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On-line zoom meeting – Friday 29 January, 2021. 7pm (AEST)

Alien Dreams and Apocalyptic Nightmares
Close encounter witnesses report many after effects from their alien interactions and one of the most intriguing phenomena, but least investigated, is their strange dreams. Some of the dreams reported are apocalyptic in nature showing terrible scenes of the future impacting everyone on the planet. But why do witnesses have these dreams? Could they be a manifestation of their own deeper anxieties or could they be warnings of things to come in this perilous period in our history.
Due to ongoing restrictions meetings continue to be held online via Zoom. Meetings are free and open to members of UFO Research Queensland only. If you wish to attend our meetings please go to our home page and click JOIN UFORQ to become a member. Members are sent a zoom link just prior to the meeting.Membership also includes subscription to our bi-monthly digital full colour journal UFO Encounter.

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