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Wattle Grove [NSW], Saturday August 7 2004, 12:00am

Wattle Grove [NSW], Saturday August 7 2004, 12:00am

On Saturday [7/8/04] close to midnight, I went into our back yard to take the rubbish out and I looked up at the sky where I noticed three orangey/red lights hovering about. They stood out from the rest of the stars because of their unusual colour and also they were moving about, but in an unsure or dithering manner, as there didn’t seem to be any particular path they were following. They were also bigger than the stars. I went inside the house to get the video camera but, of course, I hadn’t had the camera recharged and had no tape space left. I however tried to capture the moment by doing a ‘video clip’, writing down what I saw and adding images, I drew, along with background music in order to capture the moment before I forgot it.

When I returned outside, they were gone, but when I went back out again about 10 -20 min later, they were back, coming in from the same direction and just slowly moving about.

I know it couldn’t have been a plane because at that time, no planes are allowed to fly. Also, I wondered whether it was the work of the army, as their base is near us, I described what I saw to my husband [who’s in the army] and after hearing me out, he said that does not sound like army work.


Wattle Grove, New South Wales, Australia


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