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Meeting: Friday 27 February

Start 7pm (please not new start time)

with Lee Heather

Remote viewing is the ability to perceive people, places and events that would normally be shielded by distance, space and time. Through the use of remote viewing information has come to light about the various activities of both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial affairs including the moon, the breakdown of two satellites sent to orbit, Mars, and devices that have been deposited on Earth by ET races.

A lot of nonsense has been written on the internet about remote viewing and this presentation will put the record straight. It will also cover some of the protocols of remote viewing and present examples of its use in perceiving and viewing various ‘targets’ and ‘objectives’.

About Lee Heather
Lee trained in remote viewing at The Farsight Institute in 1996 with Professor Courtney Brown where the extra-terrestrial issue was high on the agenda. Lee also undertook more training with the Hawa’iin Remote Viewers Guild under the tutelage of Glenn Wheaton, a former intelligence officer. In 2001 he was asked by a British film company, Film and Television Umbrella, to participate in a documentary/film entitled ‘Remote Viewer’. Lee also spoke at a National UFO Conference hosted by UFO Research Queensland in 2003.

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