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26th May, 2017 Meeting : ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS THE EVIDENCE: Hiding In Plain Sight?

ancient astronauts

21st May, 2017  7pm to 9.30pm

with Lee Paqui

Join us for a tour of the Mayan world as Lee takes us on an archaeological trip across Mexico in search of the ‘Starchild’ and other non-human entities that may once have lived among the peoples of the Americas. Has Earth been visited by ET in its remote past? Could the truth be hiding in plain sight? What Lee has found will surprise even the most jaded of Ancient Astronaut theorists and open up a new world of unexplored possibilities.

Naturally, no tour of the Americas could end without a trip to Easter Island, where even more surprising mysteries await the unwary adventurer…

Entry: $10 members $15 Non-members (includes supper)

Venue: Kenmore Library, Kenmore Village Shopping Centre, 9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore, Brisbane. Entry to the library is via the lift in the undercover carpark situated directly below the library.

Enquiries to our office: 07 3376 1780


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