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Zillmere, Thursday August 30 2012, 9.45pm

Zillmere, Thursday August 30 2012, 9.45pm

We live in Zillmere, Brisbane. Last night (30th August) we went outside before bed (approximately 9:45pm) to take a look at the blue moon. There was heaps of cloud and we couldn’t see the moon anywhere. There was this strange light area in one place and we thought that was the moon coming through so we stared at it willing the clouds to part. The light became stronger and stronger then split into 8-10 lights and started to weave and dodge in and out but very coordinated- there was a pattern to it (maybe similar to a figure eight). Sometimes the lights would all stop and other times they would join back to one light. We were talking about what it could possibly be when an aeroplane came through and the lights were gone, just like that.

Then the lights came back a little while after and I tried to get them on my phone by recording (earlier photo showed very little). A really loud helicopter came right by and the lights were gone once a again. The lights didn’t come back but the helicopter did a while later. (Ed’s note – another sighting that was most probably the laser lights from the Brisbane Riverfire Festival.)


Zillmere, Queensland, Australia


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