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Wishart, December 11 2009, 1.30am

Wishart, December 11 2009, 1.30am

Early on Thursday morning 10 December 2009, at about 1.30am I got up to go to the bathroom. I happened to look at the window and saw a very bright light just hanging in the sky. Our bathroom window faces south-east so from where I was looking out my window in Wishart it seemed to be somewhere out towards the bay maybe.

On Thursday morning I told my husband about the light and he said it was probably the moon. I know this was not the moon that I saw because this is not the first time I have seen this type of light. Over the past few years I have seen this type of light probably two or three other times. But I’ve never thought to report it.

Generally the light appears to be round/oval and is very bright. On Thursday morning the light was just hanging in the sky, barely moving, hovering. On previous occasions I have seen the light drop down really suddenly and then continue to hover. It seems too strange for this type of movement to be a plane and there are no flashing lights on it like a plane would have.

I hope this account helps with your records. I would love to know if someone else saw what I saw. Next time I see it I will grab my camera and try to take a short video of it.


Wishart, Queensland, Australia


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