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The New Age is not a spectator sport

Author : Sheryl Gottschall ©

As we begin the 21st century one can only wonder what the future holds. Today many people believe that mankind is threatened with extinction. Some think this will happen due to our nonchalant attitude to polluting the planet. Others believe we will wipe ourselves out with a nuclear explosion, either accidentally or intentionally. While still others believe we will be obliterated by a rogue asteroid or global cataclysm of some kind , leaving behind a handful to cope with widespread famine and possibly disease.

Although all of the above could possibly happen, amidst all that darkness and gloom burns a bright inextinguishable light; a light of hope for our world, regeneration of our planet and rebirth of the human spirit. This is the New Age. It has come from within mankind where it has been dormant for sometime, waiting to be drawn out, or better still invited, just as future ages lie in wait, yet to come.

This is the time when we are challenged to re-evaluate beliefs and lifestyles, and a great change is in progress. After a certain amount of time spent on the UFO subject, we may find ourselves at a place where we have to make the effort to put into practice what we have come to know. When this happens we may be required to make changes because of our new understanding of life, the universe and ultimately ourselves. There’s a reorientation happening deep below the surface of the intellect, in our deepest essence.

Many of us have spent some time in Ufology now and most are on a new path, while others are just beginning theirs, but change is always in progress. At the moment a reaffirmation of spirituality is taking place in waves across the planet which many of us are hoping will eventually inundate the global population. Although the New Age may still exist as a vision or a dream of the future we carry around the seeds for the new world within us. Trying as it may seem at times, we still have to cope with living in the old world with it’s limited thinking and mechanistic view. In order for the New Age to manifest mankind must resolve the energies of these two worlds.

The New Age cannot be speeded up nor can its momentum be slowed as it has its own timetable. Mankind cannot be forced to build a new culture but must be inspired to do through individuals who have responded to their own personal vision of a better world in another time. It is through them that transformation takes place.

Each of us must act according to our own inspiration and to deny this is to deny ourselves and our truth. We must each transform our orientation to the New Age, not just by considering it intellectually or emotionally but by becoming completely involved in the transition that is taking place within us at this time. The New Age is not a spectator sport. For the individuals who have attuned themselves to this New Age, the task at hand is to externalize this new culture within us rather than to deny it.

If we remain caught up in the ways of the old world then there will be no place for the new within our lives. The old has only remained for so long because there has been no new vision to challenge it. Now there is. The more it is expressed and recognized, the more mankind will attune to it and it will eventually come into existence. A better world and new ways. We don’t have to deny, destroy or be at war with the old ways as they helped us to be where we are now – in readiness for the new age. Once mankind is completely attuned to the New Age, the energies of the old world will simply cease to exist.

When this occurs, I believe it will be a time of great joy, peace and harmony. Until then we all need to play our part. Now is the time to begin. There is no waiting!!

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