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On-line Zoom Meeting – Friday 30 October, 2020. 7pm

A Primer of the Zeta Race with Paul Hamden

Paul Hamden is an evidential trance medium who has had lifelong contact with energetic beings from other races who have physical form and live in our galaxy, as well as some non-corporeal beings. Paul deals primarily with four races who introduced themselves using our language as Zeta, Anunnaki, Sirius, and Pleiadian. The main guide, a Zeta, is in physical form and does occasionally connect to Paul telepathically under the right conditions. After many years of development, Paul has been able to connect successfully to the races of beings and, via a controlled trance-like state, these extraterrestrials have performed the functions of discussion, healing, and manipulation of physical electrical items, and during the trance sessions, the Zeta has been seen by others from this planet.

Paul will discuss his personal experiences then we will open up for a Q & A session about his alien contact, alien messages, and the history and activities of the Zeta Race. Paul has written various books and they are available for FREE download at this link. https://tinyurl.com/yxzo84a8.

This meeting is open to members of UFO Research Queensland only. If you would like to attend please go to our home page and click JOIN UFORQ. The zoom link will then be sent to you. This meeting will NOT be recorded.

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*Information and opinions presented at these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of UFO Research Queensland Inc and are presented by speakers for research purposes only.

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