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Online Zoom Meeting – Friday 18 June, 2021. 7pm

  • Please note, this meeting has been rescheduled to one week earlier than usual.

UFO Disclosure – What Then?

With Suzy Hansen (NZ), Ben Hurle (AUS), Sheryl Gottschall (AUS)

With the release of official US Navy UFO footage, corroborated by testimonies of military personnel and the Pentagon, there currently seems to be a move towards UFO disclosure. The US Congress mandate for the Department of Defense and the National Intelligence Director to produce a report  about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” by June 25, is fueling changes of media perspective about the UFO phenomenon.

In a flash the media have done an about face, dropping the giggle factor, and we now find journalists in hot pursuit of the UFO truth – at last. Could this be the beginning of UFO Disclosure, and if so, what then?

The International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER) aims to reignite the United Nations’ UFO initiative to investigate UFOs  at a global level and ICER is proposing a pathway towards Disclosure by developing programs that prepare the public for contact – beginning NOW.


About the presenters

Suzy Hansen :

New Zealand sighting investigator/researcher, author and contact experiencer.

Founding Director of UFO Focus New Zealand Research Network (UFOCUS NZ). 

New Zealand Representative, Australasian Director, and Executive Board Member of

the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER).

In 2008/09 Suzy was instrumental in lobbying the NZ Chief of Defence Forces to disclose the NZ MOD UFO files, later released in 2010 and 2011.

Web links: http://www.ufocusnz.org.nz



Suzys book, “The Dual Soul Connection” is available on Amazon at





Ben Hurle :

Victorian UFO researcher,  Director of VUFOA, appeared in National Geographic Channels “ALIEN EARTH” series, pod cast host  “The Ben Hurle Show” on KGRA in the USA. Magazine writer, conference presenter, specialises in cold case investigations.  Australian ICER Deputy Representative.

Web links: https://vufoa.com/




Sheryl Gottschall

Queensland UFO investigator and researcher, President of UFO Research Queensland, Australian ICER Representative, writer for UFO and New Age magazines, seminar/conference presenter, past weekly guest on the Spooky Action radio show, past co-host of Strange Encounters radio show, specializes in contact research.

Web links:

UFORQ (@UFOhubnews) / Twitter




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