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Windsor, November 19 2007, 8.00pm

Windsor, November 19 2007, 8.00pm

Just wanted to report something a little out of the ordinary in Windsor (inner Brisbane) on Saturday 10th November. At about 8.00pm and facing with my back to the city and looking north at about 45 degrees I saw a shape not unlike a pregnant woman lying prostrate and about the size of a bar of chocolate when my arm was fully stretched. I know it sounds absurd but this object was completely black, devoid of anything and seemingly bending the light surrounding the shape, as if it was a black hole or something sucking in light and everything around it. It lasted for a few hours then disappeared. It was as if everything within its vicinity was being sucked in, kind of like a giant hoover. Just wondered if anyone else experienced the same thing.


Windsor, Queensland, Australia


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