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Warner [Strathpine], Wednesday March 2 2005, 2.00am

Warner [Strathpine], Wednesday March 2 2005, 2.00am

I live at Warner via Strathpine, Brisbane. I live in an estate in a 2 bedroom villa. We have vacant land at one side and around to the back of the estate with a lot of developing going on.

Early this morning, Wednesday 2 March, 2005, at 2am [I checked the time], I was aroused from my sleep. Not sure what had aroused me, I sort of lay there wondering what woke me up when my room was illumined in white light, very bright, like a fluorescent light streaming into my window. I thought at the time that there must be a full moon, so I decided to go to the bathroom. On my return, approaching my side of the bed — which is closest to the window — I became glued to the spot, because, as I was looking out of the window to see where the lights were coming from, well knock me over with a feather, there in the vacant block of land was this UFO, and from what I could tell it would have been the size of a normal house. It was making a humming sound, just idling. I’m not sure that it was actually on the ground, but the lights around its centre were the white with a blush of pink, very pretty. The lights around its centre were not moving at all but stationary, and the lights on top were the same colour but flashing like you see when a police car is chasing someone. This is the first UFO I have seen that close and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wasn’t scared in actual fact, but a feeling of peace came over me and I shrugged my shoulders and got back into bed. As I lay down I felt a presence, very reassuring and loving. I could feel their hands on me, giving me the feeling that what I saw was correct, and that I wasn’t dreaming. When they put their hands on me I promptly went back to sleep. I have had visitations on occasions, and always have marks or prints left on my skin after these visitations. I’m not scared now, I just accept this because it has been happening since I was a little girl.

This morning the imprint of that sighting is very strong and I would love to climb over the fence to see if I can see anything disturbed or any imprints. I do have telepathic communications with them, from time to time, and they can be very strong. But I guess this sighting was for me to see, because I feel that whatever I am being prepared for, I need to go through these tests to learn to not fear, and I feel that something important is going on. I don’t quite know what that is yet, but I’m sure I will be told when the time comes.


Warner, Queensland, Australia


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