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Spaceship Earth

Author : Sheryl Gottschall ©

Anyone who has dared to embark on an in depth exploration of the subject of UFOs knows that they are very real. Why are they here? This we don’t know for sure, although we have heard the far flung theories that people espouse, and probably added a few ourselves along the way. I don’t know if we will ever know why all races of ETs are here, but what we can do is make the most of their presence. By this I don’t mean that we should have a national UFO day or that we should even be “glad” that they are here, but acknowledge that they act as catalysts for our evolution of consciousness. For example, I have heard people say that ETs won’t land here in droves because they have a policy of non-interference with our evolution. I don’t know how people can justify this as just their presence in our skies already changes our natural development.

I have been in the UFO “business” now for 10 years, a mere novice compared to some, and have heard somewhere between 2000 to 3000 thousand accounts of what people saw in the sky, on the ground or coming out of the water, and how this was something they had never seen before in their life. Many of these people had profound changes made in their lives because they saw a UFO and or their occupants. Some calmly accept this and some don’t. For those who do face what they saw with quiet confidence, this experience serves to further their growth and understanding. They often feel that these experiences give confirmation to their aspirations to exist as a “cosmic” being and that in fact we are all space-people. For those who have trouble integrating their experience into their life, they can find themselves going through the ordeal of a “living death” where they have to face the un-reality of their previous beliefs and accept that what they thought to be “true” for them was now not so. I know of some people who grapple with their experience for years before they can find inner peace, and many who are still trying. You don’t have to have had a personal experience for this to happen either.

Many people like myself who spend years following the phenomenon find themselves captivated by UFOs. We feel so strongly drawn to the subject that we become involved in organizations like this one and spend a lot of our spare time endeavouring to understand the UFO phenomenon. This is life changing for us as well. We have now picked up the “grail” and once we are on our new “path” of discovery there is no going back. However UFOs affect people, the point is that they do. They have the potential to accelerate our growth one way or another. Explained in different terms, they can change our life direction heading it more towards “something”. What this something is, I believe, is a greater understanding of the universe and those who inhabit it. Eventually, if we can weather the storm of the UFO “chase”, we finally come to rest and find ourselves transcending the whole UFO issue by no longer asking the questions that originally embarked us on our quest e.g. who are these aliens, where did they come from and why are they here, but now asking, who am I, where did I come from, why am I here. This is where our real journey begins, with the original stimulus of the subject of UFOs having now played it’s part. So you can now see how UFOs serve a very real purpose in the greater chain of events in our life. Without their existence you wouldn’t be reading these words right now. We need to “get around” to addressing the bigger picture of UFOs and the purpose they serve in our lives by causing us to dig deeper within ourselves. Maybe we should now be asking questions like, “is this part of an even bigger plan?” When we begin to do this, doorways will open for us that we never knew existed, and only then will we find some very “real” answers to the UFO phenomenon.

Have you noticed that when you talk to people who think UFOs don’t exist and the phenomenon is all in people’s heads, that they do so with a large amount of intellectual superiority? They seem to think that they are so smart for not being duped into entertaining such nonsense, don’t they? I often hear this superiority when I listen to people from the sceptics organization or some scientist being interviewed. The superiority creeps into their voices often verging on outright scoffing.

I often wonder just what it is that makes a seemingly intelligent person deny something so undeniable. Let’s say for example that just one percent of all UFO sightings can’t be explained. Do you know how many that is? It is hard to estimate but from the figures that I am aware of I would estimate that it would still be in the hundreds of thousands. Can you imagine something unexplainable going on in the world that is right up someone’s ally of research and they aren’t interested? Why?

If you were a scientist and found something unexplainable wouldn’t you want to find answers? Isn’t that why you became a scientist in the first place, to make new discoveries by exploring the magic and mystery of the universe. But these people don’t. There is an “unwillingness” in them to look at the evidence. If they did then their minds might actually see some logical, intelligent reason to validate the evidence. So they hide behind the Sceptic or Scientist label. (there are other labels of course) I don’t despise these people, although I have been known to get hopping mad when I hear what they say because I know there is a vast majority of people in society who I know will believe it.

However, I do pity them because they are so afraid of change. They are so afraid to dream of humanity changing, and you know WHY? Because deep, deep within themselves they know that when humanity’s consciousness changes and we openly claim our birthright of “cosmic citizen”, there is no room for them in the new world. There is no room for their backward ideas or their unwillingness to explore.

To become cosmic citizens we will have certain criteria to fulfil which are opposite to the way scientists/sceptics are currently operating. We will have to learn to embrace change rather than fear it, cultivate courage rather than cowardice, free ourselves from indoctrination through enlightenment, integrate wholeness in ourselves rather than fragmentation e.g. blending the material with the spiritual unlike science splitting from spirituality. With these things done we can rightfully take our place amongst others who have gone before and leave behind those who won’t. We don’t have to condemn sceptics or scientists, they have already condemned themselves.

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