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Friday 28 May, 2021. 7pm

The Cardwell UFO Lights with Thea Ormonde

The Cardwell UFO Lights have been seen over the years with the oldest report dating back to the 1930s. Many reports of these enigmatic lights have been handed down by local residents through the generations. The overwhelming number of reports by residents became the catalyst for establishing the annual Cardwell UFO Festival which highlights the many UFO and paranormal activities in the area. The C-Files forum is the highlight of the festival for many visitors, which is an informative line-up of guest speakers talking on unexplained phenomena, including local sightings of UFO’s, bigfoot and the mysterious Cardwell lights. Here visitors can listen to open-mic sessions where people share their UFO sightings and unexplained experiences.

Thea will present her personal sightings of the Cardwell Lights, how and why the C-Files forum came to be, how it ties in to the annual Cardwell UFO Festival, and why it’s important to keep both the C-Files forum and festival continuing.

About Thea Ormonde: Thea is the Manager of the Cardwell UFO festival and has always been interested in what is beyond the stars. She saw her first UFOs in the sky during her early childhood in 1977, followed by more sightings in her late teens in 1989, again in 1996, and more recently when driving with her family in 2009.

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