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Perceptual Positions on UFOs

Author : Sheryl Gottschall ©

There is no doubt that people view the UFO phenomenon in many different ways. This is because we all have a different perception of what is happening with the phenomenon created by our own unique world view. These perceptions could be categorized into five different perceptual positions giving us four different ways of viewing the phenomenon.

The first perceptual position can be how we look at the phenomenon through our own eyes, from our own viewpoint. This perception is viewed through a filter which includes everything about who we are, our emotions, intellect, life experiences, values and spiritual beliefs. We simply see it and interpret it with no external influence.

The second position is when we look at the phenomenon through someone else’s eyes. This can happen when we read a book or listen to a speaker. For a while we push aside our own view, take on the external influence’s view and see what they have to offer.

The third perceptual position allows us to disassociate from the first and second position putting aside, if possible, our own and other’s interpretations of the phenomenon. In this way we can become an objective observer, not filtering it, just observing the UFO phenomenon for what it is.

To move to the fourth position of perception we look at ourselves, others, and the phenomenon itself and see the dynamics involved around the original stimulus and the response to it while still remaining detached from the event.

If we go beyond this, we move to a fifth position of perception and take in all the previous perceptions by asking the question “what is the big picture here?” From this view we can take on multiple perceptions of the phenomenon and move between them.

We can tell what position we are examining the phenomenon from by looking at the different questions and statements that might be made from each position. An example of this would be:

“I saw a UFO, I wonder what it is? (first position) People say there are aliens in them. (second position)

There could be life elsewhere in the universe. (third position) How are we responding to it and why? (fourth position)

Fifth position would be observations of alien science, technology, spirituality and culture, and we realize our own future could be like that. We realize that everything we thought we had discovered has actually been previously discovered by someone else and we are merely rediscovering it. This is because until now we thought we were alone in the universe but now we realize we aren’t.

This also brings with it the understanding that we no longer have ‘top dog’ status in the universe. However when we truly have this realization, barriers can fall away and other concepts are free to be considered e.g. the fact that the human race may not have originated on Earth, life on Earth may not be unique to this planet, that what we once thought was our home may just be our latest home.

These new concepts can be a bit of a blow for some and quite challenging for others. We may feel disenchanted as we see our “specialness” fading away, not realizing that as our outer “specialness” fades, our inner specialness has the potential to develop a connection with a greater cosmic destiny. Developing this flexibility of perspective is essential if we hope to gain some understanding of of the UFO phenomenon and our place in it.

However, after we develop these perspectives we also need to align them. Misalignment can happen when we become stuck in one position. If we become stuck in the first position of seeing the phenomenon we only ever see it from our own perspective, becoming insular to any greater truth. An example of this could be when researchers continue to focus on the original stimulus (sightings reports) only, never asking “what does this mean?”. Asking this question opens us up to greater perceptions of what is happening.

If we become stuck in the second perceptual position we only ever see the UFO phenomenon from other’s perspectives, missing the experience of developing our own view of it. We can become prey to fanatics and cults, only believing what is reported in the papers, becoming a super sceptic continually asking for proof rather than believing our own eyes.

When we become stuck in the third position, we may only ever look at the phenomenon without ever dealing with the details, ensuring they hang together in a cohesive way. We may hold onto a self-serving illusion while dismissing the facts eg. all aliens are good therefore abduction experiences aren’t true, or all close encounter experiences are really abduction experiences in disguise therefore we are under attack. Neither may be true, but we’ll never find out as long as we hold a view that is misaligned. Misalignment brings inner and outer conflict and confusion which is so prevalent in the UFO community today.

When we bring all our perspectives together and create a holistic framework we attain congruence and clarity while enriching and broadening our perspectives. We take on a willingness to look at all the aspects of the UFO phenomenon which gives us a fuller awareness of all it’s complexities.

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