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White ball of light inskip point qld

White ball of light inskip point qld

5 April 2015, Sunday 2-3am
I was camping at inskip point qld and couldn’t sleep so got up for a fish and while I was fishing I noticed a white light in the distance, it looked like it was just above the water and it was moving from left to right, you could see that it was really picking up speed, it would launch itself from stationary to such a fast speed immediately. I watched this for about 5 minutes then it disappeared. About. 10 minutes later I saw the same object but this time it was high up in the sky. And it was moving all directions, up, down, left and right. The way it moved is unexplainable. The speed it must have been doing was crazy. I’ve seen jets flying in the distance and this thing would leave them for dead. My girlfriend also wondered down when I wasn’t in bed and she also saw the light in the sky.


Australia inskip point qld


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