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Members Zoom Meeting _ Friday 28 October, 2022 7pm AEST (Brisbane)

The Kempsey UFO Flap with Ben Hurle (UFO-VIC)

During 1971-72 the Kempsey district of New South Wales was overrun with UFO reports. There were many and varied encounters, and the whole story is very compelling. Why Kempsey? Why 1971-72? What actually happened? Join Ben to learn more!

Ben Hurle is the Deputy Australian representative for the Interntaional Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER), Past President Victorian UFO Action group and currently the Director of UFO-VIC in Victoria, Australia, an educational research centre for UFOs.

Please note, this is a UFO Research Queensland members only meeting and is FREE for financial members. If you are not a financial member and would like to attend please visit our home page and click JOIN UFORQ. A zoom link is sent to members a few days before the meeting.

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Information and opinions presented at these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of UFO Research Queensland and are presented by speakers for research purposes only.

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