

4. The admonition “Seek and you shall find” could not be fulfilled if all manner of clues and guidance had not been carefully hidden in accessible places, waiting for us to find them, and if there were not some intelligent “Watcher” able to act when we are ready to seek a cosmic understanding.

5. Life is abundant everywhere in the Universe, and even its most elemental forms can transcend physical barriers. Thus we can never really be alone except when we allow ourselves to be hypnotized into believing it. We have barely started to relate fully and constructively with the life of our planet. Until we do, we should not expect to be fit to relate properly to the greater life of the cosmos.

6. The UFO Quest is about realizing for ourselves the dawning age of cosmic awareness, and helping others on this path. It is the unyielding determination that obstacles on or off this planet will not be allowed to prevent this achievement. Since the free will of others is involved in the expansion of this consciousness, we do not set a timetable.


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