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On-line Zoom meeting Friday 27 November, 2020. 7pm

Close Encounters and Investigations with Barry Taylor and Tino Pezzimenti

Tino will be discussing a recent investigation he undertook into a 1950s close encounter in Brisbane which occurred in very close proximity to the witness and involved vehicle interference.

Barry will share his personal close encounters with UFOs that began with his first sighting at age 10. Other experiences he will discuss include 3 nights in a row where he was taken into a black object by little creatures, seeing a boomerang formation of UFOs 12 metres above that left him with a burn mark on his forehead, after effects increasing his psychic abilities, seeing orbs with his own eyes and a strange experience of seeing a UFO outside the hospital window at his father’s passing which ignited his investigation into possible alien interests in critically ill and dying humans.

About Barry Taylor
Barry had a close encounter in 1970 that launched him into becoming actively involved in UFO research. From 1996 to mid 2000s, while living in Grafton NSW, Barry witnessed numerous “waves” and “flaps” during both day and night, many of which he captured on film. In 1997, during a period of high UFO activity, his interest developed into full research and video analysis. Over time, Barry observed many different types of UFOs and developed proven techniques to see them, resulting in some very close encounters. Barry has been a guest speaker at several UFO conferences and seminars with UFOR NSW presenting his experiences to a wide audience. A lifetime of UFO experiences has been published in his book, “UFO DOWN-UNDER – How to See UFOs and Photograph Them” available for free on ISSUU.com.

About Tino Pezzimenti
Tino saw a UFO at age 17. At age 19, he attended a meeting at the Flying Saucer Research Bureau which was to become UFO Research Queensland (UFORQ). He became a researcher with UFORQ and soon after became President, a position he held for 9 years. For 17 years he was a panellist on the weekly Paranormal Panel show, a Radio 4BC production in Brisbane, where he spoke publicly with many authors and experiencers worldwide. Tino has a reputation for being a skeptical believer because he’s not easily swayed by conspiracy theories and fringe groups even though he has had a history of paranormal experiences beginning in his childhood when he and his family were seemingly haunted by the dead, had strange huge rocks fall from the sky onto the house roof, heard dead children crying in the family cellar, experienced ongoing poltergeist activity, seeing ghostly apparitions and extreme synchronicity taking centre stage in his life.

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