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Meeting Friday – 24 April

Friday – 24 April, 2015. 7.00pm to 10pm

with Suzy Hansen (New Zealand)

At age twenty, Suzy Hansen’s life changed. On a lonely country road in broad daylight, her car was engulfed by a massive ball of white light, resulting in ninety minutes of missing time and the unfathomable experience of “waking” after dark. The experience resulted in her discovery of an alternative reality – time spent with extraterrestrials onboard their craft since childhood, and in fact, since her inception as a soul. Suzy has now published a book about her experiences called The Dual Soul Connection, which uniquely combines absorbing details of her life-long alien encounters with scientific examination by Dr. Rudy Schild, Emeritus Astrophysicist, Harvard/Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics (USA).

In the book Suzy Hansen and Dr. Schild address issues of spirituality, consciousness, modes of telepathy and alien culture, alongside scientific concepts of advanced physics, holograms and organic “conscious” technology – all within the framework of contact with these non-human species. Significantly, Suzy’s story outlines human participation in complex alien programmes that assist and advance humankind, with Suzy’s experience of a dual soul identity central to this positive agenda. Suzy’s clear empirical approach gives the fullest description of how this off-planet civilization seeks to prepare us for contact, and answers the “why” question by describing in detail the “how”. Her book, The Dual Soul Connection, highlights our interconnectedness with a wider universal family, revealing a process of disclosure by the aliens themselves – a journey of unfolding contact the whole of mankind is undertaking together.

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*Copies of Suzy’s books will be available for purchase at the meeting.

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