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The year was I believe 1972…

The year was I believe 1972…

The year was I believe 1972, December and my friends and I were on the the footpath right on Surfers Paradise beach. There was some kind of beach entertainment going on which I was simply not interested in. Some Kiwi was swinging rocked around. I said Tommy buddy Ted – “I’m just going to lie down a minute. I put my head back and lay down and instantly saw what looked like two perfectly round milk glass discs at airliner height, no lights, traveling in a South to North direction directly overhead, They appeared to travel at jet plane speed but were definitely NOT Jet planes – one was behind the other either to it’s left or right, I simply can’t remember that detail. I just quietly watched until they were out of sight to the North. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I did not mention it even to my friends who were watching that show. My thought was .. “Well, nothing is going to be the same from now on” .. I worked for QANTAS for over 40 years and consider myself quite a stable and observant person. I know what I saw .. I just don’t know what I saw..!


Gold Coast, Queensland


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