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West Stafford, Brisbane, May 1 2007, 6.00pm

West Stafford, Brisbane, May 1 2007, 6.00pm

The witness was standing on a street corner at 6.00pm waiting for a friend to pick him up and then drive on to Arana Hills. While waiting he saw an object in the sky just below cloud height with the underneath ‘spinning wildly’. Out of the object shot a blue beam of light that descended to the ground in a straight line. As his friend arrived the beam seemed to develop a bulge in the middle of its length but as he had to get in the car he didn’t see what happened next. He refrained from telling his friend for fear of ridicule but did tell his doctor and someone from his Church [Catholic]. His doctor told him such things don’t exist and the church member made no comment.


West Stafford News, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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