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Public Meetings Suspended Until Further Notice: As of 20 March, 2020

Dear Members & Friends of UFO Research Queensland.
Rolling information about the current pandemic is changing fast every day. It was only one week ago that your committee was pondering how to go forward with our monthly meetings. Since then more information and understanding has come to light about the pandemic.

UFO Research Queensland is committed to protecting the greater human community by not spreading the Covid 19 virus so following the guidance of government rulings and health experts we are suspending public meetings until further notice. In months to come we will be following new rulings that may come into practice regarding non-essential gatherings and keep you informed.

This is a challenging time for all of us, individuals and communities, so it’s important for people to dispel feelings of isolation and remain connected to their communities, whatever they may be. If you are already in voluntary isolation, quarantine, or we go into lockdown at some stage, we encourage you to continue to follow your UFO related interests. In this unsettling time, following activities that normalise our life as much as possible is beneficial for good mental health.

We know you look forward to our monthly gatherings and we will miss them too. The desire to connect is in all of us, but it’s far more important to stay safe in the months ahead. Like all things, this will pass and we look forward to seeing you face to face again soon.

In the meantime we will be staying in touch via our bi-monthly journal UFO Encounter (members will be receiving the next issue soon) and distributing any relevant information via email notifications, youtube and facebook. Links below.



Stay safe and remain positive everyone.
Warmest regards

Sheryl Gottschall (President)
UFO Research Queensland

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