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White and oblong

White and oblong

Sitting on the beach at Miami with polarised sunglasses on I turned to look up the beach north for no real reason. The sky was clear blue apart from white clouds in the distance. Approximately half way to Brisbane. Above these clouds, not far in relative measures, say one inch above, was an object that upon first look appeared to be a part of the cloud. I stared at it for about a minute before starting to think that what I was looking at was too rigid to be a cloud. At this point I said to my friend as I pointed, “Is that just part of the clouds?”. At that point it moved about an inch or two down from what I was seeing, obviously a lot further in relation to the distance I was from it, in front of the clouds. Now with the clouds in the background it was much harder to see. My polarised glasses helped me maintain a line of sight and could see that it was slowly getting smaller. Possibly travelling away. My friend could not see the object as it all happened very quickly and once it went down into the clouds it was very hard to see with the naked eye.




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