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The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

Authors: Chris Moreton and Ceri Louise Thomas
Element, London, 2003

Reviewer: Lee Paqui

According to legend there are thirteen crystal skulls in existence. They hold the answers to all the mysteries of the universe and are said to contain information about the origin of man, our purpose and our destiny. The legend also says that one day the crystal skulls will be brought together again and the wisdom contained in them made available for our benefit. But as with all such promises there is one proviso: man must have evolved to an appropriate moral and spiritual level before this can happen.

There are about a dozen crystal skulls that are currently known of, the most famous of these being the Mitchell-Hedges skull, discovered buried in a pyramid in Lubaantun by the daughter of the explorer Frederick Mitchell-Hedges in the 1920s. It is kept today by Anna Mitchell-Hedges in her home in Canada, and is by far the most famous skull, anatomically correct with a detachable jaw (the only one of this kind found to date), carved inexplicably from a single piece of pure and clear quartz crystal. Photographs of this skull are entrancing, and, given the power of the photograph alone, one wonders at the power inherent in the actual object. Interestingly, this skull is capable of focusing beams of light from its eye sockets, and when viewed from underneath the image of a disc-shaped UFO can be seen. Other skulls discovered to date include a clear quartz skull held in the British Museum; an opaque yellow-orange quartz skull held by the Smithsonian Institute (that is said to be cursed and appears neanderthal in shape); ‘Max’, an opaque white-grey quartz skull held privately in Texas; ‘Sha Na Ra’, an opaque yellow quartz skull of unusual shape also held privately in the United States; a half-size clear quartz skull found and kept privately in Mexico; and a miniature clear quartz skull held in the British Museum. There are other skulls spread across the world, but the skulls outlined above were the only ones made available to the authors for their research.

Given today’s infocentric world, it is hard to believe that there are still people who have not yet heard of the crystal skulls and their accompanying legend. The authors of this book had themselves not heard of the skulls prior to a South American holiday in the mid-90s, but what little they did learn electrified them. This book grew out of an excitement for the completely unknown and a desire to learn all there was to learn about the enigmatic crystal skulls. For the reader it is an addictive journey with the authors as they travel across the world and across time in search of what is essentially unfindable, though it most definitely exists.

Coming from a cut and dried world, Morton and Thomas initially began their approach scientifically and under the auspices of the British Museum. They hoped that by making an empirical study of all the crystal skulls they could gain access to, they could at least define the age, origin and manufacturers of the objects. Even the most cursory examination revealed that the skulls discovered so far were of differing origin. Though they are all of quartz, the kind of quartz used differs, sizes differ, forms differ. There is some doubt that the smaller skulls are as ancient as their owners claim, but the larger and more complicated skulls are certainly not easy to define. In fact, the definition process was hampered, incredibly, by the British Museum refusing to release the results of their study – which was commissioned by the authors – to the authors. The disappointment, anger, disbelief and confusion surrounding this act is palpable in the pages of the book, and for the seeker of truth it presents a dire scenario. That such a large and esteemed institution can, in this day and age, still employ such methods as disinformation, secrecy, collusion, dogma and old-world arrogance is unacceptable. However, this setback did have a hidden benefit – it forced the authors to think laterally and continue their investigations by other means, the fruits of which are not to be discounted, and are, I believe, far more interesting than what the British Museum could have produced.

Still thinking in one-dimension, the authors turned to the forensic sciences in order to at least identify the cultural and ethnic origin of Mitchell-Hedges skull. The theory is that since the skulls are anatomically correct they were modelled upon actual people – an intriguing idea given the unusual shapes of some of the skulls. A forensic pathologist was commissioned to build up a life-like model of the skull as it would have looked were it clothed in flesh. Interestingly, a woman’s face emerged, her features in keeping with those of ancient South Americans. Curiously, the resulting face was almost identical to that produced by another artist from the same skull in the 1970s, which fact the authors did not discover till much later in their investigations. It also corroborated channelled information about the skulls as well as myths regarding their gender, which are all said to be women. They are stated to be feminine, possessing feminine energy and wisdom, all the qualities that are usually developed in women and not men. Intuition, and a less competitive and hierarchical way of thinking.

Still thinking scientifically – it took the authors some while to be drawn to the esotericism of the crystal skulls – the next focus was on the nature of quartz itself as an electronic oscillator and amplifier, and this was where things began to become interesting. Scientist Frank Dorland believes it is possible for the human mind to communicate with quartz crystal and that we may in fact already be able to communicate with the skulls, but in ways of which we are not consciously aware. His theory expands upon the supposition that the human body and quartz crystal are constantly broadcasting electro-magnetic signals on unheard wavelengths. It is a simple step from the notion that we are broadcasting signals to the idea that we and the quartz are able to receive them as well, and while a crystal can receive signals broadcast through air, they are more effectively transmitted by touch. Dorland suggests that touching the crystal skull causes it to react to the energy it receives from us, perhaps vibrating on a frequency compatible to the body and brain. He further focuses on the role of the pineal gland, located deep within the mid-brain and well-known for its ability to react to electrical impulse, which he believes is capable of receiving energy emitted by quartz crystal. Dorland believes electrical messages received by the pineal gland are then sent to our bodies, though it seems, unfortunately, they are not brought to the attention of our conscious minds.

Interaction with quartz can help balance the human neuro-endocrine system and increase communication between cells, and coincidentally or not, crystal healing has increased in popularity in the last 20 years or so. Teacher Harry Oldfield has conducted numerous studies on crystal healing from his offices in London, and when the authors visited him as part of their research what they were to discover was astounding. Harry had been using electrical impulses to stimulate quartz crystal when using it for healing, claiming he could encourage the body to use its own electrical field to heal itself. During some of his crystal healing sessions he had decided to use an aura camera to photograph aura changes as the body underwent the healing process. This was when Harry discovered what he calls the ‘crystal entity.’ During healing sessions a white ethereal smoke-like substance, invisible to the naked eye yet perfectly visible to the aura camera, emerges from quartz crystals as a snake emerges from a charmers basket. It has been observed many times, and film of the entity has been captured. Harry firmly believes that each crystal contains one of these ‘entities’, and amazingly his discoveries supports Native American beliefs that crystal is not inanimate but contains a living presence.

Morton and Thomas now found themselves entering territory they had never considered feasible in the past. They had gone from the strictly scientific to the obscure, and their investigations led them further down this unexpected and unwelcome path. They returned to America to meet the ‘keepers’ of the skulls and to hear more of the legends surrounding them. What follows is a condensation and conglomeration of the speakings of various American (North and South) shamans, leaders, and respected members of hidden tribes, as they relate what they know of the skulls. The authors transcribed verbatim what they were told, and interested readers should obtain a copy of the book for the complete readings. The givers of this information were initially extremely hesitant to do so and revealed the information only after lengthy consultation with other members of their tribes. The information is believable and plausible and gives, I believe, the true origin and purpose of the crystal skulls. Remember, the next few paragraphs are drawn from wisdom and legend passed down the millennia by Native American cultures and are astounding for the simple fact that these so-called ‘primitive’ cultures knew things about the nature of our world that we have only recently rediscovered.

It is said that the crystal skulls are living depositories of knowledge. They have their own consciousness and were constructed using psychic forces. The original skulls were not shaped using tools and hard labour, but were molded into shape by the minds of the ‘Holy Ones.’ Men later made other skulls using human hair to polish their surfaces over many years. The Indians believe that hair contains information, that the history of a person is contained within their hair. Polishing the skull with hair passes the information on to the skull so that it contains the combined knowledge of those that polished it.

Our world is made of sound. We are all made of sound, or vibration, our consciousness itself is vibration. Crystal is also vibration. Every human being has a connection to the skulls because the sound of the skulls vibrates through our own skulls and is part of an unseen force that holds us together. We may be unable to hear the sound of the skulls, but without it nothing could live as the sound of the skulls animates everything.

Only the holiest of men are permitted to know the locations of the crystal skulls. They are not permitted to speak about them openly, and are never to reveal their hiding places, which are believed to be buried beneath mountains. The protectors of the skulls believe that we don’t need to see the skulls, it is simply enough to know that they exist and that they are quietly fulfilling their purpose. They believe the Earth is like a spaceship, and at any time it can come under threat from objects that exist in space. The controls of the Earth, the only controls we have, are the crystal skulls, for they are part of a crystal matrix that links the Earth with the rest of the universe. The vibrations of the crystal skulls are helping us steer the right course through space and time.

In Native American philosophy, time and space are not separate, but merely appear so when viewed from our physical plane – things do not exist only in one particular plane and one particular time. There are other levels of reality and other dimensions, and events that happen in these other dimensions and the effects these events can have in our physical world do not obey the laws of physics as we currently know them. The skulls are a lens by which we can view and communicate with these other dimensions and realities, they can help us cross the boundaries of space and time. Native Americans knew the Earth was round for millennia before western science realised this to be so. It seems to be taking us twice as long to understand what native wisdom has long told us about time: it is not flat, but also a great cycle.

It seems the Earth itself contains the properties for receiving radio waves, microwaves and other electronic information from across the universe, perhaps even information travelling backwards and forwards through time. The crystal skulls have long been thought to be part of an energy grid that surrounds the entire planet, but it seems they may be linking us to the greater cosmos. The skulls are transceivers, they enable us to talk to other parts of the galaxy and keep us in contact with a collective consciousness outside our own world. The Maya were considered to be the ‘keepers of the skulls,’ as well as being the ‘keepers of time.’ They were given the burden of looking after the skulls and looking after time. Their task was to count the days and years and to let the world know when ‘time’ arrived, and according to the Maya a time is coming when it will be necessary for the knowledge of the skulls to become known.

While knowing they were of the Earth, the Maya knew they were also from the sky, that they belonged to some other world outside this dimension. They believed they had family that lived outside the Earth, brothers and sisters in the sky, and that a long time ago they had communication with every other race that existed outside this world. These intergalactic relations of ours, the Itza, brought the skulls with them when they came to Earth and settled upon what we now term Atlantis, what the Mayans called Atlantiha, or ‘place of the waters.’ In that place the Itzas ‘ate’ the knowledge of stones, or crystals, and it is said that in Atlantis remains yet more information about crystals and about the skulls. The Itzas also said that there were many other crystal skulls deposited in sacred areas all over the planet. (As an aside, the Atlantis origin of the crystal skulls corresponds with information channelled by Edgar Cayce, who also mentioned the Atlantean’s use of crystal for divine communication. He described the sinking of Atlantis and the migration of survivors to the Yucatan area and also predicted that records of our history were still to be found in Atlantis – perhaps contained within crystals?)

Reaching even further back than Atlantis, North American oral history tells of a time when there were twelve worlds with human life, planets that orbited around different suns and whose representatives met on a planet called ‘Osiria-conwiya,’ the fourth planet out from Sirius, that has two suns and two moons. Earth is called ‘Eheytoma’, the ‘planet of the children,’ because it is the least evolved of all those that contain human life. It seems that at that time the people of the Earth were not as we know them today, but were similar to (or in fact were) neanderthals that were entirely vegetarian and non-violent. As they began to evolve their heads became increasingly large as their brain size began to increase, because their brains were the storehouses of all the genetic information and memories that were formed with each generation. As their heads grew larger, childbirth became increasingly hampered and species survival was threatened. At precisely this time the ‘sky gods’ came from Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades, and with them came the skulls. The skulls were the template for a new species – a blueprint that existed on many levels, the visible, the invisible, the physical dimensions of man as a species, the original instructions for the whole of humanity – and the genetics and memories that had been stored in the neanderthal’s burgeoning brains was transferred by the sky gods to their DNA, so their brains did not have to grow any larger. The visitors from the sky also placed some of their own genetics into the neanderthals to help the species survive, in the process creating another species entirely. This, the Native American’s say, is why our DNA has two strands, one containing our natural Earth-memories, the other containing that of our interstellar saviours. The reason the skulls are made of quartz was because silicon was also introduced into our genetic structure in the splicing process, where before humanity was entirely carbon-based. Within us now resides an element that can allow us to tap into the crystalline matrix that makes up the entire universe.

So, the representatives of the twelve planets took the total of their knowledge and encoded it into twelve crystal skulls, with, I presume, the thirteenth skull being the representative of Earth. These skulls have moving jaws and are referred to as ‘singing skulls,’ with each of the skulls representing a different planet’s knowledge. The skulls were therefore a gift to us on Earth, for they gave us knowledge and enabled us to communicate with our cosmic elders. The elders helped the people of Earth to build four great civilisations (Lemuria, Mu, Mieyhun and Atlantis) and began to disseminate the knowledge contained in the skulls. To help with the teachings other skulls were created here on Earth but they did not have detachable jaws and were referred to as ‘talking skulls.’ The skulls make up a living library and one day, when they are all assembled together, we will be able to ‘read’ the information contained within them. When that will be nobody knows, for the human race is currently incapable of understanding and sustaining the knowledge. But the Mayan’s knew the time, and when it comes the skulls will, we hope, be returned to a central location and reveal their truths.

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