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Online Zoom Meeting. Friday 30 April, 2021. 7pm AEST

Australian Contact Experiencer
Vanessa’s life of high strangeness’ started with an NDE at age 3 followed by contact experiences beginning in 1984 at age 13. Physically scarred, consciously awake and spiritually expanded, her life took on a quest to quench her thirst for knowledge of the unknown. Starting with the NSW library system as a child, then on to explore her abilities to create at Newcastle TAFE Art School in 1986. Here she was introduced to Shamanism and her exploration of consciousness began, which in time lead to a BA at Newcastle University in 1995 studying comparative religion, anthropology, sociology, history and philosophy. Family life took over and her connection to the land was further explored through Permaculture and self sufficiency. Vanessa moved to Bellingen NSW, in 2011 to fulfill the her vision of a conscious life on the land, but UFO phenomena started again with 3 x 3 major sightings over her home in 2014 to 2016, all coinciding at the same time as she was exploring her past experiences via regression. This and ongoing contact has been the catalyst for Vanessa to return to the exploration of this UFO phenomena.
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