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Wavell Heights, Tuesday August 12 2003, 7.00pm

Wavell Heights, Tuesday August 12 2003, 7.00pm

A young man reported seeing four lights circling each other in the southern sky. They were twenty five to thirty times larger than a star and appeared to be very close to him. They were moving faster than a plane and appeared to be two power poles in height above him. He stated ‘the lights seemed to be playing tag with each other’. He had been watching them for the previous half an hour before he reported them but he heard no noise from them in that time. He was advised they could have been lights from a laser light show and was asked to go for a short walk through the neighbourhood to see if he could find their point of origin, to which he agreed. He said if he found the source he would call back, but he never called.


Wavell Heights, Queensland, Australia


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