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The Next Step

Author : Sheryl Gottschall ©

Over the years many contactees have reported that our “space-brothers” have been visiting Earth and living amongst us. These space-brothers (not to be confused with the greys) look very much like us and cannot be identified as alien because of these similarities. In some cases, such as with the famous Elizabeth Klarer, beings from other places may even fall in love and have children with some of Earth’s inhabitants. This goes to show that our space friends are probably much more closely related to us than we realize and are living amongst us for a very good reason.

Many of these beings have reported to contactees that where they come from there are no wars, no disease, extended life spans, no religions, and they work for the common good of the planet and all who inhabit it. All interesting ideas and not as far out as some may think. The philosophies they share and “Garden of Eden” lifestyles they have developed are already being actively pursued by many on Earth at this time. People are now looking at alternative cures for disease and there are many well established groups who are working diligently to care for and protect the environment. Systems are changing, albeit slower than we would like. However, no matter how you look at it, good vs bad, change is in progress. How we feel about those changes and what we decide to leave behind us or incorporate into our lives will play an important part in the next step for us as cosmic citizens. If we are to become part of a cosmic race there are necessary changes to be made.

So what is the first step we take to join the cosmic race? Change! We can’t go from point A to point B without changes and these changes have to be made at many different levels of our existence. Firstly we need to make better choices about our lifestyles and priorities and if we aren’t happy with what is going on in our lives or on the planet then it becomes our responsibility to find creative solutions that will usher those changes in as harmoniously as possible. We can no longer secretly cross our fingers behind our back and hope that someone else will fix our planetary and personal problems. If we find ourselves challenged with making changes then we can examine how we feel about change. Does the idea of change help us to feel better or worse, or can we accept that change is part of the ever evolving cycle of life. Are some of the old ways of doing things hard to let go of? Does the thought of letting go of them create fear? Do we fear for our safety/security?

All of these questions constitute the first step for mankind to become a cosmic citizen. They act as catalysts in our lives as we prepare for living in a different way and believe me, if we are ever going to step off our home planet to become citizens of the cosmos then we won’t be able to do it whilst taking all our bad habits with us. As we prepare ourselves to meet our cosmic brothers and take our place amongst the stars, it behoves us to remember that we are taking the first step towards something exciting, a future that is unknown, limitless and abundant with possibilities. Where we go from there is anybody’s guess!!

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