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Wynnum, Brisbane Bayside, November, 8.00am

Wynnum, Brisbane Bayside, November, 8.00am

A woman was driving her 4WD vehicle in an easterly direction when she saw an object that had two circular lights in front spanning 30 to 40 cm across, snub-nosed, transparent yet silver at times, with the sides flaring back like the wing tips on some commercial airplanes.

It was travelling directly towards her at eye level. She first noticed it when she thought it was about 20 feet in front of her but she later stated she observed the object while travelling for approximately 100 metres at 40kph, so she thought she got a good enough look at it. She was worried the object would fly right through her car but as it got closer it lifted up like a bird finding an updraft and flew over her vehicle.

She also briefly mentioned that 35 years ago parents of her children’s friends from the Wynnum area reported a UFO landed in their back yard. Everyone who knew them thought they were crazy but the grass and plants never grew in the yard. She’s now having second thoughts about their experience since her own.


Wynnum, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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