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Wynnum, Saturday September 18 2004, early morning

Wynnum, Saturday September 18 2004, early morning

I had an interesting experience on Saturday morning 18th September and was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on what I saw. I went for an early morning walk at the Wynnum waterfront and sat and watched the sun rise. Just as it had come over the horizon I saw a white light in the sky above it. My initial thought was that it was a shooting star, but it did seem too bright for that. I then thought maybe it was a sky-writer, as it had now developed a tail. This did not ring true either as the tail seemed to follow the ‘head’ as it moved across the sky. It moved only at a moderate speed and the head seemed to have a darkened centre. I was not at all frightened by this and in fact felt blessed to witness it. After a few moments of watching I had noticed that it had stopped moving and was just sitting in the sky. The tail began to catch up to the head and it eventually became a white ball in the sky. I then noticed a second light coming across the sky. This one appeared to move faster and had a longer tail and a slightly smaller head. It moved over the sun and followed the horizon for quite some time. The first light eventually just disappeared and the second continued on around the point, where I could no longer see it.


Wynnum, Queensland, Australia


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