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Wollongong, NSW, 1996, reported July 2008

Wollongong, NSW, 1996, reported July 2008

This is a sighting that my now-husband and I saw in 1996 when we were both students at the University of Wollongong, NSW. At the time we were just friends and one evening we walked up a hill just behind the university, under the shadow of Mt Keira. We lay back on the grass and were looking at the stars whilst talking. We saw a small faint light like a star moving in a straight line from north to south very slowly. We thought that it must be a satellite. Then it stopped. Still, we didn’t think anything was strange about that. Then it rushed back in the direction that it came from. It didn’t fade out like a shooting star. It moved so fast and was so high up it could not possibly have been a plane. This is the only sighting either of us have had but the memory of it is vivid, as though it happened yesterday.


Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia


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