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Public Meeting – Friday 29th May

Date: Friday 29th May, 2015.
Start 7pm

Guest speaker: Paul Boulton

From earliest times we have been contacted. Wall paintings depict interactions with superior races with the ability to fly and machines that roared like thunder. Helmet beings have shown up in ancient cultures on most continents, sometimes imparting unobtainable information to indigenous people. The Old Testament is a collation of selected ancient writings, talks of burning bushes, angels and some quite profound interactions and interventions from a being commonly referred to as ‘god’. Many other cultures have significant actions attributed to their gods. In the past 100 years we have had interactions with religious beings, planetary travellers, and channelled messages from beings of cosmic origins. Now in modern times, apparently at our most sophisticated and technologically advanced, communication appears to have stalled. So who and what can we trust, even if it is happening to you?

About Paul Boulton :
Paul Boulton is based at his shop in Montville on the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland. He is a professional Psychic Therapist who is also involved in paranormal research, and is the radio presenter for “The Blurred Truth” radio show on 96.1 radio Zinc. Paul has been investigating subjects relating to UFO’s, ET’s, Consciousness, Time, Earth History and the Alien Connection for many years and most recently Scalar Wave Technology for personal shielding from Wi Fi, Electromagnetic Radiation and Frequencies. Paul now sells the “Blushield” scalar wave protection products which will be on display at this meeting.

For more than a decade Paul has interacted and presented talks at UFORQ meetings, including topics such as The ET Origins of Earth Relgions, Space Time, Consciousness Field, Scientific Remote View and others. He is a lively and funny presenter and will inform and entertain in this interesting topic.

Entry: Members $10 Non-members $15 (includes supper)
Enquiries: Sheryl Gottschall 07 33761780

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