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Warburton, Victoria, October 2010

Warburton, Victoria, October 2010

I live in Warburton Victoria. About two weeks ago I went out to feed my dogs around 10pm, and as I bent over to start transferring the dog food from the can to the bowl I heard a very soft humming noise. I looked up straight away because that’s where I could hear the noise coming from. Almost directly above me was a triangular-shaped UFO. I don’t think that it was any higher than say 300-400m. I was astonished because a helicopter or commercial plane, even a single engine aeroplane, would have made a lot more noise than this.

I dropped the can of food and ran into get my partner. She came out and caught a glimpse of it travelling north, but by this time it had travelled about a kilometre. It had four lights, and one of them flashed ten different colours. Upon talking to my partner she said she had seen exactly the same thing a few months earlier. It was very similar shaped to the Blackbird spy plane built by the USA. I love aircraft and have always thought of UFOs to be a bit of a joke but after this experience I am changed in my thinking.


Warburton, Victoria, Australia


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