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The Relevance of Channelled Information to UFO Research

Author: Martin Gottschall, PhD ©
The practice of “channelling”, where the channel allows a consciousness other than his or her own to use its faculties of speech or writing as an instrument of communication by that consciousness, has a long history. It differs from “inspiration” in that the person being inspired remains in full conscious possession of his or her faculties. The two are similar in that in each case information from a source other than the personal consciousness or its subconscious is claimed. The “source” of the channelled information may or may not give a recognisable identity, although it is usually made clear that this identity is not that of the channel. In some cases it claims to have a connection with UFO’s as we understand them.


An extended study of channelled material allows certain properties of this material to be ascertained, and some are listed below.

There is a large volume of such material available. I have acquired about a meter of shelving full without really trying. A small fraction, perhaps 3% of the material in print seems to be of high quality, with a significant content of information not previously known, or at least not readily available, and having an apparently profound meaning. The rest tends to recycle information already in print. Those parts which are novel in some way are usually consistent with our present day conceptions, and could have been “made up” in the same way that writers of fiction do. By contrast, the novel parts of “quality” material extend beyond our present conceptions.

The predictions in channelled material have a high failure rate, and this indicates against the exalted status which the claimed source of the material generally assumes. Channelled information is almost wholly about ideas and concepts, as well as exhortations, encouragement and injunctions etc, and very little of a factual nature relevant to the matters being dealt with is to be found. The information from any typical source of channelled information has a well defined “world view” in that it presents a fairly comprehensive picture of some claimed aspect of reality.


Broadly, “UFO Research” is a search for a better understanding of the UFO phenomenon. The reason why we need this understanding is because we perceive that the phenomenon is real or probably real, that it is powerful, and that it can deeply affect human destiny for good or ill. We need to understand so we can cope with it or exploit it or channel it or survive it or benefit from it, or whatever.\par In this pursuit, we need two things as raw material. We need the best possible collection of facts, or probable facts, and we need the best possible collection of ideas, concepts and techniques with which we might try to extract the fullest possible meaning from our factual data. It is not just UFO related facts we need. We must also be as informed as possible on all the facts available in our own culture that might be helpful. After all, we are part of the universe too. It is often implied that if we take “Science” on board then we have all the conventional facts we need. Theoretically this should be so, but in practice it is not. “Science” ignores or denies a great many facts, and we might need just those, to build our understanding.

It is in the area of ideas and concepts that we especially need to practice an “open mind”, and when this is not the case, we are even led to deny or ignore facts. It is from these ideas and concepts that we fashion “theories” or scenarios as to what something might “really” be. Two principles are central to the theory process. One is that it matters not at all where a theory comes from. What matters is how well the theory “works” with our facts. The greater the variety of theories we can dream up and test, the better our final choice is likely to be. The second is that theories must not be used to decide whether facts are true. Much of the rejection of eyewitness accounts and other facts of observation is a direct consequence of the attitude “It does not conform to our understanding of reality (our theories), so it can’t be a fact”.


Having set out the distinguishing features of channelled information and the UFO research process, we can now look at how channelled information might be used by the UFO researcher. It is immediately apparent that this information is not going to be a significant source of factual material. Obviously anything that passes the tests for factuality should not be rejected because it may be given in a context of channelled information. What is suggested here is that the already large factual base of UFO research will receive only little by way of new facts from this source.\par Since each source of channelled information typically offers a well defined “world view” or scenario that is plausible in the context of one or another belief system, we are really being offered a wide selection of ideas and concepts for building theories with which to understand “UFO facts”. In my view, this is the area in which channelled information is most likely to be helpful.

Some intelligence or other has had to go through the process of assembling a scenario that can attract some human minds or hearts, so there is at least the possibility of paydirt. More importantly, the idea or \f2 concept \f1 on offer is probably being recycled anyway, so we could be accessing information not readily available otherwise. If we take the attitude that channelled ideas are somehow not fit for “UFO research” we might seriously limit our own progress. Ideas are probably as eternal as atoms. Where we get a particular idea from is almost certainly not where it was first created, and must not be allowed to be an influence. It is how well it works that really matters.


During the 1970’s, I took an interest in UFO related information, and almost anything anomalous and mysterious that might have given me an insight which the more traditional sources seemed unable to furnish. One such source was “The Voice of Universarius” published by the Universarian Foundation of Portland Oregon. A 50 page, A5 size booklet was published monthly and was made up almost wholly of channelled material from a number of channels and an even greater number of sources.

I have in my possession all the issues from the late sixties to the early eighties, about half of which were back copies which I obtained to enlarge my information base. You may infer that I ranked this material as being in the “high quality” category, together with other contemporary material like Jane Robert’s “Seth Speaks”. At one time or another, I have probably read all my material, and hence my claim that much present day channelled material is recycled. Much of what I read then was probably also recycled, and I did come across examples of this.

For the purpose of this paper, I have selected a two page article called “The Guide Lines for Space Contact are These” starting on page 45 of the October 1978 Issue (Vol. 17 No. 10). This article is attached as an Appendix to this paper. The channel is given as Marian Hartill, and the date of the communication is given as March 1967. The source is given as Myron – Ashtar Command.\par Readers will note the strong “spiritual” orientation of this article. This orientation is typical of almost all the material in this publication. A “scientifically” oriented researcher tends to have an anti-spiritual orientation, and is likely to reject it all for that reason alone. Such behaviour is common enough, but is completely unscientific, because the source of an idea must not be allowed to influence us for or against it. Not if we want to do our own thinking.

The paragraphs in this article are numbered 1 to 9. Paragraph 6 is of particular interest an is reproduced below:\par \b\i “6. The Earth is a battleground.”\par \b0 A. The forces of evil employ ships of great size and beauty just as do the Christ Forces.\par B. Unprepared Earthlings who seek contact must not do so without knowledge of how to set up a positive Force Field, and hold it around themselves. The negative forces can and do abduct thousands of people each year off the surface of the Earth – as well as animals, water and vegetation.\par D. These samples are used for a hideous purpose.” In the context of the facts we now have about the abduction phenomenon and animal mutilations, this message dated March 1967 sounds very modern. Even when published in 1978, these notions would have strained the credulity of most UFO researchers. Had they been more “scientific” in the true sense of that word, they might have allowed this message to open their minds to the recognition of the facts about abductions and mutilations, much earlier.


It is important to be clear on what we have done, and what we have not done in referring to this item of channelled material. We have not made any effort to decide if it is “genuine” or if its source is “real”. These are important issues in themselves, but UFO researchers have their own questions to answer, and are not likely to be qualified to get it right with channelling. If we are clear in our minds that we are “mining” channelled information for ideas and viewpoints that might help us to make better sense of our UFO related facts, then we do not need to answer these other questions, and we are not obliged to dismiss channelled information because we lack such answers. We could have taken the same ideas from a book of science fiction, or a dream, and it would not matter. \par \b CONCLUSIONS\par \b0 In searching for answers to the questions raised by the UFO phenomenon, we need to employ a methodology which is recognizable, communicable and has a proven record. The method which has been tacitly accepted by UFO researchers is also the one on which the “Scientific Process” is based, and can therefore be claimed to have a proven record. I believe that it is simple, recognizable and communicable. If scientists really practiced what they preach, we might just copy them in pursuing UFO research. However, since they mostly do not practice their stated ideals, we have to go back to basics and do our own thinking.

UFO research in its truest sense obliges us to strive to recognize and test facts on their own terms and not with theories, and to be completely open to ideas from all sources when assembling theories to best fit the facts we have. Channelled information probably contains the efforts of people who are gifted on the intuitive side, and also perhaps, the viewpoint of “sources” more knowledgeable on the UFO phenomenon than we are. I believe that some of this material can make a valuable contribution to our understanding of the UFO phenomenon, and merits the appropriate kind of attention.\par It seems also that many people accept channelled information far too readily, and are often unaware that they are getting essentially recycled information. The kind of disinterested scrutiny which UFO researchers can give to this body of data while pursuing their own work, can help to keep channellers “honest”.


1. Do not try to contact the Space People. They can contact you at any time or place they choose, and in any form they wish, depending on their evolvement of course.

2. Prepare yourself spiritually for some useful work. This does not mean religious practices of an orthodox nature. It means a conscious effort in attuning to that which is the Highest, most beautiful and eternal within ones self. In we mean anything that will in some manner help those around you to find upliftment, peace and inner joy.

3. Live each day in service to the Creator. By their works the Space People know them, and are able to judge by your aura if you are truly worthy of being part of their work upon Earth. Your aura not only tells your past but it is a good and reliable way to tell what you are best able to do Spiritually.

4. Live each day as if it were your last. Collect your mental baggage so that all of a lasting nature can be moved at once – all else left behind. Live so at any time or place you can turn your back upon the past without regret or a backward glance. Gather unto yourself all your dreams and desires of service to God and man – for these are your wealth.

5. Negation breeds fear and doubt. Evil loves the unprepared, the confused and ignorant. Spiritual understanding is the KEY to all UFO activity both negative and positive. Spiritual Guidance is offered to all \par who seek it sincerely and with an open heart.

6. The Earth is a battleground. The forces of evil employ ships of great size and beauty just as do the Christ Forces. Unprepared Earthlings who seek contact must not do so without knowledge of how to set up a positive Force Field, and hold it around themselves.. The negative forces can and do abduct thousands of people each year off the surface of the Earth – as well as animals, water and vegetation. These samples are used for a hideous purpose.

7. Establish a contact with your Godhead. No power on Earth or from any realm from outside the Earth can harm one who dwells in perfect accord with his High Self. This contact is awaiting any and all who choose to place it in the area of the most important thing in their life.

8. Meditation, Concentration brings awareness. Be worthy of contact by the Etheric Forces by being apart from the flesh pursuits of the world. To be in the world but not of the world should be your goal. Meditate upon perfection – that which you would change from evil to good, sickness to health and ignorance to understanding. Concentrate on being a balanced human, for you can be of no real service in an unbalanced condition, to the Space People or to yourself.

9. The Kingdom of God is built by Light, Truth and Understanding of Spirit. Radiate Light, think Light and you shall attract that which seeks to be a creature of Light. Seek Truth, Demand Truth, and it shall be given you – this is a Universal Law, and to know and use this understanding is wisdom. You are Spirit no matter what form you are in now, and to know yourself and to be true to that inner knowledge is the greatest of all KEYS for it brings the Kingdom of Heaven within you and enables you to express the Sonship of God.

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