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Online Zoom Meeting – Friday 24 September, 2021. 7pm AEST

UFOs – Shifting Gears

UFO organizations and investigators have recorded UFO reports from the public for over 70 years. We have well and truly gathered enough evidence to support the existence of objects traversing our skies, our earth and our oceans, with some carrying extraterrestrial life forms. That evidence now seems to have brought us to a crossroads where if we are to continue to move forward in the disclosure movement we must change tack and elevate the UFO topic and ensuing conversations to the next level which includes the US Senate and the United Nations, and that is exactly what is happening now.

This meeting will be a report on recent events in the UFO disclosure movement creating action to move the subject forward at governmental, international and public levels, followed by an open forum.

This could be an exciting turning point into the future!

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