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Zilzie [North QLD], May 3 2006, 9.25-10.25pm

Zilzie [North QLD], May 3 2006, 9.25-10.25pm

Our dogs were barking on the back veranda, so I went out to quieten them down. Looked up at the night sky and saw three lights that were not normal. They were star-sized [evening star] and the top light was about size of the end of a biro, with the two underneath about half the size. The lights stayed steady, When viewed through binoculars the three lights were blue with clearly outlined red around the outside, similar to the top of a police car [only they don’t fly]. A fourth identical light was seen about a kilometre away. I called my neighbours and they came over to the backyard, By this time I could only see two of these objects, when the neighbours spotted two more. I tried to ring Rockhampton airport, 40 kilometres from where I live, but no go. I then rang the Bureau of Meteorology, but only reached someone in Brisbane. It was a clear night and the event occurred over the mouth of a large creek system and the small town of Keppel Sands.


Zilzie, Queensland, Australia


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