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Wivenhoe, September 30 2003, 8.15pm

Wivenhoe, September 30 2003, 8.15pm

On Saturday 30th August 2003 at approximately 8.15pm my partner and I were walking from our camp site at the Wivenhoe Dam hoping to spot wild life with our torch. As we had not seen any animals and as it was a clear, calm pleasant evening with a cloudless sky and no moon we decided to look at the brilliant starry night to see if we could spot a satellite. Suddenly two brilliant yellowish/amber lights, set apart, one above the other appeared travelling at great speed towards us from a southerly to northerly direction. The direction we were looking was away from the lake. We were dumfounded and transfixed, expecting the ‘objects’ to fly over us at any moment. It was difficult to establish their elevation but they were between the horizon and not above a tall tree some hundreds of meters in front of us. There was absolute silence. Suddenly one of the lights disappeared while the other light kept coming towards us. Just as suddenly it came on again. Both the lights kept coming towards us then the second light disappeared as did the first. The second light then reappeared and both lights kept coming towards us. There was no sound at all. Just as we thought the ‘objects’ were going to pass overhead they disappeared. As we were discussing what we saw and looking in the general direction of the sighting, in the horizon to the south west the sky was faintly lit by what appeared to be sheet lighting then there appeared another single light the same as before, travelling in a northerly direction. It then disappeared and in the same direction but high in the sky a white light with a tail of small white lights appeared and, at great speed, disappeared up into the night sky at about a 1.30 position. All this happened within about 5 minutes and there was no sound at any time. We have no way of explaining what we saw but we can confidently say it was not an aircraft, car or any other known object. We are a responsible senior couple and had not been drinking or suffering from any illness. We now have a better respect for reports of UFOs.


Wivenhoe Pocket Road, Fernvale, Queensland, Australia


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