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2012 Sightings

2012 Sightings


Warner, 1 January 2012, 12:03am

At approximately 12:03am after seeing in the New Year, I went out on my back deck to smoke my cigar for New Year as I have done for over fifteen years. I observed three orange lights appear from the horizon in a S/W direction — one light was further in front of the other two as they all climbed at the same steady rate in an almost vertical climb. They took around 5-7 minutes to climb high enough to be lost in the clouds, but as the first two lights disappeared, the last light stayed low enough for me and my partner to observe the object flying in an NW direction. I watched the object for a further 4-5 minutes until it was obscured by clouds. The whole time I watched there was no sound at all. There were also no navigation lights on the objects.

Coolangatta, 1 January 2012, evening
On New Years Day, 01/01/2012, while the fireworks were happening, there were two bright orange ‘lights’ that flew over the fireworks at Coolangatta. They were a bright uniform orange, no flickering or flashing at all. They flew one after the other, about a minute apart, on exactly the same flight path, in an arc from the S – SE, then back out to sea to the NE. Their elevation would have been around 500m, but gradually descending as they approached the fireworks, and ascending afterwards as they headed out to sea. The first passed over while the fireworks were still going, the second around 30 seconds after they had ended. These fireworks were approximately 1.5km from my house, which is on the beach at Bilinga. I grabbed the binoculars for a closer look, but could not get any sort of focus on them, and they are decent binoculars. Also the objects didn’t make any sound that I could hear (after the fireworks). I would estimate their speed to be over 100km an hour. Also, they weren’t moving around like something in the wind would, and there was only a light breeze that night. Total time sighted would have been 2-3 minutes.

Since this happened I have been researching sightings, and it seems there are a lot of this nature. Before this happened I had never heard of anything like it, I’d only heard of flashing lights and white lights and such. Since these happenings I’ve been watching the sky a lot closer. This is to do with contrails (or chemtrails). I noticed a trail stretching across the sky, south to north, and noticed the plane. This seemed normal, as Brisbane is to the north. Over two hours later the trail was still there, but much thicker, like a big long cloud. This is when I noticed two short parallel trails, going west to east. Over the next hour or so over a half dozen more appeared, all going west to east, but short and streaky, and I didn’t see any planes.

I have seen many other things at night, all of which have been explainable (to me at least). I once had the entire sky light up green for a few seconds (meteor); saw a funny light that seemed to be shaking, getting brighter (helicopter coming straight at me at speed with its search light on); a lighter shape against the hills (helicopter with no lights on, was wondering what it was, then heard it); funny shapes flitting around the buildings on the beach front (flocks of seagulls); funny dark V-shaped objects (migrating geese or similar); a funny orange/red light near the horizon (Venus rising through scattered clouds). Also many strange looking shooting stars. As you can see I am very observant, and like to solve things. Everything has an explanation. These few experiences recently have really got me wondering.

Nanango, 7 January 2012, 9.40pm
A light came quite quickly moving WSW from the direction of the Sunshine Coast, tuned almost due south over Nanango and continued to the horizon. It was a single but very bright distinctly yellow light, dimming occasionally, (but not blinking) and there was no apparent aircraft noise. Not at all like anything else I have ever seen in the sky.

Glenwood, 9 January 2012, 7.15pm
I wish to report a sighting of what I believe to be some kind of UFO by strict definition. I am a 53-year old schoolteacher on holidays. Last night at about 7.15pm I observed an unusual light in the sky. It was about the same brightness and size as Venus in the west, but this was in the wrong position to be Venus and it was moving. The object was a steady bright white light, there were no flashing lights or red and green navigation lights as with a plane. If it was a terrestrial plane it appeared low enough that I should surely hear it, but there was no sound at all. It was moving in a south easterly direction at a very steady pace, and on what appeared to be a very straight course. The speed never varied nor did its unwavering course. I watched it for about five or more minutes, and it moved almost completely out of view after having crossed most of the visible night sky from my viewpoint. It did not behave like any terrestrial craft that I am familiar with and given the lack of sound and nav/strobe lights, I would have to call it unidentified.

Old Kirra Raceway, 14 January 2012, 8.00pm
I wish to report a couple of strange incidents which I have witnessed recently. The most recent, and the reason I have decided to report, occurred last Saturday (14th January 2012). It was at my work, which is the old Kirra Raceway (horses). The old stables have been converted into sheds, which are used to store and distribute junk mail and newspapers. I fold and deliver these for some extra income; go to the sheds at night and fold, deliver the next day. Anyway, last Saturday night I arrived at the shed at 8:30pm with a takeaway burger, which I was going to eat in the car. The light in the shed was on, which is odd because the place is usually deserted after dark. I opened the car door to get out and, looking straight out the windscreen, noticed a small red light descending slowly, and irregularly moving from side to side.
There is a low hill behind where I was looking, which is a very dark silhouette against the sky, and at first I thought the red light was a car on the hill. Then almost immediately I realised two things: there are no roads there, and also that the light was in front of some trees that were around 100 – 150m away. So I thought it was maybe a remote control helicopter or something. I stepped away from the car for a better look, and this thing shot back up in the air to a height of about 50m, the light going out as it did so.

There was some scattered high cloud, no moon up yet, so the sky was mostly dark, with lighter cloudy patches. There was cloud behind the hill, which I could now see this object silhouetted against. It appeared to hang in the same spot for several seconds, tumbling slowly, and changing shape. At first it appeared to be maybe two small cars end to end, irregular in shape, but also appeared to be making itself smaller. It seemed then to be drifting slowly towards me just to my right, slowly increasing altitude. It was becoming harder to see as there was a clear patch of sky above me, but I could still just see the shape against the stars, as well as the occasional reflection off a flat shiny surface. It was still 50 – 100 metres above me. At this stage it looked much more compact. Maybe 20 metres past me I lost sight of it, I just couldn’t see it anymore. During the whole time the object made no sound at all. It never appeared to be smooth, or like a disc or sphere or anything. The only light was the small red one at the start. There was a light wind blowing, and apart from me the place was deserted.

I was feeling a bit vulnerable where I was so jumped in the car and went home to eat my dinner. I went back out later for a look around, but it had started raining heavily.

As I said at the start, I’m at this location a lot by myself late at night, sometimes five nights a week. I’ve joked to the boss about a resident ghost, but she doesn’t like to hear it. There are funny noises, the light went out once, there are doors opening and closing. Maybe it’s not a ghost. The funny thing about this is, just about all of the UFO reports you hear of are of bright lights in the sky. Almost like they want to be seen. IF this was a UFO (emphasise the if), it definitely did not want to be seen. That’s the unsettling part. If I was not looking right at it at when I did, I would definitely not have seen it. And I’ve got good eyes too, have done a lot of night boat driving, as well as night fishing without any light or torches (scares the fish). You can sort of train yourself to see better at night, using shadows, silhouettes and reflections. And I know there was definitely something there.

Albany Creek, 18 January 2012, 1.00am
I’ve always been quite agnostic when it comes to UFOs and I’ve seen some strange things in the past, however I am very freaked out right now!

I went outside for a ciggie about 1.00am and saw four red lights [diagram below] in the northern sky. They caught my eye immediately and appeared to be hovering in a square formation and blinking slowly, but not like a commercial plane.

I was mesmerized as I watched them and my skin crawls with goose bumps as I type this. I stared transfixed at them until one at a time they just disappeared.

Townsville, January-February 2012
I quite enjoy investigating strange sightings in my spare time in North Queensland. Recently I have received reports of a strange flying creature in Townsville. About a month ago two separate people witnessed a flying object in the sky at night. They described the object to look somewhat like a bat, with bat-like wings but the body of a man. The object was very dark. Without looking into this further, this sighting seems quite similar to the Mothman sightings of West Virginia USA that are now UFO folk law. Possibly a couple of people with an excessive imagination?? Perhaps, however my investigation on this is still ongoing, but thought I would shoot you guys an email and see if you have had any similar reports recently?? Whether it be in the north Queensland area or Australia wide. (Editor’s note: Regular readers will know that this is not the first sighting report of a ‘flying man’ received from North Queensland.)


Currumbin Creek, 1 February 2012, dusk
As I was pulling into the Currumbin Creek car park I noticed a bright light that wasn’t a plane. I thought maybe it was a helicopter. I lost sight of it for a few seconds, and when it was back in sight it didn’t really look like a helicopter anymore. I parked the car as quick as I could, jumped out and as I was grabbing my phone (camera) from my pocket, the light winked out but the object was still visible. It appeared around 1/3 the size of a full moon, and at a guess around 500 metres away, no more than 100m off the ground. It was roughly 100 metres off the beach around the 3rd Ave area (Palm Beach). At first it was slowly drifting east, then back west (only slightly, a few metres or so), then started heading off towards the NNW, before I lost sight of it. The wind was around 25kts SSW, so it was quite windy. It also means it was moving nearly 90 degrees to the wind direction. The light was initially yellowish, but was more orange as it went out. Could quite possibly have been a lantern, but it would have been a big one, as it took a while to lose sight of it. After the light went out it appeared as a dark silhouette, roundish in shape. The whole episode lasted about 45 seconds, from first seeing the light, until I lost sight of the silhouette.

I took a few photos anyway, hoping something would turn up. There is something in the two photos that has changed position, and is about the right size. It appears brownish in the photos. In the first it’s slightly to the left of the orange light in the middle of the pic, in the second it’s a little higher, just to the right.

Varsity Lakes, 8 February 2012, 9.15pm
My friend and I saw three white orbs on the 8/02/12 at approximately 9:15pm in Varsity Lakes Queensland. They were circling in the sky and making unexplainable manoeuvres. They were very faint as they were above the clouds, yet we could still see the lights from them. They were circular looking and lasted for about 1 hour and a half.

Mackay, 14 February 2012, 4.22am and 4.30am
This is my first ever report of a UFO. I am a passionate follower of satellites and general astronomy, so even though I have my nose in the air quite often, I also know exactly what to look for when identifying a satellite or anything similar.

1st sighting: Time 4.22am, in the sky SSW of Mackay at an altitude of about 40° East, moving SSW: It was a red solid light that seemed to shoot a red flare out to the East (I thought that it may be space junk re-entry at first). Then three red lights seemed to be rotating, or flashing, underneath it. No sound, no navigation lights (like a helicopter or plane). It was travelling at about the speed of a satellite and seemed to be at about satellite height.

2nd sighting: Time approximately 4.30am, in the sky to the South of Mackay at an altitude of about 30° East, moving to the South.

It was a bar of horizontal white lights (probably about 5-7 lights, it was a fair way away) that looked a bit like a jet airliner side-on, but instead of travelling left to right, or right to left, it just kept travelling South like a side-on plane. No navigation lights and no noise, but it seemed much further away. Slow travelling to the South and wandering just a little.

Gold Coast, 18 February 2012, 12.20am
I live in Sorrento on the Gold Coast and spotted two objects in the air. They were bright orange with a tinge of red in the middle. It was in the far distance, side by side.

I usually see planes come in from this location before they make a right hand turn and go to land. This was very different as objects were moving very slowly and were hovering in an up and down motion and kept moving north.

Then I noticed a third bright orangey red object behind the first two objects. The three objects kept proceeding north, moving slowly in an agitating-hovering motion would best describe it.

I would assume from where I live these objects were over the ocean. I ran inside the house to get a camera. I was excited. I looked everywhere, went back outside and saw the objects heading North-East out to sea. This time they were above each other. I lost sight of the third object, and don’t know where that one went.

The two objects proceeded to head east and then got covered by light clouds and disappeared. The whole experience lasted about 10 minutes. The objects or glow was a convex shape, but stretched upwards in the middle.

Terranora, February 2012, 9.45pm
I would like to report an incident that happened over Terranora about a month ago. It was approximately 9 .45pm and I was on the computer out on our veranda. My wife was in the back garden with the dog before going to bed when she called out ‘George come and look at this.’ I said ‘no I’ve got no shoes on,’ and she said ‘I think you should see this,’ so I ran down in time to see a bright orange ball of light moving overhead. My wife said it flew directly over our house, although I didn’t witness this. The orange ball had shards of light coming out in all directions, and I thought at first it was my eyes playing tricks, so I asked my wife to fetch the binoculars (I should have asked for the camera). The light coming out of it was still there, and she said she could see it too as it moved out over some trees. It stopped moving and stayed in one spot for three or four minutes, then the lights seemed to retract into it. The object would go very dim, then slowly move off, then it would stop and go very bright again — out came the shards of light and it would just hang motionless again. Every time it moved off it would go dim, and every time it stopped it would go very bright again. This happened three or four times before it disappeared behind some trees. I feel very privileged to have witnessed this strange event indeed


Helensvale, March, 10.30pm
We live in Helensvale on the Gold Coast. Our house is on a hill and sort of backs onto the M1 motorway. It was in late March 2012 at approximately 10.30pm that my mother and I, both being light sleepers, kept being woken up by helicopters flying back and forth over our house. It was so loud! The first thing we thought was it must be police helicopters searching for someone. My mother and I walked out the back door of our house and our three dogs were all running around the yard. We couldn’t see the helicopters outside. I moved to the side of the house and looked in the sky and there it was… this huge UFO!

It was round, very large, orange in colour, hazy around the outside of it, and it seemed to be so close to us! It sat in the same spot in the sky for about 15 seconds. I called my mum over with my eyes still fixated on this huge UFO! And I said to my mum, “That is not a ****** helicopter!!” We both didn’t say anything after this. It all happened so quickly — before we knew it, the UFO shot from the right side of the sky to the left side, so quickly it was impossible for your eyes to keep up with it. It just disappeared! My mum said to me after it happened, “You’re right… that wasn’t a helicopter or like anything I’d seen before!” It doesn’t matter how much of a sceptic you are with these things, once you see it with your own eyes, there is no denying we are not alone!

Carrara, March 8 2012, 1.30pm
On the 8th March 2012 at approximately 1.30pm I was hanging washing on the line in my backyard when I heard a very high-pitched, although soft, sound in the sky for about three minutes. I looked to where I heard the sound coming from overhead, but I could not see anything except a weird distortion of light in the clear blue sky. I was staring at it when there was a sudden loud noise and then nothing more.

There were no other sounds around. It was a very quiet afternoon. It seemed weird to me but perhaps you can make something of it.


Port Douglas, April 3 2012, 2.30am
A friend and I witnessed a dancing light in the sky between the hours of 2:30am and 3:15am this morning 3rd April. We were sitting on a beach at Port Douglas Qld. I looked into the clear night sky as we were talking about the moon disappearing behind the mountains when I noticed far off, high in the distance, a silver blue twinkling star which I hadn’t noticed there earlier in the night.

As I lit up a smoke I saw the light slowly move from side to side across the sky. I pointed the light out to my friend, and as we both zoned in on the light it started moving at a unbelievably fast speed, so erratic yet with no effort at all. As we discussed what it could be we noticed another light blinking in another part of the sky. We believed that this second object would have been an aircraft. The unidentified light had seemed to have stopped. We settled back down into the sand and continued talking, then the light started moving again, almost seeming like it was splitting into two and back into one again. We watched this show for 45 minutes or so before packing up and leaving the beach as the early morning cold had settled in.

It’s not the first time I have seen lights in the night sky. But this time I was not alone. It was awesome to experience this with another person…. It made the car ride home very interesting.

Caloundra, April 3 2012, 6.15pm
I live in Golden Beach Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. I have never reported a UFO before, but I am not a sceptic either, as in the past I have seen some odd occurrences in the skies when I used to do Security down at Beaudesert.

Anyway, on Tuesday 3rd April 2012 in the afternoon around 6.15pm I walked out the front of my house to get some fresh air and stretch my legs. I noticed a light plane coming from the north (I live just behind the Caloundra Airport). It was travelling north to south with its navigation lights on. I thought it was going to land at the airport so I continued watching. As I looked to the south I noticed a rather large and VERY bright light coming from the south in the opposite direction to the plane. At first I thought it may have been a helicopter with landing lights on, but it was travelling rather slow and by my estimate at maybe 3 -4,000 feet in altitude. The plane to my estimate was under 1000 feet. The plane then made a steep right hand turn towards the runway then did another turn left then right. My initial thoughts were that he was inexperienced with night flying or wasn’t sure of the runway. But he eventually turned towards the highway and looked like he was heading for Caboolture Airport.

Meanwhile the light I was also watching at the same time was still heading in a northerly direction. Unfortunately my home phone rang and I ran inside to answer it. When I returned back outside (no more than 30-40 seconds) the bright light (which by the way made no noise that I could hear) had turned to the northeast and was heading out toward the ocean. I suppose this is where I was more convinced I had seen a UFO because the light I had seen coming toward me, if it was a landing light from an aircraft, was still bright. I watched it for at least another minute, still bright and moving away, then all of a sudden the light began to turn yellow as if it either took off really fast or died out. But it gave me the impression it had moved away fast, as the light not only got yellow but smaller, and eventually I lost sight of it as it disappeared.

Lawnton, April 7 2012, 8.15pm
Tonight my wife and I saw lights fly about suburban houses around Lawnton-Petrie at 8:15pm on the 7th of April. First I saw a blue green coloured light moving like a plane, then it quickly started to drop at a right angle to its current path, so my wife ran inside to get a video camera. I then saw two objects, one red, the other a bluish colour, moving about at odd angles and descending towards the houses. It was difficult to capture the lights on film as they briefly rose several times and moved across several hundred metres before descending again. I got the very last one we saw on video. Even though we stayed outside for 15 more minutes, we didn’t see them again.

Toowoomba, April 20 2012, 8.15pm
My husband and I have been watching a light for 15 minutes. It has not moved and is a bright light with orange, red and blue lights flashing around it. It is in the north eastern sky. We live in Toowoomba, Queensland.

North Brisbane, Friday April 21 2012, 1.26am
I awoke when my wife went to the bathroom, and as I was lying in bed deciding whether to go myself, I looked out of the bedroom and noticed a flickering orange light through the leaves of a tree in the back yard. I got out of bed and went to the window and saw two large lights travelling in tandem, coming slowly across from the north. The lights were large in comparison to normal aircraft lighting and there was no strobe lighting. The lights were steady and moving slowly. Because of light cloud cover it was difficult to determine height. I called my wife to come and see. We both couldn’t understand what it could be. It was not helicopters, because of the size of the lights and the consistency of distance between them. They did not seem to lose or gain any height during this time, which was about four minutes, before moving around to the western sky and gradually becoming lost in cloud. The positioning of the lights became vertical the further west it travelled and seemed to indicate a single object.

The colour was exactly the same on both lights. Movement could be seen on the very outside rim of the light. The light shape was more squarish than round. I looked at the bedside light during the sighting and it read 1.26am. I ran downstairs to the backyard to see if I could get a video on my camera, but was unable. I have absolutely no idea what it was. There was no noise, before, during or after the sighting, and as I was running down the stairs to the back garden, my wife said the object appeared to stop and change direction. I also saw the change of flight path, but not the halt. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I thought I would record what we had seen while it was fresh.

Darwin, April 21, 2012
I am a local resident of Darwin. I love going walks in the evening, and this image [below] is taken from my iPhone. I have taken this picture in the Brinkin area during the last full moon.

Brisbane, April 22 2012, night
I am writing to you about a UFO sighting witnessed by me and two others on the night of 22nd April 2012. I was outside in the backyard for some fresh air and gazing at the stars as it was a clear night. I had been looking at the stars and watching planes fly over the house for an hour when I decided I had had enough. Getting up I notice a plane coming from the north, like they been all night, and decided to wait and watch it fly over. Then I proceeded to fold up the chair and took one more look north. There in the distance, just right of the flight path, was a blue pulsating light. No other light could be seen, just a blue light. I knew straight away that what I was seeing was unique, so I ran inside to grab my partner and her 13 year old son. By the time we had got back outside the object was almost over the top of the house and we could see clearly that the blue light was as bright as an LED light. It was very bright and very rich in colour. We also noted that the light was reaching down, then back up to the blackness of the sky, then reappearing again, and doing this in an irregular pattern. The light was moving at a medium speed over our heads when it disappeared and then reappeared on the left side of the flight path, heading south. It then continued travelling south towards Brisbane.

I noticed at this stage that there where no planes to be seen in the sky, nor could my partner see any. This was unusual as it had been very busy with planes only five minutes earlier. (From my house I can see planes coming in for landing from the north and southside of Brisbane). The blue object continued on its course until it was about three quarters of the way between us, Brisbane and the Airport, when it changed course only slightly southeast. It didn’t change speed and headed down the coast line.

By this stage it was getting hard to see in the distance. I grabbed my night vision monocular that I had been using for star gazing. I was able to watch it for a further 30 seconds to a minute more before it faded out of sight. My partner and son went back inside, and I stayed just in case it came back. Another five minutes went by when I heard a faint sound in the distance that got louder then faded away. Then the same sound again. I knew that noise because I had heard it many time before — the sound of a fighter jet or jets. you can’t mistake that sound.

Once again I ran inside and grabbed my partner. We listened and then heard the sound of fighter jets. Still nothing could be seen in the skies. Not one plane. We looked for a while longer when I spotted a light over Brisbane that appeared to be circling the city. And there was another circling what I believe was where the airport is. This went on for awhile, then the planes took off out to sea. Then the first passenger plane since this started flew over our house, but from the east to west. When I looked to where it was headed I noticed a few more planes out that way. Another ten minutes went by, then one after another, north to south on the same flight path as earlier, the planes flew over the house. They were no more then one minute apart. Maybe five to six passenger planes, and at the very last a smaller propeller plane. At the same time we could see them coming in from the south side of Brisbane. This started around 9.00pm till about 10.00 that night.

I stayed up until 3.00am in the morning watching the ABC News and looking on the Internet expecting to see a report on what we had witnessed. But nothing, not one thing!

There must have been other people who saw this blue light. And there is also the issue of aviation safety that we as the general public are not being told. This object had no right being in the flight path of passenger planes without the right aviation lights. It’s against the law isn’t it? I know why they would keep it quiet too, because it has made me think twice about flying if our own government has no control over our skies.

Wangetti, April 22 2012, 8.00pm
On the 22nd April 2012, four of us were travelling from Port Douglas to Cairns. At approximately 8.00pm we were 3 kilometres south of Wangetti. No other vehicles were in sight on the road and we were travelling in darkness apart from our car headlights.

Three of us saw a green-blue light in the sky ahead that was travelling vertically downwards in a controlled manner. The light was bright but contained. I was sitting in the passenger seat and was just about to vocalize my concern that the light was heading for us when it disappeared.

We were unable to explain what we saw! It was only visible for a few seconds. The fourth person in the vehicle failed to see the object.

Mudgeeraba, April 23 2012
Over Mudgeeraba last night we observed a red fireball-looking object which remained stationary for quite some time (easily 10 minutes), and another red-green object. The red fireball was quite high and zoomed off to our left

The red fireball was above the second green and red object, which seemed to have six bright red lights in a curved line shape, with a bright green light underneath, and it was about five times bigger than the red fireball.

We are just a normal family, never believed in anything like this, but when we saw it for our own eyes, its very exciting indeed.


Elanora, May 16 2012
A woman saw an orangey-red light travelling west to north-east about 2500 to 3000 metres high. The object moved then stopped, moved and stopped again just hovering in the sky. She had called her husband out to look and he thought the object was round and looked like a top hat. They observed the object for at least three minutes so they got a good look at it. but lost sight of the object behind treetops and clouds. The object made no sound.

Rosebank (NSW), May 10 2012
I was in the back yard last night with two other adults and we all saw a sighting. I’m not great with all the details so I’ll keep it brief. The UFOs were flying in a triangular formation… or was it one UFO with three lights on it? We also saw lights fly across the sky then change directions.

Pinkenbar, May 18 2012, 9.30am
I spotted an orange to red-coloured ball of light following a plane around 9:30am today while driving to work at Pinkenbar. It was visible for about 5 to 10 seconds.

Warner, May 22 2012, 10.15pm
I just watched two UFOs fly over my house. I saw them approach and watched them for approximately 6 minutes before they disappeared. I took some pictures with my iPhone but they don’t show much.


Casino (NSW), June 3 2012, 7.00pm
Standing outside in South Casino facing north, myself and two friends witnessed two lights the colour of fire in the sky. One was above the other light, about 50 metres above. They seemed to be moving south and we put it down to being helicopters until both objects seemed to turn east behind a very small cloud and totally disappeared. We had not been drinking.

Amberley, June 9 2012, 8.10am
This morning near Amberley (9/06/12) while watching the setting moon at 8.10am through my telescope, I noticed two identical streaks of cloud parting in what appeared to be a perfect arc. The second (thinner) cloud parted from east moving in a westerly direction about five minutes after I noticed the first arc above me. There was no wind at the time but I assumed the clouds were high in altitude.

Paradise Point, June 29 2012, 12.40pm
I saw a UFO today around 12:40pm at Paradise Point Queensland. At first it looked like a plane with light reflecting off it, but it was hovering for a few seconds than vanished. This is the second time I’ve seen this.

Brisbane, June 29 2012, 2.45am
I saw something strange while driving home from a friend’s house at 2:45am 6/4/2012, and thought I’d let you know. The object was appearing to hover, it had three lights — one red, one white, and a blue light that was blinking. I wrote it off at first as an airplane until I watched it. It seemed to hover for about three minutes, remaining stationary, then it moved very quickly inland, taking only two minutes to clear a large distance in a linear fashion. It kept lower than the domestic or international flights I’ve seen. I did a quick check to see if there were any flights due to depart or arrive at the Brisbane airport, both international or domestic, and there was one scheduled flight to leave at 2:30 which would have made the timing correct, but just to make sure I double checked and the flight was still boarding at the terminal. I tried to get a snapshot but it was blurred out by a streetlight unfortunately. As far as trajectory, the object headed in a northwest direction, and as an estimate I’d say it would have flown over or close by Crows Nest or Esk.


Cleveland, July 28 2012, 6.40pm
I was outside last night at 6.40pm when I noticed a pink/orange light in the north-east travelling slowly south-west. It was moving slowly and emitting no noise. As I watched it a further two pink/orange lights rose up behind the first object, following it. My mother and I (and our dog) watched the three balls of light travel slowly in a triangular formation for about five minutes, trying to work out what we were looking at. The lead ball looked like it could have been the headlight of a very large plane and the two rear lights could have been on the wings of said very large plane, such was their uniformity of motion as they moved. But if there was any plane there, it would have been about 25 times the size of a normal plane and invisible. Mum got bored and went inside and I ducked in to get my camera however, when I returned to the backyard a minute later, there was no sight of them.

I have a big sky where I live, on a hill near the bay, so I really don’t see how they could have disappeared so fast. There was light cloud so perhaps they disappeared into it, otherwise, judging by the speed they were travelling and their course, I should have still been able to have seen them. There have been no reports of this sighting from anyone else which dismays me given the time. I asked at the local newsagency if anyone had mentioned UFOs today and the shopkeeper looked at me like I was mad. At least my mother can confirm I was not seeing things.

Ingle Farm (SA), July 29 2012, 7.00pm
I live in Ingle Farm, a north-eastern suburb of Adelaide, and on the night of 29/07/12 at approximately 7.00pm I was in our back yard having a cigarette when I noticed a fairly bright ‘star’ like light in the sky that was moving from the south to the north, and to our east, rising to an angle from the horizon of approximately 35-45 degrees.

When I first noticed it, it was in the south at an angle to the horizon of approximately 20 degrees, and way in the distance as seen looking over the roof of our rear neighbour’s house. This object easily was brighter and a fair bit larger than any star in the sky, and gave the impression of being much closer than a normal space satellite would look in the sky (I have seen plenty of those and know what they look like). I would say it was inside our atmosphere easily, possibly at the distance away a plane would need to be for you to see its flashing lights in the night sky. I hope that makes some kind of sense, in terms of distance. I’m finding that a little hard to describe. If I had to guess, I’d say it was possibly over the Adelaide foothills.

It was verging on a more golden colour (or yellow) rather than the flat white colour a star usually gives off, and it didn’t flash or anything, more like the constant ‘twinkle’ of a star. It moved in the trajectory I mentioned, but seemed to waver around, only slightly, but enough for the eyes to notice, up and down of the axis it was travelling on, in a random manner. When I first noticed this I thought of a “balloon with a candle attached” like some people like to build and let go. I still thought this until I saw the other lights.

Anyway, I called my family to see the first light. Two of our three pre-teen boys (ages 10 and 12) came out and also saw the light. I guess this means it was visual for a minute or more, in a clear part of the sky, before all three of us watched as it headed towards a patch of cloud to our east, where it dimmed slightly in the outer clouds, and then was finally blocked by the clouds. The next thing that got my attention was that it did not reappear in the given time it should have taken to travel through the fairly small patch of cloud, and did not reappear on the same trajectory at the other side. It just wasn’t there anymore, and I’d say we waited at least a minute longer than it should have taken.

We waited perhaps 90 seconds, and our 10 year old got bored and went inside. Then both my 12 year old and I said ‘there’s another one’ at almost exactly the same time. This second object was very much like a satellite would look, smaller and that typical white colour. If I had seen this at any other time, I would have just thought ‘satellite’ and not much else, but given what we’d just seen, it seemed to add to the strangeness. This object was at a much higher angle to the horizon, approximately 65-75 degrees, and moving in the opposite direction, north to south, but still slightly to our east. As this object moved high in the sky, we both saw another object of the same description moving south to north, slightly higher again, and seeming to be just ‘above’ the other small object, but moving in the opposite direction. Both had that ‘satellite’ appearance and seemed to be much further away, but seeing all three of these things within about 2-3 minutes of each other, with the 2nd and 3rd object at the same time and so close to each other, is just too weird.

I think our 10 yr old came back out when we called out again as we saw the 2nd and 3rd lights, but I can’t remember if he saw the 2nd and 3rd lights. These lights were only visible for a short time as the sky up higher was quite cloudy. Again, these lights seemed to not continue on their normal trajectory at the far side of the cloud areas they entered, they just didn’t come out the other side. I would also like to mention that both my 12 year old and I saw what looked like a normal shooting star in the south-east and quite high in the sky during all of this, but I still honestly think that this was just coincidence.

I do like to ‘watch the skies’, admittedly, but have never had the need to report anything like this until tonight. I had two witnesses, even if they’re children, so I thought it worth reporting to someone.


Mudgeeraba, Tuesday August 14 2012, night
Three objects that I thought were stars were sighted in a perfect horizontal row over Mudgeeraba. Two started blinking a red colour. I watched them for about 10 minutes when I returned half an hour later they had all vanished. It was a perfectly clear night.

Indalia/Oonoonba, Wednesday August 15 2012, afternoon
My fiancé came home on Wednesday afternoon and said he’d seen a UFO in the skies over the Idalia/Oonoonba and Railway Estate area. He said it was white, really white, and could only describe it’s shape as a hair dryer, or a p***s shape, and that it had shiny silver things, which on his sketch look a little like boomerang shapes, on the underneath of it. He was driving to our house and said it moved way too fast across the sky to be a normal aircraft and his theory is ‘they’ make you second guess what you’ve seen because no one wants to say they saw something shaped like a p***s, so maybe they’ll just say nothing at all!

Bray Park, Saturday August 25, 2.10am
My girlfriend and I live at Bray Park on Brisbane’s north side. We were woken by noisy neighbours and were looking out of our bedroom window (looking toward west) to see what the noise was about.

We saw two very bright orange objects in the sky with very fuzzy or blurred edges. They were round in shape and appeared not to be moving at first. They looked to be side by side, but were separated by some unknown distance because it was hard to tell how far away they were. We first thought planes or helicopters but they moved very differently. The one on the right began to drop below the one on the left, and then came up on the other side of it. They both then started to go what appeared to be up and toward the western horizon. As they went they separated and started to flash intermittently. The one on the right slowly faded out, but the one on the left began to head east and appeared very faint giving the impression it was very high. It kept going east until it disappeared. The time was 2.10am.

Brisbane, Thursday August 30 2012, 9.00pm
I’ve just seen a series of circular lights in the sky above Brisbane and wondering what they might be. All my neighbours are outside trying to take photos as the lights are filling the night sky. (Ed’s note – this event was likely the laser lights from the Brisbane Riverfire Festival.)

Zillmere, Thursday August 30 2012, 9.45pm

We live in Zillmere, Brisbane. Last night (30th August) we went outside before bed (approximately 9:45pm) to take a look at the blue moon. There was heaps of cloud and we couldn’t see the moon anywhere. There was this strange light area in one place and we thought that was the moon coming through so we stared at it willing the clouds to part. The light became stronger and stronger then split into 8-10 lights and started to weave and dodge in and out but very coordinated- there was a pattern to it (maybe similar to a figure eight). Sometimes the lights would all stop and other times they would join back to one light. We were talking about what it could possibly be when an aeroplane came through and the lights were gone, just like that.

Then the lights came back a little while after and I tried to get them on my phone by recording (earlier photo showed very little). A really loud helicopter came right by and the lights were gone once a again. The lights didn’t come back but the helicopter did a while later. (Ed’s note – another sighting that was most probably the laser lights from the Brisbane Riverfire Festival.)

Brisbane North, late August 2012
My brother saw an object following a passenger plane that appeared to split into three parts. The objects remained stationary in the same position while the plane continued heading east. Two RAAF jets were seen heading towards the objects which then merged and vanished. My brother was hanging the washing at the time and was looking up at the sky due to the height of his cloths line.






Location unknown, 4 November 2012, 9.00pm
About 9.00pm Sunday night, I was sitting at my computer with my dog MJ sitting next to me on a pillow, where she sits all the time. All of a sudden MJ was trying to move but kept falling over — her back legs were falling out from under her, and I thought OMG, she’s got a tick, she’s nearly paralysed. I rang G straight away and told him there’s something wrong with MJ, she can’t walk/stand, and he said to check her for a tick. I got off the phone and started to film her to show G what she was doing, and as I started to film she started to move again, thank God, but she was in a panic, she was panting and freaking out.

I took her out the front to see if she wanted to go to the toilet or something, I didn’t know what to do. Then I looked up and saw four lights just up the road in the sky, circling, so I rang and told G and told him ‘it’s just like what you see in those UFO movies.’ I tried taking a video of it but it didn’t turn out, my camera is not good at night.

I went back inside with MJ as she had settled down, but the lights were still there. I was chatting to Gerard on and off over the next 30 minutes, and he kept on asking about the lights. I was trying to get all the pictures off my camera because it was full, so I could try and take video and pictures, but it was taking ages.

I went back out to check the lights again, and all of a sudden the lights all went into one, upwards, and then disappeared with a sound like a sonic boom.

G believes me because I was on the phone to him most of the time describing everything, but I was upset I didn’t get it on camera. MJ disappeared for about 45 minutes after that, and when she came back she had bits of grass stuck to her. It’s not like her to take off, especially at night like that.

Oxenford, 17 November 2012, afternoon
On Saturday the 17th November I saw something very strange [image below left]. So strange I took a photo if it. I was on Michigan Drive, Oxenford, when a large dark ring appeared above me. Much lower than an ordinary cloud, it looked like smoke travelling inside a tube with a moving cloud inside of it. There was no one else around, which is why I took the picture. The ring passed right over the top of me, so I got into my car to follow it but it was gone. No one I know can deliver an explanation. It freaked me out and excited me at the same time.

Browns Plains, 20 November 2012, 7.25pm
While walking with my family on our street, the sky was quite clear but due to street lights and house lights it was the usual suburban visibility. We witnessed three passenger jets with flashing lights and sound, and the usual delay of sound due to distance, and I was explaining to my children that if we watched where the sound was coming from and where the position of the jet was, then used the current position of the jet and watched the jet travel the same distance and count the time it took, we could calculate the speed of the jet with a degree of rough accuracy.

Anyhow, noticing how slow and small the jets were due to distance, there was suddenly a gap in the jets and no sound was heard. I then saw a bright object that was far brighter than any star and larger than Venus or Mercury, travelling from west to east. It was smaller than the jets (which were all heading roughly south), but its speed far exceeded the jets, eg. not blistering, but to move from the west to he east it took about 10 to 15 seconds . There was no sound, no blinking lights, just a perfectly consistent light white-yellow light. We watched it go into the distance toward Browns Plains/Marsden/Kingston way.

If I was not looking I would not have noticed the object. It was not a satellite or jet in my opinion – it was too fast, too low and had no sound. Simply awesome for whole family.

Burleigh, 26 November 2012, 9.20pm
Tonight at about 9.20pm I was at the West Burleigh gym, and when I left I saw what looked like a fireball comet thingy in the direction of Coolangatta. I thought the object was on a post or something, so I pulled the car over and watched it. It was bright orange and looked like a round fireball — the object was not solid looking, and I thought it was a comet it was moving towards Surfers Paradise really fast, then it stopped and headed out to sea. This thing is driving me insane thinking about it.

Gold Coast, 30 November 2012, 7.00pm
I was working on my car around 7.00pm last night and looked out towards the ocean and saw several red lights hovering in the sky, slowly moving before disappearing. My wife and children also saw this and so did our neighbour. I have not seen anything in the news so was wondering if this was just flares or something like that. They seemed to move in random patterns up and down, which has my flare theory a bit confused. And I am curious why no one else seems to have seen them?


Marsden, 8 December 2012, evening
My family and I were out tonight and on our way home my 12 year old son asked if an object in the sky above the Marsden area (Logan City) was a helicopter. We thought it was, so we started to watch it, wondering what kinds of action may be happening. It had two big red lights and a bright beam of light shining down to the area below. We were not close – the object looked like it was a suburb away. We were on the Motorway at the time and continued to watch it, and it continued to stay in the one place with its beam of light. After exiting the motorway (a few minutes drive from when we first saw it), we saw it turn off its beam of light and start moving toward the same direction we were travelling.

We still thought it was a helicopter at this stage, but as it came closer to us, and us to it, we thought more and more that it was not like any kind of helicopter we would normally see. We see quite a few as we live close to the hospital. We then turned down the service road towards our street where we were almost following it. Its lights then changed from red to blue and red. My husband and I had, as safe as it may not seem, our eyes glued to the windscreen of our car, looking at it. It definitely did not look like a helicopter as it flew over the top of us. It was narrow and long and reminded me of a long flashing glow stick. It turned off its blue and red lights and went to a white light and flew higher into the sky, and within 90 seconds it looked like a distant star.

I have never seen what I believe is a UFO. I really didn’t believe in them. But tonight with my family, my three kids and my husband, who all saw the same thing, I don’t know what else to think.


The following reports pertain to different years, but were reported in 2012.

December 31 2000, reported March 2012, location unknown
I have recollections of about 14 years worth of UFO sightings, which ended roughly five years ago. They were occurring that frequently, about two to three times a week, that I and my wife became quite used to them, even having the opportunity to point them out to BBQ guests every now and then. We never bothered making specific notes about times and dates and so on, because they were so frequent.

One of them, I’m guessing about ten or twelve years ago, was actually as creepy as it was spectacular, and provided about twenty minutes of entertainment for about ten of us at a New Years Party across the road from us. We’d been there about half an hour and a mate pointed roughly north north-west at two big orangey/red things and yelled to me, “hey, there’s ya UFO’s”. Everyone there laughed, me included, because the direction we were looking was into the flight path for jets coming into Brisbane, so we initially jumped to the conclusion that they were in fact jets. Then it dawned on us that they weren’t moving. It was raining very heavily too, and there were no beams coming from the lights like you’d expect, and like we have observed from approaching jets in the past, even when it’s not raining.

We all watched these things for about twenty minutes, going through various theories about what they might be. The only movement we saw was from the one on the right which slowly moved down a small distance before stopping. The next morning I was going over the whole thing in my head, still perplexed and a little disturbed when it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember how the whole thing ended. I remembered we watched these things for about twenty minutes. I remembered we left the party at about 11.15pm. I hadn’t a lot to drink and neither had anyone else, but I just couldn’t remember how it ended. I asked my wife, who doesn’t drink at all. She got a funny look on her face and said that she couldn’t remember how it ended either. I thought that was a bit strange so I went back across the road and asked the mate who’d had the party. He couldn’t remember either. I ended up asking everyone who was there, and not one could remember how that ended. I still get a creepy feeling every time I think of that.

The next most spectacular occurrence I saw was one of these things which came from the east. It moved slowly west toward our place (I was out the back having a cigarette), and slowed almost to a stop above the old air field at the end of our street. I was looking up at it at about a 45 degree angle. It turned right and went the wrong way up the flight path that goes over our house. I had a ‘mag light’ with me and whilst the object was making its very slow turn, which was not an arc, but a right angle, I contemplated flashing it at the thing. I suddenly got the creepy feeling that what ever I was looking at was looking at me too, so I thought better of it.

Kingaroy 1977
I am not sure of the date now, but when I was 15 years old I was driving home from the town basketball court with my mum, when she saw a large glowing white ball come down from the left hand side of the windshield and pointed it out to me. The first thing she said was it was a star, but it was too big to be a star, and it was moving.

I jumped out of the car and ran down the road to the school were I saw it had gone. When I got there, the object was stationary over the school basketball court and had changed its colour from a glowing white ball to orange and yellow. It was shaped like a top.

I stood there for three or four minutes just watching it. It was about 10 metres off the ground, and it was about 10 metres wide and 20 metres high and absolutely silent. I ran home to get a camera, but when I got there the Polaroid was out of film.

I ran back to the school, which was 300 metres away, and the object was on the move. That’s when I realised that it had changed to a glowing white ball while it was on the move. It was orange to yellow when stationary, showing the full shape of it, with what I made out to be black lights around the centre bulge, and white when it was moving.

I ran back to tell Dad and get him to follow it in the car. We went down to the school oval and saw it heading out towards the dump road, so we followed it out for about 5 kilometres. It stopped out near a house and went down behind it. We waited for awhile, and when it came back up it seemed to be getting bigger, as if it was heading our way.

At this point I got scared and got Dad to get out of there. He must have been scared too because I remember him doing 100 miles an hour back into town, I watched back a lot and the UFO seemed to be getting bigger and closer, but I lost sight of it when we arrived back into town.

Broadbeach, 1980
After reading about the recent sightings on the Gold Coast area in the Gold Coast Sun newspaper, I am drawn to share mine and my husband’s experience so many years ago, which happened over Broadbeach. While completely unrelated to these recent sightings, and 22 years ago, it still seems like yesterday and gives us chills when describing it to others.

We were looking out the window of the Broadbeach house and noticed what looked like a falling star coming down east over the direction of the ocean. This ball of light did not die out like a falling star would — instead the brilliance of the light got stronger and we thought it was a plane turning. However, this thing actually stopped in mid-air. Literally stopped. A second or two later the ball got very bright and a second object came out of the original shape.

These objects started moving almost like they were dancing in mid-air, going up down and around each other. Within the next few seconds they starting doing an aerial display, and then together they took off with phenomenal speed out of sight. We ran outside as fast as we could but they had already vanished. We were so stunned we were trying to debunk what we had just seen.

There were no clouds in the sky -­ no beams of light coming from the ground. There were no planes around -­ definitely not ones that could do that speed. That was an insane speed. The colour was a yellowish glow.

This occurred around midnight around the 22nd of December. It was my birthday ­- we had not been partying and were not drinking at all.

Roma, September 19, 1998
It was late at night, around 1.00am, and I was staying at a friend’s house overnight. Myself and two others were sitting outside stargazing when we saw what we thought was a satellite passing overhead. It was a bright white light that was only slightly brighter than the stars around us. However, its movements soon became erratic — it suddenly zoomed at a right-angle to its original heading and appeared to come closer (it got brighter and slightly larger). It then changed direction again and began zipping back and forth in the sky, changing direction at random and moving way too fast to be a plane and executing turns which no plane could possibly do — especially given how far away the object looked. It never got brighter or larger then Venus looks in the sky, and most of the time it was only a little brighter then the other stars around it. However it did appear to come closer before zipping further away again. It covered a huge amount of space in the sky and continued its movements for at least 20 minutes before it suddenly executed another impressive turn and shot across the sky, vanishing into the distance. My friends and I were rather spooked by it and at the time were too scared to call for others while it was above us. Even though it was incredibly far away, there was something quite frighting about it.