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2011 Sightings

2011 Sightings


Sunshine Coast, Sunday 16 January 2011, 8.40pm
At approximately 8:40pm I took the dog outside. In the western sky I saw a large orange fireball travelling in a northerly direction. It rose higher and eventually disappeared and faded away. This was too slow for a meteor and travelled in a planned trajectory. There was no sound or navigation lights so that rules out aircraft.


Toowong, Sunday February 20 2011, 12.40pm
Today, Sunday 20th February 2011, at 12H40, we had an object travelling in the sky at high speed in the direction from Toowong to Mount Coot-tha. The thing is we did not see any object as such, but suddenly in the middle of the day, a craft travelling at high speed above our house blocked off the sunlight in the back yard, and in the yard after our back yard, covering the sides of the house, skylights, and the front of the house as if we were experiencing a full-on black-out, but in the middle of a very sunny day without any lights on. We only managed to get a glimpse of a fast travelling object rather close above the house, through a dark plexi-panel of the back deck.

This object made no engine noise, and was travelling rather fast, no noise of plane, no noise of helicopter. We rushed outside but could see nothing else than a blue sky. At the same, a member of the family was shopping in Toowong and told us of a similar experience, thinking first instinctively that a cloud was blocking the sun, but as it moved fast realising it had to be something else. I wonder if someone else reported a similar incident. I’m not saying it is a UFO, not having seen the craft as such, but it was an odd experience that I cannot explain with the technology I’m aware we possess.

Bray Park, Sunday February 20, 7.00pm
Last night, Sunday 20th February, at around 7pm in the evening, I am ‘almost certain’ I saw a fairly bright reddish star suddenly get dimmer, then disappear, in about two seconds. For some reason, I just happened to look up at that part of the eastern sky and notice the star just a few seconds before it vanished. I kept staring at that patch of sky, but I didn’t see anything reappear. I was near Sparkes Road, Bray Park, in the carpark of Holy Spirit church. Sorry it wasn’t any more spectacular than that, but if I wasn’t hallucinating, it must have been something rather unusual.

Highgate Hill, February and May 2011
The event that I am about to describe occurred between February and May of this year, 2011. Of the exact date I am unsure; this year so far has flown, and in all honesty I actually tried to forget that it ever happened.

It was in the early hours of the morning, well before dawn, and certainly after midnight (I am rarely in bed before then). My best guess would be sometime around 2.00 or 3.00am. I had awoken to answer the call of nature. My partner and I live in a Granny Flat being a closed off and walled in front verandah of an old colonial house. A visit to the bathroom requires one to go outside and walk around and under the house, as this is where the toilet is located. As I walked down the slope along the side of the house, I paused for a moment to take in the beauty of the night. The stars were shining brightly and a few bands of clouds reflected the moonlight. It was at this moment that I noticed something quite unusual. To the southwest of me (from my location at Highgate Hill) I spotted a large spherical object coming out from between two bands of cloud, maybe ten or fifteen kilometres away, moving very slowly in an easterly direction. It seemed quite large; the best visual comparison that I could make was with a globe, slightly larger than a soccer ball, at about eight meters. To one’s perspective, it was bigger than the moon or the sun, so I conclude that it was not a weather balloon. It made no sound, and gave off no light; in fact it was more like an absence of something than the presence of something. To my partner I described it as ‘a big black ball of nothing, moving through the clouds’.

After about thirty seconds, I was overcome with a feeling of guilt, as if I had just seen something I shouldn’t have; the same kind of feeling you’d get after walking in on someone in the shower. I proceeded to the toilet, and then went back to bed.

The following morning, I tried to explain the experience to my partner, however, struggling to make an adequate description of what I had seen, committed myself to forget the whole thing, and left it at that. Until a few days ago, when I found an image of an orb UFO, which reminded me of what I had seen. Some images and footage of orb UFOs are similar, however, not the same as they all seem to have light and colour associated with them, and they all seem to be seen from a greater distance than what I saw. I am interested to know if anyone else in Brisbane/Southeast Queensland (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter) has seen anything similar.

Logandale, March 1 2011
Hi, I’ve never encountered a UFO before so I’m not sure if this is one, but I do know that what I saw wasn’t a plane or satellite. Last night me and my boyfriend got dinner and parked up a little dirt road next to a housing estate (Logandale). We were sitting on his truck tray looking at the stars when I spotted what I thought was a satellite. My first thought was ”wow that’s a really defined satellite.” it was a lot bigger and brighter then the ones I’ve seen in the past, and brighter then a star. It glowed a sort of off-white colour.
Anyway it was moving pretty fast when it started to fade and brighten over and over. We then saw a really bright white light that looked like someone turned on high beams for a split second. Except it didn’t flash. The only way I can describe it was like a light on a lighthouse, but it only went around once. It then flashed a bright red light for a split second then turned a very dull maroon colour. All the while it was glowing brighter and darker. You could sort of see a shape in the middle, but it was too far to see what it was. It was the most amazing, beautiful, and scary thing I have seen in my life!

Location unknown, March 12 2011, 7.00pm
Hi, I have never reported a UFO sighting before but have witnessed them on three different occasions, the latest being tonight at approximately 7pm on 12th March 2011. I had just put my son and daughter to bed, their father had also just fallen asleep and I was sitting at my computer when the lights went out suddenly for about 10 seconds, then came back on again. I got up to look for some candles in case of another blackout, and when I was in the laundry I looked over at next door’s house to see if they had their lights on when I noticed just above their house four bright orange lights shaped into a square. I froze and just stared at them before they disappeared after about five seconds. Needless to say I immediately ran into to wake my partner up as I was shaking and had goosebumps.

Labrador, March 24/25 2011
We live in Labrador just behind the AFL football club. Last week, 24th or 25th March my husband was laying on bed watching the sky. He saw a silver craft (at first he thought it was a plane) flying from right to left. It stopped and formed as a cloud then melted into the blue sky. He then told me what he saw. I was excited about it because few years ago (probably two or three years) I saw the same thing on the M1 highway! So I sat down and stared at the position where he claimed the object melted, and ten minutes later it reappeared in front of my eyes and I yelled out: ‘OMG It’s back!’ As soon as I finished the sentence it disappeared! We know what we saw because the sun was on our left side and the craft reflected the sun. There was no sound, nothing, when it appeared and disappeared. I’ve always suspect of them having cloaking device.

Biggenden, March, April, May 2011
For the past couple of months I’ve seen at least 15 moving orbs in the night sky. They disappear sometimes, then re-appear, and some are brighter than others. They look just like stars but they are not. Some are coming up from the night time bush horizon and looming in the sky. At the same time every night there are two things that are flying over my place. They don’t make any sound and they are glowing red and flashing. They are first appearing as stars and will sit in the sky, then all of a sudden turn red and fly on the same route every night then disappear. Also I have seen strange flashes coming from the horizon underneath where the objects are hovering in the sky. My Mum who is 57 has also witnessed them. I’m out on a property in Biggenden QLD and you can see everything at night out here, and what I’m seeing every night isn’t normally there! There have been articles in the Fraser Coast Chronicle about these lights and I’m wondering what the hell they are as they are just not going away! Gold Coast, date unknown, 4.30am My husband (who is a sceptic) and I have returned from a holiday on the Gold Coast. We stayed at the Imperial Surf Hotel on the 17th floor. At approximately 4.30am I happened to be awake looking out to sea when I noticed a very bright light. I thought it was a star, until I noticed a large circle pulsate around the light. It then moved, much to my shock, inside an orb (circle of light), and a smaller fast-moving light kept rotating in the circle. I woke my husband up and we went out onto the balcony to see what it was. We had a pair of binoculars and noticed It was a very strange object. The only thing I can relate it to is when Nemo (the animated movie) hid in the weeds. Through the binoculars we could see round tube like things that were all clumped together. The bottom colour of the tubes was a brown, half way up they were white, and the tips were a lavender colour. When the object rotated, the rear of it looked like a flat plate with pulsating lines going through it. No, we had not been drinking, my husband is 67 and I am 61. APRIL>>

Bray Park, April 1 2011
My nine-year old son took this pictures [below] from our home in Bray Park, during a storm on April 1st 2011. I was reluctant to send itin, as I had already reported a strange “Vanishing Star” to UFORQ on 20th February. Anyway, at the risk of being a frequent flyer, I hope you find these interesting.

When I downloaded these images to my PC, I noticed two strange objects in the first photo: a white speck near the green street lamp and a dark shadow between the telephone poles. They are gone in the second photo. I wasn’t there then my son took them, but from the jpeg data the images seem to be ten seconds apart.

We get a lot of commercial aircraft approaching from the that part of the sky, however, when they appear as small as this, they are still very far away, and seem to hang there motionless for a few minutes at least. They certainly wouldn’t seem to move much in 17 seconds. I tried using free image enhancement software to de-blur the pictures myself, but I got nowhere.

Toogoolwah, April 3 2011, 11.00pm
I thought I saw a planet to the west of us. It was very bright and then started moving up and down and side to side before it moved very quickly away and disappeared. I am in the aircraft industry and this is the second object I’ve seen this year. There have been more over the years (day & night) but I think now I should be telling someone.

Glen Aplin (Stanthorpe), April 10 2011, 10.20pm
An oval brilliant white slightly shimmery light with a smaller blue/white light on the top, about a quarter the size of a full moon, was observed at Glen Aplin. It was a cloudy night and the object appeared in front of the clouds for about 30 seconds before it travelled behind the clouds and was no longer visible. It was seen at 260 degrees SW of Glen Aplin, travelling SW towards Sundown National Park at 30 degrees from the mid heaven.

Minyama, Sunshine Coast, April 23 2011, 7.30pm
Just below the big dipper (Orion), at 19:30 hours a red bright light came up between the lower two stars, went above the dipper, came back down on the left/southern side, seemed to get further away and then faded out of regular sight. It lasted about four to five minutes maximum, and was very strange.

Townsville, April 30 2011, 9.00pm
I would like to report a sighting that occurred on 30 April 2011 at approximately 2100hrs in Townsville, Queensland. The object was witnessed by my wife and myself.

I am a soldier in the Australian Army. In the evening I regularly go to the barracks and my wife often joins me. The night of 30 April 2011 was quite cool and there were no discernable clouds in the sky. Visibility was great and the stars were easy to make out.

At approximately 2100hrs (estimated as I was not wearing a watch) I saw what I first believed to be a shooting star. I initially noticed it nearly directly above my head and watched it travel in a Westerly direction away from me. I watched it move down towards the horizon for about half a second, at which point it seemed to explode like fireworks. It was very bright (maybe 5-10 times brighter than the brightest star in the sky). I asked my wife if she had seen the shooting star and I was disappointed that she had not as it was very spectacular. I commented that it was very unusual as I have never seen a shooting star so bright. I am an infantryman who has served about nine years and have spent many nights in the bush on training and operations. I have seen hundreds of shooting stars (many are picked up with night vision goggles that would not normally be seen by the naked eye) and I have never seen so bright a light. I was also excited as I had never seen a shooting star explode like a firework.

Approximately two minutes after witnessing the “shooting star” I saw a hazy light in my peripheral vision. At first I thought it was an after-effect of looking at a streetlight. I turned my head to the left and could still see the hazy light in the same position. I turned to ask my wife if she could see the same object, but before I could speak she told me that she could see something in the sky. My wife was standing about twenty meters to the west of me. She also initially thought that it was an after-effect of looking at a streetlight, but later described the object as the “skeleton of a cloud”. I estimated the object to be about 200-300 meters in the air and about 250 meters to the south of our position. My wife had a different impression and estimated the object to be slightly above rooftop level and about 30 meters to the south.

I moved about 30 meters to the south (my wife remained in her original position) to try and get a better view of the hazy light ,at which time I saw an unnatural symmetrical cylindrical shape with curved ends (please see diagram below). It was matt black in colour and contrasted against the dark blue of the night sky. If I held my right fist at arm’s length it would have taken three fists to cover the complete cylindrical object. It was silently moving in an easterly direction and appeared to be travelling in a straight line. I watched it for approximately 10-15 seconds, during which my wife moved to me and asked if I could still see the object as she had lost sight of it. I pointed it out to her and she could also see it for about three more seconds until we lost sight of it due to street lighting around the barracks. My wife could only make out something moving in the sky for these final three seconds, and neither of us could make out the shape at this range. If I had to make a very rough stab in the dark I think at this time it was about 800m to the east of us and appeared to be continuing on the same line of flight.

I believe my estimation of height and distance away from us is more accurate. If the object had been at above rooftop level we would have lost sight of it earlier as there were buildings between us and the object when we finally lost sight.

Dalby, May 5 2011
On Thursday May 5th 2011, my wife and I were travelling back to Tieri after I had a hernia operation at Ipswich Hospital. We decided to come back via Toowoomba, Dalby and Roma, as it was the shortest route and we could do it in one day. We left our motel in Ipswich at 4.45am on May 5th. The weather was very foggy past Toowoomba, but cleared up by the time we arrived in Dalby. Having passed through Dalby, we were travelling along the main road towards Roma, about half way there from Dalby. The countryside was heavily wooded with mainly tall gum trees, both sides of the road. Suddenly an object appeared 500 metres ahead and about the same height above us. It moved across the road from our left to right side. It was about the same size, and was moving at about the same height and speed, of a passenger airliner landing. It wasn’t visible for more than possibly a minute, due to the visual restrictions caused by the trees. It was a beautiful blue-green shiny colour, with a small whitish vapour trail behind it.

We were both shocked and couldn’t believe our eyes. I said to my wife, ‘did you see that, what was it?’ she said ‘yes, I don’t know what it was.’

Later on past Roma, where we had stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, we sighted some camels on out left side, not far from the road. We stopped, as did another traveller, to take some pictures of them. We talked, and I remarked that this was not the only amazing thing we had seen that morning. The lady was travelling from Melbourne after recuperation from an operation, and heading home to Townsville. The lady described the same object as we had seen. Unfortunately we didn’t think to get her name or contact details to verify this. Meteorite or alien craft we don’t know, but either way it was surely a great find and it seems nobody else saw the object. We will probably never know what it was, but I will never forget that day. I am glad that I didn’t see the object by myself as nobody would have believed me!

Hawthorne, May 7 2011, 4.30pm
I want to report an odd sighting this afternoon at around 4.30pm over the sky at Hawthorne. I was in the yard with my children when my son and I noticed two white lights in a southwest direction. We watched the lights for a minute or so trying to figure out what they were until it was apparent that I couldn’t identify them as anything familiar to me. One was a smaller circle and the second was larger and appeared to be pulsing or perhaps reflecting light. It looked as if it changed shape from circular to oval and back again at a constant rate. The objects made no noise and their movement was very smooth and steady, and much too slow for an aircraft.

The two lights stayed at a constant distance apart and moved as if the smaller was towing the larger one in a direct line from a southwest to northwest direction. I watched for about five minutes before I decided to get the camera, and when I went upstairs it wasn’t until I looked in the direction they seemed to be travelling that I noticed a cluster of three more much smaller lights. They all resembled very bright stars but it was still perfect daylight outside. Eventually the lights seem to fade with distance but not toward the horizon, and were gone completely after about ten minutes. I tried to take a photo but the lights didn’t seem to focus in my camera at all.

Peak Crossing, Ipswich, May 8 2011, 3.00pm
I was sitting at my computer and looked out the window (as if something told me to look out) and I saw this round/oval shaped object in the sky. It was fairly high up but underneath the clouds it didn’t look too big in size. It was really fast, and as it turned to its side the sun shone onto it and it was silver metal and it literally disappeared in front of my eyes. All of a sudden it reappeared a little higher in the sky. I saw underneath the object and it was a reddish-orange colour with what looked to me like weird patterns as well. It then flew across the sky. I ran outside but could not see where it went. I was very disappointed because I was inside and only saw a few seconds of it. It definitely did not have wings!!

Cooplacurripa, NSW, May 11 2011, midnight
We are at present observing a UFO of some sort as it is hovering over the mountains southwest of us. It has lots of coloured lights — red orange green blue — and a bright light. It is making a slow humming noise like wind. We have been watching it for one hour and in this time we have seen at least four of these objects landing in the mountains. We are two adults and one child and we are very unsettled at this point.

Parrearra (Sunshine Coast), May 12 2011,
10.30pm On returning home I headed upstairs to my bedroom without turning any lights on in the house. As I entered the room I could see what appeared to be a low flying craft, travelling south along the coastline.

The thing that piqued my attention was that the craft was not lit at all and didn’t appear smooth or recognisable as any other aircraft I have seen. The closest description I could give is that it appeared like a low flying cloud. I would estimate the size to have been that of three or four Chinook helicopters, which periodically fly through, typically during the day. I opened the balcony door and went out for a better look. The object couldn’t have been flying more than a few hundred metres above the ocean and was no more than two kilometres away. The only reason it could be seen at all was the orange street lights reflecting off the underside and side.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the door is that there was absolutely no aircraft noise. The air was cold and dead calm. I could hear a road crew spraying white lines on the Nicklin Way, about 600 metres away and the small waves at Kawana Beach. It was about 30 seconds before the object had disappeared from view, over Caloundra somewhere. From this, I would conservatively estimate its speed to be around 500km/h.

Toombul/Nundah, May 12 2011, 10.30pm
A UFO appeared as a large grey triangular shape passing silently (with no sound) through the sky in an easterly direction and heading south over Toombul/Nundah area. The night was cloudless with most, if not all, air traffic having landed for the night.

It was difficult to make out the exact shape, however it appeared as matt grey against the dimly lit black sky and appeared to be shaped like a thick triangle. It was moving consistently with no sound towards the Gateway (motorway) and then moved south towards Clayfield. As it flew over Toombul it was lost from sight. There were no lights on the object at all, which was strange, and that with the lack of sound meant that it could not be a conventional aircraft. The sighting lasted about 10 seconds.

Location unknown, May 14 2011, dawn
On the morning of 14th May 2011, I saw a black streak on the horizon in the northeast just above the horizon. The streak was shooting upwards. At the top was a rocket-shaped object which was much thicker than the streak. The rocket did not seem to move even though I stood watching for it about five minutes. I had been looking at the planet alignment, which showed three of the four planets. The sky was very clear with only the planets showing.

Regents Park, May 14 2011, 6.00pm
I was leaving a party at 6.00pm in Regents Park Qld when I saw two bright red lights to the southeast. They were stationary for few minutes. I ran back inside to tell the others and we all watched these two lights blink and go out, then appear again and move position for several minutes. Then a plane came over and both lights flickered and were gone. We left the party and headed down the Mt Lindsey highway and to my surprise the lights were back. I watched them move north, then south, then one seemed to head right towards us. I would estimate they were only about 1000ft up. I lost track of the one following our direction (towards Jimboomba), but the other just sat there. Even my daughter said ‘Mum that isn’t a plane.’ We kept watching through the car window but both objects disappeared from sight. I looked through my binoculars when I got home but they were nowhere to be seen.

Gladstone, May 18 2011, 6.15pm
I would like to lodge a sighting of a possible UFO dated 18/5/2011. I live in Wivenhoe Close, Gladstone Qld, facing southeast, and have never seen a confirmed UFO, although when I was 16 I did see, along with three of my mates, a very bright orange light while we were standing on top of a hill overlooking an expansive valley in the Blue Mountains, Sydney. I still remember it to this day, but have always passed it off as the reflection of the sun on an aeroplane. I did some following up many years later to learn that where this bright orange light was approximately located over the valley, there are no commercial airline routes.

At approximately 18:15 in the evening (May 18 2011), I went to put the rubbish out, stopped for a cigarette, and looked up at the sky as I usually do, hoping to see a UFO or at the least a shooting star and the Milky Way. As I was about to head back inside I noticed two lights that I thought were the lights of an aircraft. There was one bright light at the stern and one smaller light at the bow, both perfectly parallel and as bright as aircraft lights. They were separated from each other and moving in a south-easterly direction. However, whilst intensely waiting for the flashing beacon, there was none, and there was also no noise of an aircraft passing as there usually is from a jet, commercial dual engine prop or light single prop, or helicopter aircraft that we have at our airport. There is always a sound. I have never witnessed an aircraft in the sky whether landing, taking off or cruising not to have beacon lights or the noise of an engine in this area directly above me. I looked closely for the beacon lights and waited for the noise but there was none. The lights then moved directly in front of a star, and the star passed directly between the two lights (there was a gap where I could see the star). There seemed to be no fuselage. I kept watching for the beacon lights and aircraft engines for approximately another minute until the lights just faded and disappeared. I couldn’t believe it when they just disappeared. From the time the lights were directly above me I followed the lights with my eyes until they vanished. They were not descending or rising, just cruising at what appeared to be a noticeable stable altitude, with no flashing beacon and no noise until they just faded and vanished.

Mount Isa, May 22 2011, 7.30pm
Just a quick letter letting you know of an experience I had last night whilst sitting on the verandah. It was about 7.00pm and something caught my eye. There was a huge object (much bigger than a plane or anything of the sort). It was almost camouflaged with the night sky. It was moving quite slowly. There were heaps of lights surrounding about half of the object — they were not very bright, quite dim actually. It was very exciting as I have always believed in UFOs or aliens etc. This is the first time I have experienced something like this and I definitely believe what I saw. My husband was sitting next to me, and obviously I tried to show him, but it was too late before he turned around to look.

Damascus, Qld, 2000, reported May 2011
It was early September 2000 at about 9.00am. The weather was fine and clear and I was driving south on the Bruce Highway, Damascus (north of Gin Gin Qld) with my wife in our Camry Sedan. We had been on the road for nearly two hours during an otherwise uneventful trip and we were 2.5km north of the Damascus Road turnoff. I know the exact spot on the road as I’ve driven through there numerous times and it appears on Google Maps around 34936 Bruce Highway. The road verge falls away to a gully on the eastern side, and the western side of the road has a two-metre high cutting. Both sides of the road are flanked by open bush.

My wife had earlier reclined her seat to nod off for awhile so she was half asleep listening to music. I remember there were two cars ahead of me equally spaced about 50m each as we all travelled at 100km/h.

Suddenly, what I can only describe as a spinning chrome metal sphere, about the size of netball, leapt from the gulley to my left then across the road just in front of me. It bounded three times on the road from left to right, hit the top of the western side cutting wall and flew into gum trees disappearing from view. Each bound on the road was about three metres long, but the last bound into the gum trees was the largest, being a leap of about 15 metres. Its trajectory was close to an ‘8am -2pm’ straight line from my left to right. We were travelling at 100km/h but this orb was travelling faster than us by the time it flew into the bush.

In my shock and disbelief at what I saw and was trying to comprehend, I half braked to stop (even though there was no danger of collision) and yelled ‘did you see that!’ to my wife, who rose quickly to see nothing. My immediate instinct and training was to pull over and pursue this object on foot, but fought this urge off as my reality was we were miles from anywhere and I could not pigeonhole what the object was or what it was potentially capable of doing to me, given what I had just seen. It was basically an ‘unknown threat’. All this flew through my head in microseconds, even a vision of my wife waiting by our car for hours with no idea why I had stopped the car and sprinted into the bush without explanation, never to return. So we did not stop and drove on. As I did I desperately tried to compare it to anything on this earth it could realistically have been, but failed.

At our destination a few hours later I described it to my father-in law. It was about six metres from the front of our car when closest and was in sight for a few seconds, but I got a pretty clear view. I could tell the sphere was spinning in the same direction it was travelling as there was a break somewhere on the shiny metallic surface. As soon as I saw the sphere it looked perfectly chromed, but as it left my sight to the right and sped up over the cutting, it had a more ribbed look about its surface. Possibly this was caused by reflections from the gum trees it was approaching. There was nothing animate about it — no legs, no eyes, no projections, and no living thing could move in the manner this orb did. It did not make a sound but moved gracefully and appeared to move with effortless acceleration. It did not baulk at the approach of our vehicle, but moved in a perfectly straight line as if it knew where it was going with purpose. It could not have been fired as a projectile as it would have slowed when colliding with the cutting wall and deflected from its course. Neither happened, and it in fact accelerated from the cutting wall which led me to conclude it was travelling under its own power source.

I’ve been working as a police officer for years and the subject of UFOs is not a subject easily broached with workmates for obvious reasons, nor something I’d treat flippantly if taken into someone’s confidence on a similar matter, whether professionally or not. I’ve spoken about this incident with only some family members and close friends, not freely discussing it to avoid a reputation for ‘looing it’, full of s**t, or just plain attention seeking.

There was a more recent event gaining wide media exposure on 19 June 2009 north of Gin Gin in the Monduran area concerning an explosion on the mountain and ensuing bushfire. This caught my interest at the time and reminded me of my personal incident and its possible relevance, however I had no idea where this event occurred. Just tonight I was looking at the Phantoms & Monsters website which lists the 2009 event and shows a map circling the area where the explosion is alleged to have occurred. To my surprise the trajectory of the sphere object crossing my path originates directly from the area of Monduran State Forest 2 where this explosion occurred, and is only about 5km away. (A hop, skip and a jump away for a spinning metallic sphere at over 100km/h!)

If my experience is a coincidence in relation to the proximity to the 2009 event so be it, but I thought if there is a chance my story is another piece in a puzzle of whatever larger picture is coming together then I wanted to share this info with your organisation in case it is of some relevance and benefit.

Brisbane Airport, June 15 2011, 11.44am
I thought you may be interested in some photos [image below] my 12 year old nephew took while waiting for a flight at Brisbane International airport at 11:44am. He was taking photos of the planes coming and going and noticed a silver disk moving at high speed overhead and managed to get three shots off on his camera [see image below]. Two of the photos are very clear resolution with detail and one shot is blurry. The disk has three segments with what looks like a depression in the centre.

Garners Beach, June 15 2011, 5.00am
I saw a UFO at 5 o’clock this morning at Garners Beach (Mission Beach). When I was outside tending to my pup I observed one large light with three little lights around it. The large light [image right] just sat there and the little lights, which were flashing colour, were moving around, back and forth. I went and got my husband out of bed and he sat there until 6.30 watching them. The large one was changing colour as it sat there, and the other three were very active. I did ring the police to report what I was seeing, and they were on the phone with me when this was taking place.

Albany Creek, June 17 2011, 2.15am
In the early hours of Friday morning of the 17th of June 2011, at our Albany Creek house, I woke to a noise which I thought was someone trying to break in. I got up to investigate and noticed the time was 2:15am. I began to check upstairs and downstairs to ensure all the windows and doors were okay before I went back to bed. I went onto the deck at the rear of the house to quickly check the back yard. The deck faces south and has 180 degree views of the sky above the tree line and the roofs of neighbouring houses. What caught my eye was a light in the sky — no ordinary light which I am familiar with as we are near the flight path of Brisbane international airport. The light in question was in the eastern sky, moving in a northerly direction at a slow constant speed. It was difficult to judge the altitude, but to give you an idea it was slightly above the tree line. It was a large bright light, dimming from time to time (definitely not flashing), yellow/orange in colour. At this point I went back inside to wake my wife. She came out onto the deck and is witness to what I saw, and she also could not explain it.

It was a clear sky and all the stars were visible even behind the moving light. As the light moved further north it was soon to be out of sight as our own house would obstruct visibility. Now this typically would not be enough for me to report a UFO sighting and I would simply dismiss it and go back to bed, but as we were watching it move two other lights appeared, almost directly below and moving in the opposite direction. They were the same size as stars, in fact they looked like distant stars, both at the same altitude and if you extended your arm out and hold out your thumb, they were approximately the width of your thumb in distance apart. Both these two lights were moving at the same speed and in a southerly direction. They were of white colour and constant brightness. Just before the larger light went out of sight, the two other lights simply disappeared as if someone turned a light switch off.

Northside, June 26 2011
I just saw a very bright orange light, early evening, travelling in a general northerly direction.

Bushland Beach, June 29 2011, 9.30pm
On Sunday 29 June, at 9.30, I went outside to have a drink and a cigarette (waiting for a TV show to end). As I didn’t want to disturb my housemates with the smell (they had only just gone to bed), I went to the other side of the yard. I live one street off the beach, so late at night the stars look spectacular. So I looked up, and what appeared to be maybe 150 metres above the house behind mine there was an orange blob in the sky. I had to take a second look and it was still there virtually in the same spot. I went to sit down and looked up and it had started darting around the sky. For about nine minutes it danced around the sky and made its way up. All the way up.

I did think that it could have been a weather balloon, or a flare, or a stray fire balloon (garbage bag thing), but it darted too quickly around the sky. I have spoken to people who live around my area and they report that the saw two of these things and thought it may have been a flare, but flares act like fire works and shoot off and out in to pretty things. This just went straight up – no falling back down.

Townsville, June 2011
A woman had travelled to Ravensbourne to visit a friend. While there she and her friend visited another friend for dinner. On the way home, about eight minutes into the drive, the witness noticed three green lights reflecting off the sun visor of the car. She looked out and up through the windscreen and saw a huge circle about 30 metres in diameter emitting beams of light down towards the ground.

She then turned to look out through the rear window and saw the whole object, which consisted of eight lights spinning anticlockwise in a whirlwind fashion. The object was about 30 metres (100 ft) above them and as they drove over a ridge the object disappeared, only to return overhead when they passed the ridge.

On another occasion the woman (a school teacher) was observing students in the playground when she received a telepathic message to “look up, look up”. When she did she saw two small silver balls in the sky. She then asked a student if they could see anything in the sky and he did. He then called a friend over and soon there was a group of students looking at the same object she had observed. One week later she was outside a shop and received the same message to “look up.” She did so and this time she saw one silver ball. As it happened a student walked by and she asked if he could see anything and he confirmed that he could see the same thing. Soon one of the other teachers walked by and saw the object too. He tried to locate satellite and other information on his iPhone but nothing was predicted to be in that location at that time.

The witness also reported seeing an object some years previously outside with her father at night. As she was speaking to him a luminous white object about 1/4 size of the Moon travelled horizontally behind her father across the sky. It took ten seconds to go from one side to the other before disappearing.

When she was a child her mother said she saw a UFO during the night while she was up going to the toilet. About six months later the witness awoke to a sense of beings in her room which frightened her. Later when she was a university student she was taken to a UFO where she was inside a craft. She found herself standing next to a tall person. Here she was told “we’re taking you to teachers college”, which wasn’t on her personal agenda. Although the woman dismissed this as a dream at the time, sure enough, one year later she found herself at teachers college and now works as a school teacher.

About 15 years previous, the woman was renting a very large house and had a lot of people living there to pay the rent. One night she had a friend visiting who was sleeping on the floor next to her. Some time during the night she “sat bolt upright” and was wide awake. She looked at the end of her bed and saw a white luminous being of light. It was emitting a telepathic message of love and she described the experience as “lifetimes of beauty and love went through my body”. When the woman was 12 years old she and her four year old brother were dressed and ready to go to church with their parents and waiting on the veranda of their house. The woman saw a ball of lightning “ambling down the road”. It was luminous, bigger than a basketball but smaller than a beach ball and headed for a collision course with a power pole outside the house. The woman grabbed her brother and took him outside into the street for safety. When the object hit the power pole it exploded, knocked out the power in the house and blew up their air conditioner.


Albany Creek, July 8 2011, 3.20am
I am a mobile patrol security officer working on the roads over nights. At 0320am on Friday July 8, I was driving along Keong Road Albany Creek, heading north-bound when I glanced skyward and at about 45 degrees up, saw a rusty red-brown light. At first I thought it was a helicopter heading to one of the hospitals. As I drove further along Keong Road approaching Albany Creek Rd, I realised it wasn’t a helicopter as it passed over the top of the Eatons Hill Sporting fields. I stopped at the traffic lights and the light passed right over the top of my patrol car and began to hover over the Albany Creek State School. Winding the window down I was able to distinctly see that it was in fact two rusty red lights rotating, surrounded by a spherical lightless object.

For a split second, a distinct lime green “lightning bolt” flashed between the rotating lights before it moved in the general direction of Keong Rd. It did a slight hover as I watched it through several changes of the traffic lights. Then it did a 180 degree swing and seemed to lower towards the road where I could see a rotating yellow-white light at the top of the sphere. It flew directly at me, which is when I slightly panicked and drove off in a hurry along Albany Creek Road. I stopped outside the Pony Club as I saw the rusty red light again in the sky flying over the trees to my left. It had regained altitude and was flying in the general direction of the western end of Beams Rd. Another flash of the lime green “lightning” and it faded into nothing, instantly re-appearing further north over Strathpine (roughly). After about three minutes of general flying there was a yellow flash and the appearance of a shooting star, then whatever it was was gone. I scanned the sky till 0400 as I drove around Carseldine and Brendale but I never saw it again.

Booloumba Creek, July 10 2011, 2.00pm
I just wanted to report an unidentified flying object while driving down Booloumba Creek road on Sunday July 10th 2011, at approximately 2:00pm.

As my girlfriend and I were driving, a silver object catching a lot of reflection from the sun was completely visible on a perfect and cloudless day. Jokingly I said to my girlfriend, “hey there’s a UFO,” thinking it was a plane. When we realised the object wasn’t moving left or right we thought that it must be coming towards us, though it really just looked like it was hovering. While it looked to be stationary in the sky we were able to make out that it was definitely a silver elliptical shaped object roughly two to three times higher than the hills we were surrounded by. Trying to gauge its distance, it looked to be just over the range from where we were. As it was reasonably close and at a fairly low altitude, we were able to see that the object was definitely bigger than a Cessna airplane. At this point my girlfriend said it had disappeared when in fact the object just got smaller, which I related to it moving away from us. Then it shot down and up (like the Nike swoosh) at an amazing speed which I can’t compare to anything I’ve ever experienced. All up the experience only lasted about 10 seconds. We spent the next half hour comparing what we saw to birds and airplanes. This was truly a UFO and it was like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Springfield Lakes, July 30 2011
I normally don’t report this kind of thing, but as I was trying to find some research on orbs I came across your website. My husband and I were driving home from a late movie from Redbank to Springfield Lakes (near Ipswich) and spotted bright orange balls of light in the sky. It was just before midnight, and they looked like they were hovering over our suburb, Springfield Lakes. We kept an eye on them for close to one minute. We were still moving in our vehicle, but they were too close to be stars, and they were definitely moving at a steady pace. We saw about four of them spread out from each other — clear bright orange lights. We were literally thirty seconds from home and went to get our camera, but when we returned to the area (roughly another thirty seconds later) they were gone. If they were lanterns they would still be floating in the sky, as we searched the area for another 10 minutes afterwards. We think it may have been something else.

Cania Gorge, August 4 2011, 4.15pm
My wife and I were recently taking a holiday at The Big 4 Resort at Cania Gorge, north of Monto in Queensland. At approximately 4-15pm Thursday August 4th, we were taking a walk at the highest point in the Resort. I took a photo using my Nikon Coolpix P90 Camera. I was primarily interested in the rocky gorge wall seen in the picture. At the time I did not see or hear anything unusual. It was only when I returned home, downloaded all of my pictures onto my computer and began deleting those ever present duds that the dark object seen above the gorge wall became evident. As the Coolpix P90 has 12.1MP picture capacity the image can be enlarged to provide better resolution. As you will no doubt discover when you examine the dark object more closely, it is not a bird, aircraft or other instantly recognizable flying object.
Townsville, August 31 2011
I took three pictures that caught my eye while taking photos of the sun with my iPod 10 minutes ago. In the top left hand quarter above the sun there is a white thing. It shouldn’t be there what ever it is. The first photo I noticed it then the 2nd it had slightly moved then the third it was streaking away. I didn’t move the iPod, I just kept pressing till I got about 10 shots.

I live in Kirwan, a suburb of Townsville, not far from the RAAF base. I am a current serving RAAF airman. This is the 3rd “UFO “ I’ve seen in my three years in Townsville, but the only one caught on camera.


Mermaid Waters, September 6/7 2011, 7.00pm
Just wanted to let you know that on about the 6th/7th September I witnessed four UFOs over the hinterland from my Mermaid Waters residence. There were three in a triangle formation heading north and then they turned south. They were quite a distance back, but followed the same direction. This happened between 7.00 and 8.00pm.

Reynella SA, September 17 2011
Last night I went to get something out of my car. I looked up into the sky to see a sight I have never seen before. We have a lot of planes fly over us and the sky was clear. I saw a flashing light that was making slight movements in the sky. I quickly raced inside to get my camera. In the first clip (Youtube links below) you can hear and see a passenger plane and see the UFO. The UFO mainly flashes white and blue, flickering rapidly then blinking on and off. There were several times where I could see a flash of red and a strange reflection (as if the light was glowing against a cloud, but there were no clouds). I tried zooming and focusing but I had trouble focusing on the object (I stopped recording several times to adjust my camera settings). The object moved out of sight so I went around the backyard for a better view. All I could hear was the wind blowing.

I felt that maybe this could be a kite at a nearby park so I went for a drive. It then became obvious that this object was at a far distance into the sky. There were many times where the object moved quickly from one place to another (I zoomed out so you can see a reference object such as a light post, trees). After a few minutes driving I pulled over on a quiet street and continued to film. Eventually the object shot down and out of sight.

I have uploaded the clips to YouTube unedited: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqrFLnsl1zM – great example of fast movement; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kTMavdjWqM – first sighting near a plane; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U26 baOQtx-I – you can see red lights at 24 and 42 seconds

Hobart, TAS September 22 2011, evening I live just south of Hobart and in the photo on the 22nd September [image right] is the setting sun in the west. I am wondering if you have any clues as to the odd shaped item that is above the sun.

Warner, September 29 2011, 11.50pm
I wish to report the sighting of a bright orange light in the sky at Warner Qld at approximately 11.50pm 29 September 2011. The object travelled from south to north for about eight minutes, getting dimmer. I called my son to see it too, and he said he thought it was just a very bright (and silent) aircraft. But it had no other lights, such as flashing red or green navigation lights or landing lights you would expect to see at this close range, I disagree but he can a least confirm the sighting. I believe it was not helicopter as it was relatively close yet silent. It was significantly brighter than the aircraft with landing lights we see going to Brisbane airport and which regularly fly over our house.

We both had time to observe it through my 15×70 binoculars and no other lights could be seen with these. This very bright object did not follow normal routes of aircraft landing or taking off, which is why I first noticed it through the almost closed blinds from our lounge room window.

I only report this sighting today as I saw a similar bright orange but stationary light in the SSE sky on a semi-cloudy night about two months ago at around 10.45pm (the first such object I have ever seen in my life) which I did not report. The object was so bright it illuminated the surrounding clouds it silently hovered in.


Location unknown, October 4 2011
Last night, October 4 2011, I was outside enjoying nature when I noticed what I thought was a satellite. The path it was following was straight at first, then it seemed to run out of fuel and proceeded to cough and sputter across the sky – from low in the southwest to far off and high in the northeast. It looked liked a cartoon spaceship running out of fuel – I kid you not. This lasted around two minutes or so and there was no sound. When it was nothing more than another star in the eastern sky a jet flew overhead (again from the southwest) in a direct line, loud and obvious, toward the point. Ten to fifteen minutes later a shooting star shot from east to northwest and died out in the atmosphere. These three things were all separate and completely different in sound, size and speed. The second thing was definitely a jet and the third thing was (characteristically) an ordinary shooting star. Any ideas on what that first thing was?

Glasshouse Mountains, October 2011
I would like to report a regular occurrence, a sighting of an ‘object’ which I have photographed with my digital camera. To the naked eye it appears to be a bright star, at 4:50am every morning. When I look closely at some of my photos, it resembles an old telephone hand-set shape.


Brighton, 3 November 2011
I was sitting outside on the back verandah in Brighton when I saw a couple of flashing red lights, thinking it was only a couple of planes as we are near a flight path. When I looked again they seemed too high and were going in the direction of Redcliffe in unison. Then about 15 minutes to half an hour later, I was out there again and this time it was coming back over Brighton. This time I called two family members to come and see and this time noticed the flashing red lights were in a line and there were around five of them. They were still very high up and there seemed to be sound, so am not sure if there was some sort of jet that can fly that high and stay in unison like that, but I have never seen anything like that before.

Noosa, 3 November 2011, 7.30pm
I live in Noosa QLD and last night 03/11/11 at around 7.30pm, myself and a friend where on my front deck. I saw a star moving in the sky. It was as small as the smallest star you can see with your naked eye. I watched it for about 30 seconds when it vanished – there were no clouds in the sky. I then saw another star following in the exact same flight path. I told my friend to look, and he was able to spot it too. Around this time a helicopter with normal flashing lights was heading straight into the star’s path but went under the star. Five minutes later another star followed the previous star’s flight path. AGAIN. We tracked it as it moved irregularly in the sky. It was almost zig-zagging, and after three minutes of watching it move through the sky, we noticed it did not fly straight but more like a half circle from one side of the sky to the other. We could tell whatever it was it wasn’t in our atmosphere, yet it moving way too fast for a satellite and way too slow for a shooting star.

As I continued to watch the sky, a bluish light blinked. I could not believe it, as it was in the same flight path of the three stars. Another star moved, this time to our left, in the sky. While we watched these stars move we saw two helicopters and one jet in the sky, which really helped us to determine that the stars where not aircraft, at least not ours. In total we saw eight separate flying objects in 30 minutes (including the helicopters and jet).

Brisbane, 3 November 2011
While driving to the city a woman photographed an unusual object [below]. She believed it was definitely not a plane, and said it felt it looked more like a shuttle of jet. She and a friend watched it fly around for a while – it seemed to be travelling directly upwards, and later changed direction.

Caroline Springs, Victoria, 7 November 2011, 11.30pm
On or around 7th November a heavy lightning storm came out of the west and slowly made its way overhead. At about 11.30pm a very large flash bounced around in the clouds and revealed a stationary UFO hovering in the middle of the cloud. The flash lit it from the side, therefore it could not have been the moon. Two more flashes in the same cloud showed the UFO had moved away. The cloud was about 15 degrees from the horizontal and about two kilometres away. The UFO was about half the size of the moon and was not lit by any internal illumination. Estimated size at that distance is therefore about a 20m diameter grey/blue sphere. No discernible noise issued from it. The thunder was intense.

Elanora, Gold Coast, 25 November 2011
A woman was hanging out her washing when she observed a golden sphere/ball shaped object high in the sky moving slowly. She watched as little silver balls emerged from the sphere and they somehow seemed to rain down into her eyes. She observed the phenomenon for three minutes, and in this time she called her husband to see it but he couldn’t see anything. The object disappeared behind the sun. She spoke about this experience to someone at the organic markets two days later and they told her they had seen something very similar on another occasion. Another man had seen it too and he took a photo of the object.

Wacol, 11 November 2011, 2.30am
A security guard working at Ausco Modular at Wacol was raising the boom gate at his place of work when he saw a large light brown object, just bigger than a car about 50 feet above him. It appeared to be round with a gold side and was completely silent as it moved overhead at a speed slower than a plane, moving from east to west. He watched it for a few minutes as it disappeared from sight. He was so shocked by what he saw that he forgot to take a photo with his mobile phone.

He said it was pretty scary and he has not felt he same since he had the experience. Sometimes he feels angry and has a feeling that some sort of calamity is about to occur, far worse than the floods in Queensland earlier this year. There were no other witnesses to this event because the workers were all busy packing up to go home and not paying attention to the sky. He has since told a few people about what he saw but received ridicule so he’s not going to tell anyone else about this event.

He also reported that he witnessed a bright light in Richmond in Melbourne when he was about 11 or 12. He was outside playing cricket at the time when he looked up and saw a very large object in the sky.

Gladstone, 18 November 2011, 8.00pm
A friend and I and saw a bright white light moving at a moderate speed from right to left, then all of a sudden it just changed direction and shot away from our direction and all of a sudden wasn’t visible anymore. This light was visible for about 8-10 seconds. I would just think it was a shooting star or something except for the way it changed direction and how it moved.

Gold Coast, 18 November 2011, 9.30pm
A woman went outside to have a cigarette and was watching the Leonid meteor shower where she counted up to 18 meteors. While doing so she noticed a large light in the northern sky that seemed to be strobing and flashing. Then she noticed two other large objects that eventually formed a triangular formation. One of these was a reddish colour, the other multi-coloured and silvery. The objects were darting and hovering like fireflies in the sky, and performing manoeuvres unlike any of our aircraft could.

The woman used her clothes line and house as points of reference to enable her to observe more clearly that the objects were moving. While doing so she could see that each of the objects were moving independently of each other. When they moved they would do so very rapidly, then return to their original position. Their movements were no more than a fingers width at arms length and unless she had used points of reference the movements could easily be explained as an artefact created by her own perception. However, as she did observe the objects moving in relation to her clothes line and house, their movements are harder to explain.

Another observation made by the witness was that immediately prior to the objects moving the quality of light and “sparkle” they emitted seemed to increase. This could indicate she was observing some sort of atmospheric phenomenon or effects of propulsion. The witness observed the objects for three hours in total. The length of observation of these objects is not typical of UFO reports.

Old Gympie Rd, 20 November 2011
A man observed a silent object steadily descend in the sky to the East towards Deception Bay. It crossed the Bruce Highway before it was lost behind trees. It was about 100 metres high, travelling on a downward slope at high speed. There were three large fluorescent lights, red-orange and a long tail. He described it as looking like a huge sky-rocket.

Robina, November 2011
I was in my Robina home watching TV and just happened to look out the window and saw a light that was blue/ green move quickly through the sky and disappear. It was not something you would usually see in the sky. I am from Canada and have seen many meteor showers and plane lights, but this light in the sky was not that. I thought about what I had seen for the rest of the night — I kind of thought, being new to Australia, maybe it was normal.


Albany Creek, 8 December 2011, 9.21pm
This is my second report. Once again I was on security patrol driving east along Albany Creek Road where I witnessed an abnormal light below the clouds flying north-westerly from McDowell. Having seen many sightings in Albany Creek I decided to watch it a bit. I U-turned at Letches Road and pulled into the Albany Creek State School drop off zone where it flew right over me. Absolutely silent. This was at 0210am, roughly 20 minutes ago at time of writing. It was again low enough that could make out it was a 2-sided triangle shape, similar to if you put two 30 cm rulers together. The orange light was at the inner tip, which honestly looked like fire (after-burn on an F1-11). It hovered directly above me. As it turned, along the sides was faint little green ‘lights’ which I compared to airplane windows.

The object slowly hovered over the Brendale sports fields. I pulled into Flamingo Drive to witness it hover over roughly Warner, till it “warped” away thru a gap in the clouds. The experience ended roughly 0221 when i typed this.

Gympie/Tin Can Bay, 12 December 2011
Last night or early this morning, an unbelievable thing happened. I was sound asleep and when Buddy (the dog) woke me up to go outside, I got up, opened the door and our ducks (13 Muscoveys) were unsettled. I remembered I had not shut the gate and thought a fox might have been around, so I put shoes on, went outside and started to walk over to the gate. Just as I got there I looked up and a brilliant white light flashed across the sky in a horizontal line and within seconds it was gone. It was moving from east to west out towards Tin Can Bay. It was not right up in the sky but lower. There was no sound what-so-ever. My reaction was WOW!!! Look at that! Then seconds later, all the horses in the bottom paddock came galloping up to the top in the same direction that the light had come from. It was not a falling star and it was travelling at a massive speed and it was much bigger and brighter than the stars we see in the sky.

Albany Creek, 18 December 2011
In the last six months I’ve seen this happen twice and when I thought about it, at the same time. The first time I was walking downstairs to go switch the lights off in the computer room around 1:10am. I don’t remember the date but it was about four-five months ago. I walked back upstairs and noticed something moving in the sky, probably about the size of a star (it was a cloudless and clear night). At first I thought it was just a satellite and sat down to watch it travel across the sky, but then I noticed it was moving very slowly and instead of going in one straight line it moved in the shape of a triangle and continued to do so for about five minutes before disappearing and reappearing then not returning The second time started off with the same circumstance as the first time. and again it was approximately 1:10 or 1:15am on 18/12/11. Again I walked outside and saw two large bright orange lights in the sky (it was a heavily clouded night). These lights were just under a quarter of the size of the moon. They were amazingly large. Again they only stayed there for about three minutes. then did the disappear-reappear thing, and then not come back, but in that three minutes they moved across the sky.

Albany Creek, 26 December 2011
I saw four distinct orange lights floating above Albany Creek this morning. After some research about the sightings in previous months they match the information.

Aspley, 30 December 2011, 11.30pm
My partner and I saw four mysterious objects in the sky over Aspley last night at about 23h30. They initially looked like stars, but were reddish in colour. After a while we realised that they moved and were forming a diamond like shape. We watched them for approximately 10 minutes, after which they disappeared behind clouds.

The following reports are from various years, but were reported during 2011.

Fraser Island 2007
We received an interesting report in August from a man who was moored off Fraser Island four years ago. He was with his wife and another couple in their boat and it was sometime between 8.00 to 9.00pm. They were 200 to 300 yards (180 to 270 metres) off the beach and could see three small lights moving along the beach. Two of the lights seemed to be meeting up with the other one which was more stationary. When all the lights finally came together about 40 seconds later, the four witnesses observed a saucer-shaped object rise off the beach taking off into the sky at a 15 degree angle, then rising to pass over their boat about 50ft (15 metres) away and 30ft (9 metres) above them. The main witness described being able to see inside the object which was lit up a ‘lettuce-green colour,’ but could not see any occupants. Externally, the middle of the object was spinning and turned slowly, revolving once every four seconds. The top of the object ‘appeared like glass’ and the top ‘cabin’ tapered to the centre. The lower part of the object was metallic looking but did not reflect any light. Witnesses heard no sound during their observation which was for less than 30 seconds. They were amazed!

Gold Coast, 2002-2003
I lived on the Cold Coast and in 2002/2003 saw strange lights in the sky. I lived in Crestridge Crescent, Oxenford at that time and had a good view from the bedroom window. I could not sleep that night and enjoyed the view from my bed, till I saw those strange lights. I did not wake up my husband. What I saw were about four or six lights going up and down, but in the same area. It went on for a long time and it looked as if they where playing with each other. It could not have been helicopters because of the way they moved around. Because I never heard a thing about it, not in the newspaper, not on the news and not from other people, I thought I better not tell anyone, otherwise they might think I am crazy.

Karukali, NSW, 2002
I would like to write to you about an experience I had in Northern NSW in 2002. I was with friends in the community of Karukali, Coopers Lane Main Arm. We were having a BBQ outside and it was on nightfall. After dinner everyone was talking. I turned to my partner at the time and mentioned the full moon. He told me that the full moon was last week, but I was adamant that it was rising. No one could understand what I was talking about. Then this disc came no more than five meters from us all. It was glowing, like silvery gold. I cannot describe the colour completely. It had a halo and moved very very slowly. It bounced in front of us like it was dancing and playing. We were all in awe and my friend was crying. Three small lights emerged from the larger light and moved around us and then to the cliffs behind us. The lights were apparent for over an hour. There were five of us present and we all saw them. Ever since this experience I have been seeing, whatever terminology you would like to refer to this as, ‘UFO’s, beings of light, extraterrestrials’, and I am at times quite terrified of these experiences. This happened in 2002 and it is now 2011 and their presence is still contacting me to this day. I have never spoken to anyone about this for fear of a label of insanity.

Location unknown, date unknown
My story starts when I was sitting in my lounge room watching TV with my 12 year old daughter sitting next to me reading her book, when she said, ‘Dad, have you noticed that the ceiling light is dimming?’ I said I noticed it a while ago and found it strange because we do not have a dimmer. It became so dim that I decided to switch off the light as it may be faulty which could start an electrical fire. My wife and daughter and I called it a night and we all went to bed for the night. I think it was about 1.30am when I awoke to find that my wife had left the bed to go sleep in the lounge room because of my snoring. I went to check on her to see if she was okay, and as I was walking down the hallway towards the lounge room I noticed the ceiling light was on. I thought my wife must have turned it on and left it on, so I went to turn it off. To my surprise the switch was already off. As I walked away from the switch the light turned off.

As I bent down to wake my wife, a bright light appeared in front of me for a spilt second then vanished. I really thought nothing much about the two incidents and went to give my wife a shake when the light appeared again then disappeared again. I thought it might be ball lighting, so I went to have a look outside the house.

As I turned to go outside another light appeared then vanished like the other two. The lights were the size of a twenty cent piece. When they vanished they seemed to have a shock wave around them that doubled their size. I decided to leave well enough alone and retired back to my bedroom, but did not try to sleep as I could not stop thinking what these lights were and the strange behaviour of the ceiling light. I must have been laying there for an hour when for a fraction of a second the entire bedroom was lit up by a light so bright that it left me quite concerned. Not knowing what to do about something you have no control over I lay there for a few more minutes. Then the light returned, but this time it lasted for about three seconds and was so incredibly bright I could not see anything else

It took me about five seconds to get out of the room and check on my family. I went to get my wife up from her sleep then went to get my daughter from her room. As I was doing this my wife passed by my daughter’s bedroom were I was and continued to our bedroom. I took my daughter to our bedroom and the two of them slept while I stayed awake for the remainder of the night.

The next morning I told my wife what had happened and as always she gave me one of those looks. My daughter thought it strange we were sitting outside and came to us and said ‘What are you guys talking about?’ My sceptic wife said to her ‘oh nothing, Dad thinks he saw lights in the house last night that’s why we all ended in bed together.’ My daughter then said that she had also seen the lights but thought it was one of us playing with the ceiling lights by turning them on and off really fast. This comment then jogged my wife’s memory as she told us she thought I was in the master bedroom walk-in wardrobe turning the lights on and off, but now can remember me standing over my daughter waking her. I have seen the smaller light on one other occasion, this time outside the house just before sunset, and as the other time it disappeared with a small shock wave appearance.

Whatever this was it had intelligence. It seemed to know what it was doing and could manipulate light.

Traralgon, Victoria, August 2005
I have always wondered about this event and I decided to look up UFO sightings tonight and was surprised to see someone else had a similar experience on the same night in Traralgon. I wrote it down so I would not forget it. A most interesting thing happened on Saturday August 7 2005 as we were heading home. We were driving along the highway (from Traralgon to our house which is around 7kms away near the Latrobe Regional Hospital) at around 10:30pm when my husband suddenly said, “David, (my young son who was 9 years old) look above in the sky.” I looked up and saw a perfect circular ring with perfect circular cloud rings, and it followed our car at the same speed we were travelling, on our left side. It was about twenty feet high.

Imagine the circles being perfect and they were clouds. There were no cars in front, behind or on the side in another road. As we turned right towards the airport road from the highway towards our place, the circle followed us. We turned left, it followed us left until we took the car inside the garage. We got out of the garage and outside, the cloud formation was about eight feet above the garage, perfect in formation and I was surprised to see that the circles were made of cloud, inside the massive cloud, and were swirling in unison like a figure eight. Inside the circles it was black, ie. you could see straight through each circle into the night sky. There was no beam above or below. It was pitch dark and no clouds were visible above it, and the object was totally silent and I felt like I was being watched. It was really eerie as I have never seen anything like this before.

The most amazing thing was seeing those clouds swirling in perfect unison, making perfect circles. Coming home, the circle that followed us went past clouds and did not disappear as it flew under clouds. My sister said that her son’s friend also saw it from Traralgon South and text messaged immediately to find out what it was. Someone claims that it was the disco lights from the Astro Dome, but every Saturday we go through the same highway around this time to come home and we have never seen this. How is it that a light from a disco place can follow you and at such a long distance? There were no light beams on it, it was a cloud that followed us. How is it that it stopped above the garage and had those cloud rings moving perfectly? I cannot figure this out and am happy that someone else reported it. I wonder whether this sighting is common elsewhere around the world. I never reported it because I haven’t come across this before.

Temora, NSW, 1968
I experienced three crop circles in 1968 on our farm in NSW between Temora, Young, Grenfell and Barmedmund. I realize you get a lot of email but this is a true story. I heard about crop circles in the 70’s but none before so when the internet became available I researched and found the crop circle in Queensland. It was good to know I was not alone in Australia. I did not know what they were until reports started coming in the 70’s.

When I was in 2nd form (age 13 in 1968) my homework was to document a full lunar cycle, which is easy in such a remote location with very little rain, no cloud cover and the nearest towns all over 30 miles away. While I did this I started seeing strange lights so I got my sister to come out each night with me. We watched these UFO’s nightly in the black sky. They changed from green to red and back again frequently. They moved up and down and in unusual patterns – darting here and there in extremely fast ways. We were a bit scared. People tell me it must have been aeroplanes, which is funny as we had none out there.

Part way through the month we decided to go crayfishing in the bottom dam and set off through a paddock that Dad had sown with wheat, which he only did once — in that year 1968. Not far into the paddock we came across three identical circles in the crop, in a line.

They were amazing! They were about 30 feet across (it was before metric conversion). The wheat was swirled flat in a clockwise direction. Every wheat straw (they were ripe) was either flat or upright — there was no in between, no breakage and in perfect patterns. In the centre of each circle was a cone shaped like a V into the crop and soil. The cone had traces of black substance that was filmy with no smell and it was gone the next day. The next day when we went back I was strangely relaxed and it all felt ‘right’. My sister did not feel this and has virtually obliterated it from her memory. I had vague recollections of being in a funny building but it was not scary like everyone was saying back then. I drowned at the age of five and I was put back in my body by beautiful beings of light – – big circles of light that told me to go back and gently put me back in. I now associate these Beings with those circles and UFOs. I have no fear of them at all.

Over the last 20 years I have had more and more memories of these Beings come back to me, and I have also had more memories of the craft. I understand now that those three circles were only visible because of the crop being sewn there that year (just the once due to it being an open paddock near the house). I think they used that spot to come and go a lot. I can interact with these Beings and recently a discussion with them told us that Australia was the first to be hit starting in December 2010 followed closely by the rest of the world. Mountains will slide and there will be great loss. They hold the Buddha Boy Ramm in very high esteem and as my abilities to interact with them have increased they address me as a group. They have been telling me for the last 10 years that all change will come through water in many many ways. I was taken (during a supposedly ordinary meditation) into black granite tunnels to meet with some special ‘other’ Beings, which I did and they showed me a strange device which created power. One being was ET and very familiar. When I came out of that meditation I was ‘homesick’ for weeks. I can ‘feel’ earthquakes and bad events before they happen. These light Beings now refer to themselves as the Shining Ones — which I looked up. Not many of the pictures look like the Beings I know. Big Violet, introduced himself as Paul so I could cope

Conondale Valley, late 1970s
In the late 1970s, my wife and myself were living in a concrete block shed at the end of a road in the Conondale Valley. Our nearest neighbour was about three kilometres away. We were woken in the early hours of the morning by a blinding white light filling the inside of the building. The stable doors were closed at the time and the shed only had small windows. We were very frightened but we went out to investigate. About 30 metres uphill from the shed and about 15 metres above the ground were two lights about three metres high pulsing from orange to green. I asked my wife to hand me the binoculars, which she did. I could make out the underside of a craft. The craft moved off slowly up the valley. My neighbours on the other side of the valley had also experienced the white lights inside their building about 12 months prior to this.

Waterford, mid-1990s
We were living at Jimboomba and my mother was on her way back from Bingo and was travelling through Waterford at about 10.30pm when the whole car was enveloped in a green light. It kept with her for a couple of minutes and then just disappeared. Needless to say she was shaking after it happened. I don’t know why she didn’t tell me, although I was still a child back then, but she told my Dad. She originally thought that it was some kind of plane coming down, then she thought it was some kind of military aircraft. It was only after the light disappeared that she thought it may have been a UFO.

Byron Bay, 2008
I just wanted to drop you a line in regards to the circles (crop/sand circles) on the beach at Byron [back in 2005]. I have lived in the local area for about 30 years on and off, and my first thought was “Oh some hippies have just carved them in the sand one night.” This could be the case. However I have a weird story about the beach in Byron. To be very clear I am not a cosmic/ new age etc Byron person. I am quite conservative and live at nearby Tintenbar.

One day about three years ago, myself and my wife were walking along the beach in Byron from Captain Cook lookout to the Pass to surf. Somewhere around the Thompsons rocks area I ducked to get under some fishing line. I thought it was odd as it is a very busy section of beach and not a good fishing spot. When I had a look around though, there was no-one fishing. I kept looking at the line and realised it didn’t seem to come from anywhere and did not have a bow in it — it was dead straight and was changing position. I thought I was seeing things so asked my wife if she could see it and she was able to describe it exactly. It was hard to focus on and kept jumping around, but it was a very very thin line of light. There were other people on the beach who did not seem to notice, including a hippy looking man with a blond beard who had a strange look on his face. His body movements were very calm however his head was sightly raised and his face was very red as if with exertion. I noticed him because he seemed to be very close t the source of the lines of light. Not much else to tell other than none of it makes sense. The original line went from the beach out to sea, and then I focused on one that was parallel to where I was walking. It was about a metre or less off the ground and about ten to twenty metres long. I don’t know whether it was the same one or different. Anyhow just thought I would like to tell someone as I thought of it when viewing the beach circle photos.

Cairns, 1992
In early 1992 I was watching TV. It was 9.50pm, and I was waiting for the 10 o’clock news to start when my little dog wanted to go out. I took her out the front, and looked up at a blaze of stars — they where so bright and clear. I noticed a V-shape coming over my head, so black and solid it blocked out the stars above it. It was moving very slowly and it kept getting bigger, blocking more and more stars. It made no noise what-so-ever as it moved slowly north, and as the rear became visible I could clearly see it was a triangle. It had a white light on the front point, a green on the left, and a red on the right, the opposite to our navigation lights. There where dim white lights higgledy piggledy underneath, which to me looked like windows. It looked huge and was as silent as a balloon drifting slowly across the sky. I watched in awe as it headed towards a low hill that I know to be less than 1000ft high, and I was certain it was going to hit it. I was startled yet glad to see it glide over the top. This suggested to me that it was even higher and larger than I thought.

As it disappeared I stood stunned for a while, then remembered my dog. It took me by surprise to find her way down the street. I took her inside and was amazed to see it was now 10.40pm and I had missed the news. Sitting there I suddenly thought ‘What the hell happened out there?’ So I went back out but saw nothing but the stars. I could not believe it next day when nothing was said in The Cairns Post. I must I have been the only person looking up in Cairns that night.

Canadian wilderness, 1978…
You may not believe this, but I have sent emails and fax’s to UFO research people almost everywhere including our Canadian Space Agency and nobody responds. I just don’t understand it. I know where there was and possibly still could be a UFO ORB in the Canadian wilderness… and nobody cares. Are those UFO researchers for real?

Thirty-three years ago I went on an off-road hike in the Canadian wilderness and came across a metallic object on the ground. I picked the object up and held it in my hands for about a minute or so. It was a cylinder-shaped object about 12-14 inches long (sorry I don’t know metric) and about 10-12 inches around with rounded (half ball) ends.

The object weighed about 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 lbs. Other than some dust on it, it looked like a very clear, curved mirror. The thing was 100% perfect. No scratches or manufacturing lines or marks anywhere. To be honest, my first impression was that the thing was a giant cylinder ballbearing. But, ballbearings are round aren’t they?

I quickly put the object back on the ground when I realized that it could be alien and have radiation. I walked away and got on with my life… never giving it any more thought. Than, I saw two photos of UFO orbs on the Internet, just like the one I had found. I began to think about the whole ordeal all over again. What if the object had crashed where I found it? What if the object is still where I had left it 33 years ago?

Anyway, the object would be buried under grass and brush by now. A person would need special equipment to locate it again. That’s something I don’t have. But, what I do have is the location where had left it within an area of 150 ft x 300 feet. That’s the best I can do in my old age.

Mount Warning, 2004
In December 2004, the week before Christmas, my wife and I had been spending a few days staying at Uki in the Mount Warning area about half an hour’s drive inland from Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. On our way back to Uki from shopping in Murwillumbah, on Uki Road approaching Byangum, I noticed five short white ‘vapour trails’ like short white clouds in the distant sky [diagram top left, page 7], and pointed them out to my wife who was in front passenger seat. We both had been thinking they were a long way off as from the road there isn’t a continual view of that part of the sky for several kilometres. Closer to Mount Warning they all came into view again. We now had a closer view, and the ‘vapour trails’ were split, each splayed out at the same acute angle of approximately fifteen degrees. All were motionless, just hanging there in the western sky as sunset approached. Two were horizontal to the ground, two were at approximately 45 degrees, and one was perpendicular to the ground.

That part of the sky was lost to view for several kilometres while following the course of the winding road. Then suddenly we came around a bend and there were four of them in full view straight ahead and to the left of the road, and we found the remaining one practically right over the top of us on our right, but far enough away to see everything without leaving the car. Only the oncoming traffic lane separated us from one of two visible columns of light beaming down from a strange black capsule or pod.

Forming part of a ten to fifteen degree cone was the nearest of two visible translucent beams of golden light, each one ‘boiling’ with seething effervescent glowing ‘firefly’ particles, like a freshly poured beer placed over a strong light. I saw two beams to each craft but there could have easily been a third obscured behind other two. There was no sound. Bands of alternating bright and dim luminescence travelled upwards through each column of light to a black triangular ‘pod’ shape at the apex. Each beam appeared to be generated from a corner of the black triangle, which was in direct sunlight, although the sun had set behind hills. I could see sun reflecting from glazing (possibly a crew compartment), and estimated its altitude to be 500 -1000ft. The black colour was a dull finish, and had little or no gloss. There were no vertical control surfaces such as fins or rudders. I could see no wings, just a flattened three-sided pyramid profile. I had stopped the car to avoid being rear ended, and started moving at a crawl while looking for somewhere to pull the car off the narrow bitumen road which takes you beyond Uki to Nimbin, Kyogle and Lismore. At the time, my wife had thoughts of a close encounter and wanted to get out of car to meet with the occupants. To this day I firmly believe there was nothing extraterrestrial in the encounter. The triangular pod shape had a remarkable resemblance to top secret US stealth aircraft.

The encounter ended once we rounded the next bend on Uki Rd / Kyogle Rd and we were in Uki within five minutes. I lingered out the front of the Uki guest house when we got back, watching for the next car arrive into the village following us. The occupants of the next car displayed no body language to suggest they’d seen anything unusual when they called at the Uki butcher shop.

Gold Coast, August 5 1993
Hello, I heard you on radio 4BC and enjoyed the program. I thought I would share my experience of seeing a strange object at the Gold Coast in 1993. I have only shared this with my friends before.

It was Thursday night the 5th of August 1993. I was living in Meadowbrook Crescent Carrara and I was at home. It was a dark night and suitable for star gazing and I was to give a bit of a talk to a children’s club on Astronomy. I was looking toward the west between 9.00 and 10.00pm, when suddenly a huge ball of fire came up from the earth in the direction of the Hinze Dam area. It was a basketball size and shape with flames at its base. It was as if it had just launched like an Apollo rocket, but as an orange ball. Within about four seconds the flames coming out the bottom stopped and it was a perfect sphere.

This object, when it moved over towards me, was as large as a harvest moon is on the horizon, though this was above my head. It was a bright orange ball that was pulsating like it had a heartbeat. It moved over towards me and appeared to be only a hundred meters away. I noticed that it seemed to be like a see-through glass ball, and the pulsating orange light would expand to its perimeter at each pulse, which was about once a second or so. It seemed to be a fire inside a glass ball, but pulsating. As it floated above me I had the sensation that this object was observing me and it appeared to stop moving.

There was no sound associated with it. I banged on the window for my sleeping wife to come and see this incredible phenomena, but she was too lazy to get up. I pleaded with her and stated that she may never see anything like this again, but to no avail. I climbed back onto the road to continue my observation.

When studying the object more carefully I discovered that it had a fine red line on each side of the sphere that came down about half the diameter of the sphere below it. I watched the pulsating ball slowly float away from me toward the north and it got progressively smaller. The pulsations on some beats would almost extinguish itself, but it would brighten back up as it pulsed. It eventually became a bright orange star in the north as it headed toward Brisbane, and then it disappeared into the distance.

I shared my experience with my father the next day. He handed me the ‘Gold Coast Bulletin’ newspaper the day after that, which gave a report of this sighting as witnessed by several people. But the report gave an impression that it was only seen as a bright orange star, not as the larger than full moon size that I witnessed for a period of some five or so minutes before it slowly floated away, lasting another 10 to 15 minutes. I was glad others saw something also. I reasoned with myself that this strange object may have been some sort of energy release from the earth, or on the other hand some sort of spiritualistic manifestation. Being of the Christian persuasion I believe that supernatural things do occur on earth but they originate from earth. There are forces at work that are mostly unseen by the human eye but are sometimes manifested. I have included with this report a couple of diagrams of the object to the best of my ability.

Main Beach, 2005
A man was laying on the beach looking at sky. Wearing polarised glasses he observed a white object about the size of a pin head which seemed to be hovering over Surfers Paradise. It started to move slowly east, going out to sea. As it did, two more white objects appeared from the east and made their way slowly to meet it. They fell into line with the first object, hovered for 30 to 45 seconds, then all slowly moved out to sea. He watched them for five minutes. The witness has seen many satellites before and said they were definitely not satellites, planes or helicopters.

When the same man was 17 years old in New Zealand he went rabbit shooting with a friend. It was 5.00am and they were sitting near their vehicle when they observed a light like a light bulb come down to ground and land. It was about five miles from their location. As daylight broke the young men decided to walk to where the light had landed, but when they got there they could find nothing.

Gold Coast, 1996, 5.45am
A woman got into her car at 6.00am to drive to work at the Golden Gate high-rise. Her car wouldn’t start and when she looked up she saw a UFO over Cascade Gardens. Suddenly out of nowhere a man appeared dressed completely in black and said to her “I think your car will start now”. It did, but with that he disappeared into thin air.

Gold Coast, 2000, 5.45am
A woman cycled to her place of work at a nursing home in Bermuda Street, Clear Island Waters, (near Carrara Markets) She stopped, got off her bike, then saw a very large bright yellow object in the sky. It was the size of a basketball at arm’s length, and the light was blinding. All of a sudden it moved in a jerky fashion about 4 palm widths at arm’s length, then with the same jerky movement returned to its original location. It moved over the nursing home and as daylight broke it took off at the speed of light. She went to work and was ridiculed but a couple of weeks later two other nurses reported seeing the same object.

Gold Coast, 2004
A young woman was attending Bond University and was driving home just after midnight on the road to Helensvale near the beer factory. She was alone on the road and noticed a very bright white silent light approaching her vehicle from behind.

It was approximately 100 metres above the ground, but as it got closer it descended to only 50 metres above her car. She became very frightened as it paced her car for about 10 minutes, following her car exactly into the many twists and turns on that road. When she caught sight of other vehicles ahead she accelerated to be nearer to them, and as she did the object departed. She was extremely frightened through the entire episode. She stated this was definitely not a plane or helicopter. This was the first time she had ever experienced anything like it.

Katanning, late 1996, approximately 7.00-9.00am
I was 15 at the time, and had just left the local abattoirs (now named WAMMCO international) and was walking the two kilometres back into Katanning by walking along the great southern highway. I had walked about one kilometre approximately into the journey when I looked towards the east and in plain view saw a metallic object the size of a small cottage that appeared to be on fire, about one kilometre from my position. The object was metallic with a colour of orange fire, flying low, and I estimated its height by the tall eucalyptus trees it was above to be about 150 meters off the ground. It was travelling south to north above farmland at about 15-20 kilometres an hour. I felt panicked and waited for a car to go by and flag them down, but the highway was eerily silent. I observed the object until it got out of view.

I went home and tried to find a Bureau of Meteorology number as I believed it was an asteroid or meteor at the time. However, after thinking about it recently and doing a web search on the matter I found that it cannot have been a meteor as they travel about 1000km/h, and found endless fireball UFO sightings like mine.

Nerang, 22 November 1993, 11.00am
The witness observed a perfectly round metallic object with portholes about half the size of a soccer field.