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Western Queensland, 1980s [reported September 2004]

Western Queensland, 1980s [reported September 2004]

In the late 1980s in western Queensland, I witnessed some rings [large and small] in a very dry paddock. From memory, they were stumbled upon by a teenager herding goats and visited by a few of my relatives who lived in the area. I have seen quite a few photos of crop circles, but am yet to see anything similar to these. The rings themselves were probably around 12cm thick, and a lighter colour than the surrounding and interior [very dry] grass. The grass both immediately inside and outside of the rings appeared normal, meaning only the ring itself exhibited any differences in colour. I have some photos of these rings, but the camera technology available to my family at the time was pretty low quality. I also believe that the Department of Primary Industries ‘investigated’ the site


Western, Queensland, Australia


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