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Members Zoom Meeting – Friday 30 September, 2022 7pm AEST


with Suzy Hansen, Ben Hurle and Sheryl Gottschall

In early September Lue Elizondo published an article with the title, “UFOlogy must die, at least the way it currently functions. He called for a community that is far more academically serious and intellectually representative of the topic. However, UFO researchers have been calling for scientists and academics to pay attention to the UFO phenomenon for decades yet they continued to turn a blind eye to it.

So the question remains – can we expect these professionals to change their approach now or are they going to continue in the same fashion (?), even though various reports have recently been released from the Pentagon supporting the reality of the phenomenon.

In this meeting Suzy Hansen (UFOCUS NZ), Ben Hurle (UFO-VIC) and Sheryl Gottschall (UFORQ) have a round table discussion about the many facets of Elizondos statement and the impact on the UFO subject if the academics and scientists actually did begin to dig deeply into the reality of the phenomenon.

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Information and opinions presented at these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of UFO Research Queensland and are presented by speakers for research purposes only.

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