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Online Zoom Meeting Friday 26 March, 2021 7pm AEST

Last month we had a tech issue so we have rescheduled the February topic to March.

This meeting is open to members of UFO Research Queensland ONLY.
If you would like to attend please go to our home page and click JOIN UFORQ. Members receive a zoom link for upcoming meetings a few days prior to the meeting.

Back Door Disclosure with Lee Paqui
For 65 years the US Air Force’s Project Blue Book has been the gold standard for UFO investigators and debunkers alike, but what was Blue Book really? Did it resolve the UFO issue, or was it simply a smoke-screen for the more serious government research that continued to take place?
As we stand on the threshold of a government-mandated release of classified CIA UFO documents, it’s perhaps timely to take a look back at Project Blue Book, and the influence it still has on UFO thinking today.

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