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Too much, too little, too late…. or is it?

by Lee Paqui

I have lately been plagued by an annoying emotion. In fact, so annoying is this emotion that I have resorted to the thesaurus to define it. Initially, I thought it was jealousy, or envy – both of which are the same thing according to the thesaurus. However, human beings are nuanced creatures whereas thesauruses are not, and jealousy and envy really aren’t the same thing at all.

So why am I feeling a jealousy and envy that I predict could soon be turning into a nasty grudge? Well, it’s this ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force’ that The Donald signed into existence before he departed office, and which is anticipated to lift the lid on what the US Government knows about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – or, in layman’s terms, UFOs.

And therein lies the root of my somewhat embarrassing jealousy. Because now that we have a mandated government body tasked with discovering the truth behind the UFO mystery, thousands of dedicated UFO researchers have suddenly been demoted to the rank of ‘layman’. All our knowledge, discoveries and experiences will shortly account for nothing (or at best, not very much) the minute the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force makes its report. ‘Experts’ that are Johnny-Come-Lately to the field will soon have everything laid on a platter via the UFO documents that the US Air Force, FBI, CIA, NSA, Navy, Army, and a bunch of other organisations besides are going to dump into the Task Force’s email inbox. How fair is it that absolute novices to the field are going to be privy to information that UFO researchers have long suspected, but who could only dream about having confirmatory proof? It’s not fair! It’s unjust! And it’s really getting my goat!!!

And even worse, these shiny new UFO ‘experts’ are springing up all over the Internet, often in the guise of journalists who, just a few short months ago, derided every UFO article that passed across their web browser. And now, in a journalistic frenzy to be the first to break the news, they are suddenly taking a more serious interest, and in some cases taking hypocritical credit for breakthroughs in knowledge. These irritating bums are primed to steal the glory from UFO researchers who have been working at this puzzle for years, and even tens of years and, like I said, it’s getting my GOAT!

But I’m just one little UFO researcher, whittling away my days in the tiny backwater that is Brisbane, and my voice is very small. I can whinge and whine and stamp my feet about the unjustness of having the UFO rug pulled out from under me, but it isn’t going to stop the rug from being pulled. And I know I should be less concerned about the fickleness of the magic UFO carpet that I willingly stepped onto so many years ago, and should instead be happy that finally, at long last, I may be about to get some answers to the mysteries that keep me awake at night. Except that I don’t think there are going to be any answers, and my jealous and envious rage will ultimately be for nought.

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force was given a mere six months to get to the bottom of this problem. Unfortunately in government terms, six months isn’t quite long enough to get any meaningful work done. There are already rumblings that the agencies responsible for collecting UFO data are obstructing the Task Force’s collection of information, and given that it’s only a week before the deadline lapses, this does not bode well for any kind of comprehensive information release. We will get something in the report, but what, exactly, will we get?

Probably we’ll receive confirmation that UFOs exist but that they remain unidentified – no surprise, because we know that already. But what else would the authorities be game to tell us? They might tell us that some UFOs are natural or man-made objects that have been misconstrued. Again no surprise, because they’ve been telling us that for seventy years already!

But would the authorities be honest enough to admit that some UFOs appear to be the product of extraterrestrial civilisations? That admission would be a surprise to the majority of denizens of Planet Earth, but is that admission likely to be included in the report? Possibly. It might be the bone they throw at us in order to keep us in our yard. I mean, if humanity is busy grappling with the admission that UFOs come from other planets, then people won’t query the giant gaps in the report from all the other stuff that’s been left out.

And what sort of stuff will the report leave out – or, more accurately, what sort of stuff will the Task Force not have access to? I suspect there will be no confirmation of Roswell, or abductions, or bases on the Moon and Mars and beyond. And there won’t be confirmation of secret ET/government cabals or an admission that ET walks among us, because that would reflect badly on our governments and on the organisations that citizens trust to keep them safe. This trust is essential if humanity is to live in any kind of coherent social structure, and if that structure is to avoid an unprecedented collapse.

Ultimately it would not be confirmation of the existence of ET that would cause a rapid social collapse, but the revelation that the governments of the world have been keeping some really big secrets from us, and that they act not in the best interests of the general population but in the best interest of a chosen few. And, more terrifyingly, if just one conspiracy theory is proven true in the Task Force report, then all the other conspiracy theories might be true too, and that’s a loss of face, a loss of faith, and an unacceptable loss of control that no governing body would be able to survive.

So, while I am currently festering in a stew of jealousy and envy that it will be non-UFO researchers who will be first to see the proof that ET exists, my uncharitable feelings won’t last for very long. When all is said and done, are we going to know any more than we already do? I doubt it. You and I already know that ET exists… The challenge for the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force is to tell us something we don’t already know.

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