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Wellington Point, Qld, April 26 2010, 6.00-6.45pm

Wellington Point, Qld, April 26 2010, 6.00-6.45pm

Hi, my boyfriend and I were walking back from the shop tonight, which is at Birkdale QLD. There in the sky was a huge white glowing light. As we walked, this light did not move. We walked for a good half hour up Birkdale Road, and it was still there. Once home I grabbed my binoculars and got in my car and drove down to Thornside to be near the sea, and there it was, much lower over the sae, and way over Wynnum, maybe even Shorncliffe way. I watched as it seemed to be twirling around, and the colours were changing, from red, blue, white. Without the binoculars, it seemed to be an orange light, hovering over the water.


Wellington Point, Queensland, Australia


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